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Sikkim in December 2020: A Don’t Let It Go Destination In India


Yes, Its Sikkim, if you have guessed you might have guessed it right. That’s a clear reference from the Disney fantasy movie Frozen’s widely popular song, “Let It Go” with a twist of my own. But unlike many other things we may see or do every day, this isn’t for nothing.

We have the highly anticipated Frozen sequel coming this fall in late November. But besides that and much closely related to it we have the opportunity to visit one of God’s marvelous creations on Earth, especially India, in all its beauty and glory, the breathtaking Sikkim.

Resting in the lap of Himalaya, Sikkim is the second smallest and the first organic state of India. Renowned for its culture and rich heritage, for years Sikkim had remained the most must see unexplored destination of India.

But thanks to the efforts made by the people living in there and its local government Sikkim has found its recognition as one of the must visit places in India.

It is highly renowned as the only brother of seven sister states state of India namely; Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Nagaland, and Tripura. Together they form the pride of the North East India which are home some of the best touring, traveling, trekking, holidaying places in the country.

Even, India’s Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi in his recent Independence Day speech while highlighting the need for traveling, specifically mentioned visiting and exploring North East India.

  1. Weather
  2. Lachen
  3. Lachung 
  4. Zuluk 
  5. Dzongri La Trek 
  6. Teesta River 
  7. Local Festivals and Christmas 
  8. Conclusion
  9. Frequently asked questions

So, what makes them a must visit travel destination in India? Or more importantly, here, what makes Sikkimmust visit travel destination? Even further getting into the deeper context let’s ask, right away. What makes Sikkim a must visit destination in India in December? Well, the reasons are plenty so let’s get to know them one by one.

1. Weather

While one can say the weather in Sikkim as predictable as next’s M.S. Dhoni’s move in the world of cricket. But lest be granted, the weather is one of the reasons which makes Sikkim such a must visit the location in December.

The weather is cold, good cold, the Himalayan hill ranges are completely draped in snow, and the mighty Kanchenjunga Mountain is as white as the blackboard chalk.

All thanks to the regular snowfalls which keep happening in several regions of the state. The temperature all over the state may range between 4 degree Celsius to 10 degree Celsius. Some places can even record 0 degrees Celsius as well. 

Not to mention, but also local beers that are highly popular among the tourist tastes better too. So, if you are visiting Sikkim in December then don’t miss out on carrying your beloved hoodies and jackets in your luggage. Again, if you are old enough for a drink try grabbing one local beer which is easily available there.

2. Lachen

Lachen is the home of the second-highest glacial lake in India, i.e, the Gurudongmar Lake. Visiting this lake, is one of the traveling goals for many travelers, not just in India, but around the world.

This sacred lake is the definition of the piece of paradise on the earth. Located at an altitude of 17,800 feet. This lake can give you a sudden feeling of accomplishment, bliss, and harmony once you have made it there. This is because often due to heavy snowfall or rainfall, the road to Gurudongmar Lake could get closed.

It is like God’s way of telling, “You are not ready to see how my place in heaven looks like.”

Never mind, you still can get to experience snowfall which in itself can be a limited occurrence in one’s life. Also, due to this, I would advise you to select a flexible itinerary while booking a North Sikkim Tour Package.

3. Lachung

Together with Lachen, Lachung forms the heart of the North Sikkim tourism. Both are small towns and are interconnected. And while Lachen has the pristine, blessed Gurudongmar Lake, Lachung has its own God made the garden, i.e, the Yumthang Valley and the popular Zero point.

Yumthang valley is several endangered species of rhododendrons and orchid flowers and offers the glorious view of the mighty Kanchenjunga Mountain.

Some may say, that the best time to visit this valley of flowers is between March to June. But December has many unique flowers to offer as part of your longing trip which cannot be seen in March till it is winter in the state. Once you are in that valley of flowers, you are bound to remember how it looks forever.

Also, there is the popular Zero Point which is the site of heavy snowfall. It had its first snow on 23rd September this year. Guess, this is enough to tell you what is more to come. It all forms the end of the Indian border and the beginning of China’s border.

The place is normally excluded from tour packages in Sikkim and is mostly visited by snow or snowfall lovers. So, if you are a snowfall lover and want to visit Zero point make sure you have it discussed with your travel planner before booking your tour.

4. Zuluk

With a serpentine eye-catching landscape of the road, Zuluk is a small village in Sikkim. Those winding roads give it a unique appearance which also offers the closer views of the snow-capped mighty Kanchenjunga Mountain and other hills and valleys surrounding. Known as the hamlet of travelers in Sikkim, this part of the state is also accessible from the iconic Old Silk Route which represents the Indo-China border.

The place is known for its friendly locals, rich cultures and mesmerizing landscapes. Also, you can visit the nearby Thambi Viewpoint for a breathtaking sunrise and sunset. The place has a limited home stay option available for travelers so make sure you have made a booking before visiting the beautiful place.

5. Dzongri La Trek

Also, known as Goecha La it is one of the most popular trekking spots in December. It because during this time the dense forest is often found covered in snow which offers a different kind of thrill, excitement, and challenges for trekkers.

Also, while on the trek one can have the closer and alluring view of the snow-capped mountains. So, if you are an avid trekker make sure to visit this place in December.

6.Teesta River

Can be called as the introduction to what beautiful things you are going to witness in the wonderland Sikkim, Teesta River is one of the two rivers which flows through Sikkim. It has an attractive greenish appearance for most of the year and is famous for mostly river rafting adventures.

The river follows slightly turns to bluish-white in some part due to snowfall and climate change in December. The river flows down the valleys of Himalayas and acts as a beautiful winding companion along the winding roads to Gangtok, Sikkim.

The appearance of the river is so irresistible that you will be compelled to ask your guide or driver to make a halt midway just.

So you can spend some time admiring the beauty of the river which is cut through by valleys and also, take some pictures with it in the backdrop for your collection or social media handles.

7. Local Festivals and Christmas

Yes, with December we all know Christmas is just around the corner. But in Sikkim, it also means the celebration of not just Christmas but also Losoong and the Namsoong festival.

Losoong is the Sikkimese New Year and most celebrated festival in Sikkim. Namsoong and Losoong often coincide together and it is during this you can witness the display of the rich cultural heritage and adore of the state.

The locals celebrate these festivals in full galore and enthusiasm and can be seen dressed in their traditional attire, i.e, Bakhu or the Kho.


You can even see cultural fest organized at various places in the Gangtok. And other places see them perform their local acts and dances.

Also, Christmas too is celebrated in full celebratory mood in Gangtok. If you get a chance, do visit the M.G. Marg on the eve and evening of Christmas. The place will look like it has come right away from a Christmas fairytale. Such is the decoration of the places it will fill you with overwhelming happiness and content.

Frequently asked questions

Is December a good time to visit Sikkim?

December is an ideal month to visit Sikkim as temperatures range between 10-4 degrees Celsius, which is the best timing for bearable snowfall awe inspiring view to capture.

Is Nathu la pass open in December?

November and March are two ideal months to visit Nathula pass and they remain open in these two months. This is the best month to capture Nathu la pass in a snow covered view.

Best month to visit Sikkim for a snowfall view?

Sikkim has snow fall during winter from October to March end. Tourist spots like Yumthang Valley, Pelling, Lachung converts with snow and temperatures stay between – 6 to 8 degree Celsius. During this phase, snow sports adventures are the main attractions among tourists. In Sikkim.



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