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6 promising career options other than engineering | India

In India every science student after 12th most of them choose engineering/medical as their career options. Maximum students don’t know career opportunities other than engineering.

They hardly know five to six career options which they can choose. Therefore, most students have options are engineering, doctor, lawyer, chartered accountant or prepare for civil services exam.

But from the past few years, the whole scenario has changed. It’s not compulsory for students with a science background to choose engineering or doctor.

The professions below I am suggesting will be in demand in future. Science background students having PCM in 12th can choose any one of these careers.

Here I am listing some career options you can go with if you are not interested in engineering and keep yourself out of the rat race.

  1. Graphic design and Animation
  2. Journalism and Mass communication
  3. Architecture
  4. Bachelors in Business Administration
  5. Fashion Technology
  6. Aviation
  7. Conclusion
  8. Frequently asked question about career options

Also, have a quick look at career opportunities in all these six career options:


Graphic design and Animation:

a graphic designer creating animation on pc

Graphic designing is a growing industry these days. Such as website, brand logos, animated advertisements all are designed by graphic designers. However, Animation is growing in India exponentially as, every movie you see need VFX artists to make it more realistic.

The entertainment industry is growing and also animated movies are in demand. So, the demand for animation professionals will be very high. Also, animators and graphic designers have a huge demand in abroad and are paid very well as compared to India.

You can work in any industry as everyone needs a graphic designer. For example, software companies need graphic designers for making software and websites more attractive for consumers.

You can go with a three-year B.Sc. in Animation or four-year B.Des in Animation. However, you have to search what college offers. Some colleges also provide specializations to choose in the final year so do check their curriculum.

You can check list of colleges providing Graphic design course.

Career options:

  • Illustrator
  • Graphic designer
  • Visualizer
  • 3D Modeller
  • VFX Artist
  • Game UI Designer
  • Storyboard Artist
  • Multimedia artist
  • Chroma Artist
  • Cinematographer

Journalism and mass communication:

As we know after the digital revolution of India the internet users have grown with high pace. Still, will grow more in the coming years. Also, the Indian media and entertainment industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the country.

Firstly, your main focus in this course is all about print, broadcast and multimedia journalism. People are getting more curious to learn what is happening around the world by just sitting at home. Secondly, Internet, T.V., radio has provided these facilities to them. Anything that happens in the world gets first viral because of the internet.

journalism and mass communication and social media

Every news you see is first published on the internet and then it is seen on television and newspapers. Many media companies are there hiring great content creators, Bloggers, or marketers. Also, many big companies hire these students for advertising, marketing, sales and related jobs.

You have to pursue a B.A. in journalism and mass communication degree which is a three-year duration course. So, to get into one of the career paths mentioned below.

Meanwhile, You can check here best colleges providing journalism course.

Career options:

  • Print media
  • Fashion photography
  • Electronic media
  • Public relation
  • Publishing & printing
  • Event management
  • Radio jockey
  • Social media
  • Journalism
  • Film making


As more people are coming to urban areas for more job opportunities and to settle in cities, the demand for real estate has grown from the last few years. As, everyone wants to buy their own house. In short, Architecture is all about designing and constructing buildings.

Burj Khalifa, Petronas tower, and all the buildings of the modern world are the work of architects. Most of the time, they work with clients to customize buildings according to their specifications.

architect designing maps for new buildings and projects-architect career option

Also, the houses, malls, restaurants, commercial buildings are all designed by an architect. Thus, if you love designing plus mathematics you will love this field.

Also most of the students after completing their degree they open their own firm and expand their business in various cities. Rather, if you don’t like to work under someone, you can open your business and try to take over bigger projects.

For example, if you work on a government project you will get a reasonable commission on the total cost of the project. So, if you belong to a small city and job opportunities for architects are less than you have the option to start your own business and can make a handsome amount of money.

Hence, to become an architecture you will need a B.Arch. degree which usually takes five years to complete.

Also, check Some colleges that provide Architect course.

Career options:

  • Architect
  • Building surveyor
  • Landscape architect
  • Architectural technologist
  • Interior designer
  • Conservation officer
  • Development surveyor
  • Entrepreneur


board of directors doing meeting in company headquarters, bba career option

BBA stands for Bachelors of business administration. A three years duration course having six semesters. Certainly, this is the most emerging careers in India and the number of students are taking admission in this course.

This course is especially for those students who want to make a career in business management, economic world, personal finance, wealth management etc.

So, If you are interested in how businesses work, want to know about corporations, and explore the business environment, you have a dream to become an entrepreneur this course is best for you.

Also, the best course to take is BBA followed by an MBA, which is an integrated course with duration of 5 years. Although, many institutions provide these integrated courses. Above all, the benefit of taking this course is that you will save one year of your education and will graduate earlier.

Otherwise, after completing your BBA degree if you decide to do an MBA then again you have to give entrance exams and compete for seats.

Also, many colleges provide specialization courses during the program in the final year and you can choose in which you want to develop skill.

For example: Entrepreneurship, Banking and Finance, Event Management, Digital Marketing, Business Analytics and many more. You are allowed to choose any one specialization of your interest.

Here is the list of top BBA colleges in India also, know about best reasons to do an MBA?

Career options:

  • Business analyst
  • Finance officer
  • Accountant
  • Operations executive
  • Human resource manager
  • Marketing executive
  • Project manager
  • Entrepreneur

Fashion Technology

Have you ever thought about how your T-shirt, jean, or your party wear dresses are manufactured and available to you? Also, What technology and procedure is behind it? If you are passionate about fashion, clothing, designing this course suits you.

So, we know that the fashion industry will always be on top and rule. We see every year millions of new designs come in the market.

In fashion technology course you will not only deal with cloth designs but also learn about the development of new fabrics, manufacturing process of fabrics, you will learn about fibres, fabrics, textile designs through computer-aided design software.

cloths hanged in a fashion retail store. fashion technology career

There is an alternative to fashion technology course, however, if you are not interested in manufacturing and industrial concepts and you want to focus more on designing then go with a fashion designing course.

In this course, you do not focus only on clothes but develop new designs for every product related to the fashion industry (Footwear, apparel, accessories etc).

On the other hand, both the courses are almost similar, choose anyone and later you can expertise in the field you want. Many colleges provide fashion design and fashion technology courses.

You will need a degree in Bachelors of Fashion Technology; it’s generally a four years duration course.

So, in fashion technology, you will get both technical and design knowledge and in fashion designing course you focus more on the design of products

Here is the list of colleges with Fashion technology course.

Career options:

  • Textile design
  • Retail merchandiser
  • Production manager
  • Fashion designer
  • Leather design
  • Startup/Entrepreneur
  • Fashion blogger


Aviation industry is also the fastest growing industry in the world. You can observe from past few years too many airline companies have developed in this industry.

When we talk about aviation most of us think, the only option as becoming a commercial pilot but that’s not the reality. We all know becoming a commercial pilot is a lot more expensive than any other career.

passengers taking boarding pass to go inside aeroplane aviation career

Moreover, if you like travelling and enthusiast about airports, how this world’s one of the biggest and most complex systems works day and night then this is the best career option.

Many have a dream to work in this industry but due to lack of right knowledge students do not pursue it.

Many think aviation courses are very expensive and they can’t afford them. Also, Below I have suggested some courses that are inexpensive you can make a career in the aviation industry.

Firstly, BBA in Airport Management, a three-year duration course. B. Sc. in Aviation is also available and there are many diploma courses in Aviation which are usually one to two years of duration.

This is list of Aviation colleges providing courses related to aviation industry.

Career options:

  • Air traffic controller
  • Air ticketing staff
  • Airport operations manager
  • Aircraft technician
  • Aircraft maintenance manager
  • Airport manager
  • Air hostess
  • Pilot, co-pilot


So, these were the best six career options you can consider if you are too confused about a course. You don’t only have to choose from these, if you are really passionate about something else than go with it.

Check out these high paying jobs in India without any degree, start earning during your college.

And the most important, you must check all eligibility, fees structure and more info by visiting individual college websites before taking admission.

Frequently asked question about career options listed above:

Is BBA better or B.Com? Which to choose?

Both the courses offer similar career options but if you want to pursue MBA in future BBA is better but if you are planning to do CA or CS than B.Com is a better option.

How long is the aviation course?

Particularly, Aviation courses take three years to complete.
Like BBA in aviation management is a three-year duration course. There are also some diploma courses which may take 6 months or one to two years to complete.

How to become an architect after 12th?

After completing 12th with PCM you have to appear for the entrance exam, National aptitude test in Architecture (NATA) because most colleges give admission on the basis of NATA score.

How many types of fashion designers are there?

As, there are three types of designers, apparel, accessories and footwear. You can also choose courses on a specific type of category you are interested in.

How to become a graphic designer or animator?

Firstly, You have to pursue a B.sc degree or B.des. in animation.
Then, for B.des. you have to give an entrance exam UCEED (Undergraduate common entrance exam for design).

A mechanical engineer who is constantly working to reach the next level of himself.

Nakul Singla
A mechanical engineer who is constantly working to reach the next level of himself.

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