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Step-by-Step Methods to do 5 Types Of Smokey Eye Makeup


Smokey eye makeup radiate a feeling of power. 

The right event and method are very significant for the smokey eye makeup.

You can’t wear a dark smokey eye to a wedding.

There is a period and a spot for everything. Smokey eyes are precarious at first.

If you don’t know the correct method to apply it can end in a blooper.

Learn steps to apply smokey eye makeup perfectly.

What’s in it for me?

  1. Black Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial  
  2. Purple Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial
  3. Silver Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial
  4. Green Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial
  5. Pink and Grey Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial 
  6. Conclusion
  7. Frequently Asked Questions

1) Black Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial  

1) You have to begin with an eye base.

2) Applying a primer and concealer that allows the makeup to stay longer and makes it easy to mix the eyeshadows.

3) Apply a concealer under the eyes and on the eyelids to try and out any discoloration or blemishes.

4) Pack on dark eye shadow to the external corner and into the eye crease.

5) Blend out the eyeshadow, so there aren’t any visible harsh lines and unblended lines.

6) If you feel that it needs more intensity of dark color then you can pack on more shadow from your palette.

7) Apply a gel or pencil liner on the lash line and try to draw closer to your lash line.

8) Smudge it out and mix it with the existing dark eye shadow.

9) If you need to make a remarkable look, you can even take the eyeliner in the crease and extend it. Now, Blend it nicely.

10) Take the liner under the eyes.

11) Smudge it out to make the smokey impact.

12) It’s the last step. Apply your most loved volumizing mascara, and you’re all set!

The Dark Smokey is a Work of Art and is Good for a Night Out At The Club.

2. Purple Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

1) Start off with a purple shimmery shadow as the beginning base shading.

2) Pack on some dark to the external corner and mix it out so that there are no visible harsh lines.

3) Use a little darker shade of purple in the eyelid to make a smooth change between the purple and the dark. Now, blend it with the help of your eye shadow brush.

4) Find a peachy pink shade and use a crown/ small fluffy brush to apply over the crease or visible harsh line. This gives it a defined angle and finishing.

5) Apply kohl or eyeliner to the lower lash line and smear it out to give it that smokey impact.

6) Tight line your upper waterline to give your lashes a more full look.

7) Apply mascara, and your purple smokey is done! 

It’s a Confusion that Smokey Eyes Must Intense. This Uses Light Shadow and Even the Dark Isn’t So Extreme. This Can Use For The Daytime For a Day Out.

3) Silver Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

1) Apply primer and concealer to prepare the eye. Since silver is a fresh-toned shade, it’s helpful to conceal any redness or discoloration.

2) Use a silver cream put together shadow.

3) Apply dark eyeliner to the external corner.

4) Now mix it towards the mid and into the crease.

5) Apply dark liner to the upper and lower line of the lash.

6) Smudge it out to make the smokey look.

7) Using a highlighter, feature the forehead bone.

8) Intensify the silver if necessary by pressing on more eye shadow.

9) Blend it out equally with the idea that it changes easily.

10) Finish off with a volume mascara, and there’s nothing more to it!

Now, You are Ready to Go Outside With Your Fresh Look.

4) Green Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

1) Prep the eyelids by primer and applying concealer and filling in the eyebrows.

2) Generously apply dark liner to the upper and lower lashline. Apply more on the upper lash line, it will be a base for a smokey eye.

3) Smudge it out and blend it.

4) Apply an emerald green eyeshadow to the crease. Mix it out with a feathery brush so the harsh lines disappear. Apply the green to the lower lash line too.

5) Use an earthy shade with yellow-brilliant hints to apply over the crease.

6) Add power to the important point of the eyelid by including increasingly dark. Utilize a gel-based liner, as this is very dark. A gel eyeliner would do.

7) Set the dark gel with a shimmery dark eye shadow.

8) Take this eye shadow under the eyes.

9) Apply some gold gleam eye shadow to the internal areas as a feature.

10) Use a dark mascara and bogus/ false lashes to finish this green smokey eye look!

 It’s Good for Evening Parties or Only a Night Out At a Club.

5) Pink and Grey Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial 

1) On prepared primed and concealed eyelids, apply an earthy colored shade of eyeshadow to the external corner and into the crease. Blend it.

2) Use a pink eyeshadow and apply it to the eyelid. Leave the focal area of the eyelid simple.

3) Now, apply a fine white shade with a pink undertone in the mid-space that we left simple.

4) Highlight the brow bone with the same shade, if in case you don’t have a different highlighter

5) Apply eyeliner and make a swipe. Run a pencil liner to the lower lash line and blend it out.

6) Intensify the look by pressing on a shimmery white eye shadow shade to the focal tip of the eyelid.

7) Apply bogus/false lashes, and feature the inward area.

8) This will carry an unpretentious shimmer to your eyes. That’s it in a nutshell!

This is a Great Look that Can be Worn During the Day Time.


In the last, I conclude that smokey eye makeup can be a little tricky if you are not following the right application method or maybe not blending it properly.

It’s very important to apply smokey eye makeup according to the night and day time.

If you are thinking to try smokey eye makeup then follow the above steps properly to get good results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do smokey eye makeup look good in daytime?

Yes, it does look good but avoid black and dark colors to do smokey eye makeup.

Do smokey eye makeup goes well on everyone?

Yes, it goes well with everyone. You just need to balance your eye shadow otherwise your eyes will look small and dull.

Is there only black color to create smokey eye ?

No, there are different eye shadow options are available to do eye shadow makeup.



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