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Soft skills (Best 7) every engineer must have|Outshine your Career


Soft skills are essential for growth in career as well as in personal life. You must have read that every successful person has worked on their soft skills.

For example, Steve Jobs everyone know him. Co-founder of Apple, he is responsible for the growth of Apple and today trillion-dollar company. All this was possible due to the creative skills he had.

Steve Jobs didn’t know anything about technologies. But was passionate about creating something unique. Soft skills led him to achieve his goals because he had leadership qualities, creativity, communication skills.

But, do you know having technical skills is good to find a job. But to get a higher position, high salary and tremendous growth in career soft skills are first preferred.

We know engineering is a very broad field and engineers work everywhere. So, the need of people who can work across all disciplines with new members are highly required. Also, who are always ready for new challenges. 

Moreover, it doesn’t matter from which branch you belong, every engineer must-have soft skills to be successful.

What’s here for me:

  1. Effective communication skills
  2. Creativity
  3. Collaboration
  4. Leadership skills
  5. Time management
  6. Problem-solving skills
  7. Interpersonal Skills
  8. Conclusion
  9. Frequently asked questions

Short summary on 7 soft skills:

Let us know look in detail on best 7 soft skills which can bring drastic change in your career.

Effective communication skills:

The interaction between stakeholders whether it is internal in the organisation or externally with clients. Misunderstanding between clients can occur and results spoiling your personality and not good for the organisation.

Listening is the most important communication skill. Also, an essential soft skill. If you don’t listen to feedback and views of project partners, clients or customers, so the problem solving becomes much more difficult and time-consuming.

So, practice communication skills to outshine in your career it is the most important soft skill. Similarly, effective communication skills help you in your life problems like relationships, friends and family.


Creativity is also the most important soft skill everyone must-have. It is the driving force behind innovation and to find new effective technological solutions. Creativity helps the person to come with new ideas.

All organisations depend upon the creative employees to develop, innovate products and services. Every engineer’s task is to improve the design and processes of the product. That will solve the problems better, cheaper, faster and efficiently. 

Creativity is also important for problem-solving. As technical knowledge is necessary to identify problems and troubleshoot the source of the problem. So, every engineer must have creative skills.

In the long run, it will help them to become an asset for their company. Also, employers will expect to see on your resume.


Whether you call it teamwork or collaboration, engineers must have the ability to work in teams and with other people from different background. What if two team members can’t communicate effectively? Also, if they could not share responsibilities in working as a team?

If, No leadership skills are present in the team members, so, how the completion of the project will be possible?

So, teamwork is important as it helps engineers to learn and share new ideas. Besides, it builds trust between the members, keeps them motivated and the efficiency is increased. Above all, Organisation mostly rely upon teams. 


Leadership is another essential skill for every engineer. After all, it is the integration of management, teamwork, communication, creativity and many more. Leadership involves how you handle people, keeps them motivated, and help in achieving goals.

Great leaders are always passionate about their work. They keep team members motivate and inspire them to achieve goals. Great leaders self-sacrifice to fulfil others life who work with them.

The qualities a good leader must have is honesty, decision-making capabilities, communication skills, inspirational, confident, helpful, accountability and clarity.

When you step-up from a managerial position to a leadership position. Then you realise that leadership is not by position power but by personal power. Leaders see the things as they are, they don’t complain or give excuses if something doesn’t work.

Do you know the founder of Alibaba group? Jack ma has failed 100 times. Who didn’t even know how to use a computer till the age of 33. He became the richest man of china because he knew leadership skills, therefore resulted in him a huge success.

Time management:

Time management skills are important, as every employer find these skills in new job seekers. Organisations search for those employees who have the ability to do work on time and benefit their company.

In teamwork, everyone must work on time and if one misses the deadline all the team members have to suffer. As the whole team could face upper management and answerable due to lack of time management skill in one of the team member. 

Time management is important for engineers to organize and plan activities, so they can work more effectively on projects. 

You can improve this skill by, making deadlines, scheduled tasks, avoid multitasking, don’t put work on tomorrow, have a clear vision, and know the priorities. You must be ready to work under pressure and tight deadlines.


Problem-solving doesn’t only mean that you should be good in analytical or technical problems. A good problem solver is who approach a problem with a cool and calm mindset.

A problem solver has the ability to solve the problem by finding the right person who can help to reach the solution. He/She has different roads to find the solution of a problem.

So, some problem-solving skills include analysis, observation, negotiation, decision making, logical reasoning, persistence etc.

Interpersonal Skills:

These are the skills used by a person to interact effectively. Employees should be able to work with others. Having interpersonal skills help employees to make strong relationships with each other and also with clients. This helps increase in productivity of an organisation. 

Moreover, Patience, sensitivity, tolerance, public speaking, empathy, mentoring, diplomacy all these are interpersonal skills.

So, give respect to everyone and communicate nicely. Communicate with others with good body language, facial expressions, gestures, and being honest will help you a lot.

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To sum up, these were some soft skills that every engineer should learn. Not only engineers, these skills are essential for all of us in professional and personal life.

Students from any field, these skills are essential for tremendous growth in life. To be successful only twenty percent of technical skills play’s a role and remaining eighty percent are soft skills which make you successful.

I believe communication skills are most important than others. After all, this skill is necessary everywhere in life, it may be a job, business, relationship, friends, family and without good communication you can’t grow and receive respect.

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Frequently asked questions:

What communication skills do employers want?

Employers generally look for:
Verbal, non-verbal, Written, Friendliness, Respect are some of them.

How to practice communication skills?

Try to attend seminars and training, you can also take professional coaching, also, start speaking in front of a camera or mirror regularly.

What teamwork teaches you?

When working in teamwork, you are exposed to various Ideas and different perspective of other members which increase your creativity and maximize knowledge.

Can leadership skills be taught?

Yes, leadership skills are taught and also learned. As, Leaders are not born to lead, they work on themselves and find ways to achieve goals.

What are problem solving skills examples?

Some examples are decision making, analysis, communication and team-building.

How time management can help reduce stress?

Yes, it helps in reducing stress as you plan your work accordingly and try to do in time which increases your productivity. You feel relax and stressed out.

How can interpersonal skills be used in the workplace?

Interpersonal skills allow you to talk and work with all type of people in the company. It helps in making strong relationships with people.



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