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(Speaking Skills) Amazing tips to improve in 2020


Speaking skills is the process of communicating your thoughts or ideas with other persons in a convincing manner so that the listener understands easily without misunderstanding.

You shouldn’t speak very fast so that listeners can’t understand properly and not too slow as listeners may think you are not confident and think before speaking.

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Some people are too eager to talk, their point of view and talk senseless or meaningless things. You should understand the context first and then you speak. Just thinking before speaking is not enough for good speaking skills. A good speaker is one who takes a pause after completing his thought or idea and gives a chance to the listener to express their thought also.

Speaking skills is necessary for a good speaker so that the listener can understand it in a better way. It’s always recommended to give examples of your thoughts and ideas. There are many ways from which you can improve speaking skills and it helps to enhance your personality.

In the Personality development course, you learn how to speak effectively so it may not be misunderstood by the listener.

In general, there are 3 types of speaking:

Interactive: It is a process in which we are alternatively listening and speaking. While the speaker gives a chance to the listener to speak and the listener gives a chance to the speaker to listen and can also ask for repetition as well. Examples of Interactive skills are face to face communication, telephone calls, etc

Partially Interactive: It is a process in which only the speaker speaks and the audience only listens to it and the speaker can check the comprehension from audience facial expressions. Examples of Partially Interactive skills are giving a speech to the audience in the auditorium room.

Non-Interactive: It is a process where the speaker records his audio for making podcasts or for radio broadcast etc. Examples of Non-Interactive skills are singing, recording a song, etc.

How to improve speaking skills

Speaking skills are very important for English learners as it helps in communication with other people effectively. Here are the few tips which can help in improving your English skills:

Find an English speaking partner

First of all, you have to find a partner with good English speaking skills from which you can share your thoughts or ideas and can comfortably talk with them. It can either be your friend, relative or family member as well.

Listen first then speak

Make sure you listen to the conversation carefully and understand it well in your mind, then you can speak accordingly in a proper manner without any misconception, and the listener also listens to you carefully. When you speak after listening carefully, the conversation makes sense and you don’t talk senseless things.

Record your conversation

If you want to know what mistakes you are making and want to improve it, you should record your conversation on your smartphone and later on listen to it carefully and try to correct those mistakes. It can either be pronunciation mistakes or grammatical mistakes also.

Talk to yourself

While alone, you can practice English with yourself, sometimes you talk with yourself about something, just try to talk in English as it will build your habit to speak English everywhere.

Read loudly

While you are alone and no one with you as your English partner, just pick a book or magazine and start loud reading. As reading helps a lot to focus on your pronunciation and also make sure to read the material which interests you.

Practice as much as you can

Try to speak in English from your partner and with your friends also. You can easily grow English speaking skills through various tricks and techniques such as you can call a customer care executive of a company and discuss their products and services over a call. IT will help a lot in improving your English speaking skills.

Develop flow

As the river flows continuously in a flow, you have to develop a flow in English while communicating. Just take pause wherever necessary and keep converse in a flow as it will help develop fluency in English.

Try to think in English

It will always be better for you if you think in English, as no translation is needed. On the other hand, if you think in your own language, it requires translation from your own language to English and takes time. Just try to think in English as it also helps you to be fluent in English.

Chat with OK google or Siri

I find myself to speak more clearly while chatting with Siri or Google Now, because sometimes Siri may not understand your tone and show you different results as it is like forcing you to speak more clearly.

If you are an iPhone user, use Siri or If you are an android user, use Google now.

Go to language cafes

Another option is to go to language cafes, where people come for the purpose of practice and exchange languages. This is the place which creates a most relaxable atmosphere and you can easily enhance your speaking skills by going to language cafes.

Expand Vocabulary

You should learn 5 to 10 words daily and use those words in your communication as it helps a lot to improve your speaking skills fast and even better.

I suggest practicing English speaking either with your friend or relative via call or face to face and you will become more confident in speaking.

You can also check our blog on Listening skills as well.

Best apps for Enhance your speaking skills

You can use your smartphone as a powerful tool if you want to improve your speaking skills. There are many apps that help you enhance your vocabulary and also improve your speaking skills as well.

You can also use Paid apps and free apps on your smartphone. Here are some best-rated apps available for android as well as iPhone users.


In the Cambly app, you can practice English speaking over a video chat with a native speaker. This app gives you instant access to native English speakers over live video chat. Your friendly English tutors are ready to help you practice conversation skills, pronunciation, and also other English skills you’d like to improve. It is the best app recommended by Native speakers to practice English for beginners or experts.

English speaking practice

You can also use English speaking practice app by talking English where you can practice your English speaking and listening with short English conversations. These English conversation lessons will help you with your English speaking as it builds confidence to speak with native English speakers. This app is perfect for beginners wanting to improve their English conversation skills.

The more you practice speaking the more you become a confident speaker as the best way to learn English is to practice speaking English in conversations.

English talk: Incognito speaking

English talk is also considered the best app for English speaking practice, Vocabulary, and grammar where you can talk with strangers in the form of audio chat. This application is helpful for random chat live via audio chatting function. You talk with strangers and can enhance your speaking skills.

In this app, you will find random people for chatting very easily and this app is also secure because there is no video chat option as you can chat with random people via audio chat only. You can also enjoy a live stranger talk to improve your communication skill.

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I recommend you to develop speaking skills as early as possible. Speaking skills are necessary if you want to learn English. So try to speak in English as much a s possible and enhance your public speaking as well.


What are the types of speaking skills?

Here are the Four types of Speaking skills:
Ceremonial Speaking. …
Demonstrative Speaking. …
Informative Speaking. …
Persuasive Speaking.

How can I improve speaking skills?

Firstly, you have to find an English speaking conversation partner and practice a lot and Surround yourself with the English language and try to think in English.

Why do I hesitate to speak?

Hesitation due to lack of skills. If you have proper skills in English, such as reading skills, writing skills, listening skills and speaking skills then you will be more confident in speaking English.



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