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6 Stages of Subconscious Mind Programming Cycle


Do you know, today what you are, what you do there is a major purpose of conditioning of your subconscious mind?

After getting up the way you brush, you take a shower and you get dressed up, making your daily routine is all controlled by your subconscious mind, in fact, your habits too.

Your subconscious mind has more power than your conscious mind.

That’s what we are going to discuss in this blog.

1. A brief understanding of Conscious and Subconscious mind.
2. What is the subconscious programming cycle?
3. Six stages Subconscious Programming cycle.
4. What is a hypnotic rhythm?
5. How to reprogram your subconscious consciously.
6. Summary
7. FAQ

Conscious and Subconscious mind

Your mind is classified into two parts. Firstly, any activity that involves your total awareness is control by your conscious mind.

Like the reading book, writing, or any other behavior that you do by your conscious choice.

And on the other hand your subconscious mind perfoms all that activity which are not under your conscious control.

For example, your daily routine habits such as the movement of brushing teeth, wearing the socks of the same legs first, some hand movement gestures, blinking of eyes, which are not under your conscious control. (Read How you can improve confidence using your subconsious mind?

What is the Subconscious Programming Cycle?

Your working of the subconscious mind is not the effect of the sudden cause of the incident, it the result of years of programming.

It has been programmed by your environment, your society, friends, parents, each and every person with whom you have been in contact till now.

Unfortunately, without your choice or awareness your subconscious mind has been programmed.

The subconscious mind controls 90% of your behavior or action.
Source: simplifyinginterfaces.com

It will not be wrong to say whatever your current choices are, unfortunately is not yours, it is by the people you are surrounded with.

So, hat’s the reason every group of community you see will have the same opinions.

So, do want to spend the rest of your life on your own choice or on other?

Firstly, we need to understand how does your subconscious mind works and how you can reprogram it the way you want.

Six stages of Subconscious Programming cycle.

6 Stages of subconsicous programming cylce are:




4. RAS




They are the mental process, our ideas, opinions about ourselves, and the world.

It is our perspective through which we experience the world.

Our education system, society in which we live nurtures our thoughts.

It can be classified as incoming thought and outgoing thoughts.
• Incoming thoughts are which we get from external, people we surround.
• Outgoing thoughts are the thoughts over which we have our own control like we choose to be.

Example: Let assume you have recently started your own YouTube channel, someone made a negative comment that you should quit YouTube, you are not confident, you don’t make good content.

So, here incoming thoughts , you say to yourself “Oh I am not a great YouTube”.


They are a strong feeling deriving from one’s circumstances.

Now, your thought of ” Oh I am not a great Youtuber” is incoming thoughts that depend on the external factor and you keep on repeating it in your mind.

Which get adds up with the emotion of ‘insecurity‘.


• Belief is the attitude that something is the truth.

Now a thought with a mixture of emotion becomes the truth for your subconscious mind. Still, it is not an extremely strong belief, it needs to be convicted.

It has still room for the change.


• It is the ‘Reticular Activating System’.

It is a network of neurons located in the brain.

This is a system gets activated after a belief and it looks for further confirmation.

Know more about: RAS


So due to the RAS, your mind will look for more such negative comments.

Once it finds more comments related to what’s it looking for, it becomes confirmation.


It is transformation of thought into a strong belief.

So, your negativity about yourself becomes conviction.

Confirmation if approved, Conviction is accepted

Your thoughts becomes strong conviction in your subconscious mind as long as this cycle is repeated again and again.

Your thoughts becomes strong conviction in your subconscious mind as long as this cycle is repeated again and again.

What is a hypnotic rhythm?

Napoleon Hill decribed this concept in his book ‘Outwitting the Devil‘.

It is universal phenomena, it is the force that takes the dominating thoughts of humans over the period and makes it permanent, very difficult to change, without considering it as negative thought or positive thought.

In our youth, our mind has fed with death, devil, ill-health, poverty we simply whatever we are taught,

Over the years, our mind has filled with tons of useless information, we are never taught how to think.

Ignorance and Fear had taken advantage of our innocent.

We become vulnerable to all negative thoughts such as envy, greed, selfishness. By the time we become adults, all the useless information becomes our belief system.

Therefore to break this hypnotic rhythm we must understand and must have self-discipline.

We must change our old habits and make a good habit as a part of the hypnotic rhythm.

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How to reprogram our subconscious mind?

So, you have got an idea about how does our subconscious mind works.

We have to reprogram our mind, by accepting the thoughts we want.

The conscious mind is like a gate, it can differentiate between good and bad thought, whereas the subconscious mind has no right to judge, it just accepts any thought be it positive or negative.

So, we should be a concise choice of positive words, let’s say you are not confident to start your own business, repeat the thought of “I am Confident”.

Meanwhile, you say these words, visualize yourself as working on your business, the types of dress you wear, the place were you having a meeting with your client.

Further visualize every detail of the scene, your voice tone, your conversation, feel the emotions of excitement. So, over the period, your mind starts to believe it.

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Take the action on a goal. RAS will look for confirmation.

Once it experienced, your belief becomes conviction. You will see your thoughts manifest into reality.


1. Any behavior that you do by total awareness is control by conscious mind

2. Behavior that happens automatically or by not your choice is control by the subconscious mind.

4. Your subconscious mind has been programed by your society, parents, friends, and people you are surrounded with.

Spend your time with people you want be in the future.

5. Programming of your subconscious mind is works cycle, which starts with,
Thoughts: They are just opinions, accepting and rejecting it is in your hand. Be consciously aware about the thoughts feeded in your mind.

Emotions: Your feelings derived from your circumstances. Don’t let emotions control your mind.

Beliefs: Beliefs are form when thoughts are mixed with emotions. This belief is not strong enough to totally influence your mind.
They can be changes.

RAS: Belief activates the RAS, it searches for the confirmation or proof regarding your belief.

Confirmation: Once the confirmation is approved your belief becomes your conviction it doesn’t matter right or wrong.

Conviction: Strong belief which is almost impossible to change.

6. Your belief becomes conviction due to the repetition of programming cycle.

7. A hypnotic rhythm is the result of subconscious programming cycle.

8. Don’t let the Fear and Ignorance take advantage of your innocent mind.

9. Change your old habits and make good habits to take whole control of your life.

10. Likewise,eep control of your life in your hand, by consciously choosing the thoughts.


1. Where is Subconsicous mind located?

The events get recorded in the mental field around you.
So, the subconscious mind and habits are not stored inside physical brain. The subconscious mind, habits and memories are stored in the energy field around and inside you.
Source: Quora

2. Can Subconscious mind see the future?

No, not possible it is not any tool thourgh which you can predict the future. But you can program your Subconsicous mind the way you want to see yourself in the future. And you can do that by Programming your mind.



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