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How to Get Out of the Friendzone: 6 Steps To Escape from the Friendzone


Have you ever been Friendzone? Do you know what is friend-zone? Friend-zone is a situation in which one wants to be in a relationship with their friends, but the friend is not interested in them romantically

So in this blog, I’ll discuss the steps to get out of Friend zone

What’s in it for me?

  1. Types of Friendzone
  2. Steps to get out of Friendzone
  3. What to do when you’re friendzone
  4. Conclusion
  5. Frequently asked questions

Types of Friendzone

1. You became a friend of the person and you like them so you tell that person about your feelings but that person is not interested in you. They just want to remain friend with you. You agree with them that you’ll remain friend with them and you’ve hope that in future that person will also like me so you stuck in a friendzone

2. You like a person but you’ve not the courage to tell that person about your feelings so they friend-zone you thinking that you don’t like them as you’ve not told them about your feelings

Sometimes being in a friend-zone is really difficult. The person with whom you see your future or want to be in a relationship or you love that person and that person limit you that look I care for you, I love you but we can only be friends.

Sometimes the person doesn’t friendzone you but as you think like the person only sees me as a friend and you don’t put any efforts so you’ll lose the battle and due to this type of mindset you friend zone yourself

Friend-zone is like a psychology also and we don’t make any efforts at that time

Steps to get out of FriendZone

1. Communication break

If you’re noticing that the person is giving you one-word replies in text and talking with you unwillingly so understand that this is the right time to take a communication break. If you don’t take a break then you’ll be further trapped in a friend-zone.

2. Flirting

Flirting is the most important step to get out of the friendzone. To make them realize about your feelings you should flirt with them. Compliment them about their dp, dress or anything which you like but don’t overdo this. Over flirting or over complementing them is not a good way to get out of a friend-zoned. Do flirt with them healthily.

3. Don’t think they’re the “one”

Don’t ever think that they’re the one. You’ve other priorities also in your life. They can’t be your number 1 priority. If they are important for you then it’s cool but they’re the only important for you is not cool. Don’t give all your time to them. Take some time for yourself also and do the things which you like to do.

Talk with other people’s of opposite gender also to make your lover feel jealous and try to be noticeable to your lover. If you’re giving them so much of importance then it will be going to hurt you

4. Be the change

A Normal human being thinks that the person they like or see as a partner should be very good and beautiful. But sometimes we have an inferiority complex that they’re very good and I’m not like that. Rather than thinking about this, you should make a change in yourself. I agree that they are good then you but don’t get depressed about thinking about this, make inferiority complex as your motivation.

Nobody is perfect but you should work on your bad habits and transform yourself. After putting all these efforts if that person is still uninterested in you and they don’t deserve you and they never did. Don’t make your heart small, move on because someone is waiting for you. If you move on then you’ve automatically got yourself out from friendzone

Your lover is your friend but he/she is not committing that you’re his/her GF/BF but still you treat them as GF/BF. Don’t treat them as a relationship partner until an unless they commit. So treat them as a friend. Try to control your emotions when they text you or call you.

When you’re interested in a person then give them signals that you’re interested in them then wait for their response

5. Saying a “No” can be a “Yes”

This has happened with you many times that they have given you some work and you’ve never said no. You’ve taken your time out from your busy schedule and doing their work because they’re busy. Don’t be always ready to give them reply whenever they text you or call you.

Try to say no, don’t always say yes otherwise they’ll take you for granted. Show some self-respect to them. Sometimes see their messages and unseen them and don’t give a reply. If they will ask why you’re not replying so tell them that you’re busy.

They will understand that you’re not that friend who they only think about for work. This will make them curious and from next time they will not talk about work

6. Never be available for them always

Show them that you’ve life other than that person. Show them that you’ve friends from the opposite gender because of this they will not get used to it and it will create a surprise element. When you’re talking with your friends of opposite gender then see if they’re jealous of that or not.

The more you’ll available for them, the more they will take you for granted and you’ll further be trapped in a friendzone

Don’t give them favour until an unless they ask for a favour. You’ve your own value. When they ask for favour you say yes because of your emotion so keep patience. Don’t take care of them too much when they’ve not committed yet.

Don’t be afraid to say them that you love them, because of fear of losing friendship with them you don’t tell them about your feelings so be confident and tell them about your feelings for them. A Message should be passed to them about your feelings otherwise you’ll regret later.

By chance, if they say no then don’t stick around them. Accept that it’s one-sided love. The more you’ll put efforts the more desperate you’ll saw. It’s ok to get rejected, you’ve your own self-respect

You’ve to make that person realize that you’re not just their friend, you’re interested in them. Start treating them differently

Flirt with them

Talk to other people, you’ve your own life. Do not contact them for a few days. This will make them think about you and will show that you’ve your own life.

I want you to cut off all forms of contact with that person. You’re not going text them, you’re not going to call them. You’ll not think about them. If they message you, they call you and they try to get in touch with you.

You’ll not respond to them, create a mystery by disappearing from their life for a certain period of time until one milestone is achieved. And that milestone is the day when they Text you after a quite few days of no contact. They will text you like what’s going on in your life, why you’re ignoring them or anything like that.

Avoiding friendzone at the very first place is always a better option than trying to get over it later. Flirt from the very first day, this is the master key, you got to flirt you’ve got to flirt from the very first day. Now you don’t have to be all cheap and creepy about it, don’t be handy and don’t try to grab everything you see at all keep it simple, keep it very subtle but do it, if they are into you they will know

Avoid friendship if you don’t want to be in the friend zone don’t try to be a friend at the very first place now

What to do when you’re friendzone

When they say no but would like to be your friend and tell them at that moment that they are no more special to you. They don’t have feelings for you that’s ok but they don’t want a special place then tell them that you’ll not give a special place. If you’ll do this and they will have two reactions

1. They will see the sensible quality in you that you’re focused and don’t want complications

2. They will think that you’re just time passing it

Increase the power of your decision making, don’t stuck emotionally with someone. Ask yourself if you want to move on from friend zone situation or want to stuck in this situation


If you still get friendzone then chill, don’t wonder about this person too much. There are many beautiful souls around. You’re friend zone because you’re too nice, always available for them. So don’t talk too much, talking too much and being always available shows your desperation. If they don’t seem interested then walk away from their life

Frequently asked questions

1. Why friend zone hurts?

In friend zone the other person doesn’t feel the same way as the way you feel so when they friend zone you or reject you then it hurts because you’ve invested a lot in that person

2. Is it possible to escape the friend zone?

Yes its possible depending on the ground work you’ve put in initially

3. Why you’re in friend zone?

You’re in the friend zone because you’re too nice, always available for them

4. Can you ever get out of the friend zone?

Yes it’s possible to get out of the friend zone but the chances are less because you’re not the number 1 priority of that person as you’ve been friend zoned

5. What does it mean to be friend zoned?

Friend zone is a situation where you became a friend of the person and you like them so you tell that person about your feelings but that person is not interested in you



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