Introducing The Time Management Tips for Easy Life

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In this article ,You’re gonna explore some ways and tips to time management. As well as you also get know time management importance.In every aspect your life .Infact, History shows and so many research show that Time management skill is the wonderful and most valuable skill ever for every human being.You will read about some very great android phone apps which by using that you rock.

You’ll also get some smart way to digitally handle your time.

What you will get ..

  1. What the hell is time management ?
  2. Why time management is so important?
  3. Ways to manage time?
  4. Conclusion
  5. FAQs

What the Hell is Time Management ?

Time management is the organized process and activity to cut the time into smaller segments in order to distribute your various work to fit into your suitable set off time.

this is the first image of this article of the time management.girl is shocked and hold her head and n background there is an clock around her

Why Time Management is so Important?

According to me. The time management is a good habit which helps you accomplish your difficult or easy task in a shorter day as much as possible.

This habit also get you aware of your time requirements resources and way of use.

If we study the greatest people around the world related to anything but one thing is common in that that is the ability to handle their time and mindset of valuing their time

Ways to Manage Time?

First of all, you have to divide your work in a way that follows below diagram

image shows you can divide your time into 4 parts as an imgae quadrant . On the basis of urgent and important priorities . then you will have four types of work ok .

Above image show and describe itself very deeply and informatively 

Any type of work we can divide that work into 4 categories and put them into the above structure

The first one that kind of work which is very urgent and also so very important to us to accomplish so we put them into the first quadrant.

But there sometimes some types of work which are important to accomplish but not very urgent. You may have very much time to finish the work so you put them into the second quadrant

All the above, the third one is very urgent to do but not so important task

And the last one is that bad and unnecessary task which is neither important or not seems urgent to do so we eliminate that task from our daily life. or routine 

I believe that you should bring your focus most on the above two quadrants that are important and the third one is best to outsourcing so that another person who is better in that ,do best work finish that for you

Set Timer

It's also an oldest time management way but it's is girl which setting an clock tick . in order to set that her time manage done.

It is a very quick tip to apply whenever you want to accomplish your task very fast.

And you can set a timer according to your capability and ability it would be 30 minutes or 2 or 3 hours

As a result,By doing the task in that way is force you to speed up your accomplishing work. And it don’t let you distract from your task

Software Use

In digital era age, you have to be smart with your Time Management Importance

There is a so many smart tools available at the marketplace.

That You can use to handle your day very easily and very quickly at your fingertips

Two of them is a very effective which I personally use that name is a Google calendar and Google assistant

this image show the google assistant because you can use google assistant to organize your whole day and task . By simply say to assistant its feel like you have an real person assistant which manage your day.It is one of the tip of time management

Whatever task whenever the you want whatever the place whatever it could be.

I simply open the Google Assistant and say to Google assistant to handle you day it .

Then guess what?Google as a simply write down it’s my Google calendar

When the times arrives for an particular task Google calendar popup the notification in my mobile phone to remind me to do the task

Start day with Hard Task

You know there’s a very famous book that name is “eat that frog” .

In which the writer describes that you must start your day with a very very hard task.

image frog related to eat that frog method.So it says you have to complete hard task first boost your all day performance and also help in time management

By doing that it feels you very confident

The reason of doing hard first after the first is that at the morning you are become the full of energy in your whole of the body and mind and your mind is absolutely fresh so that your mind works in a very effective way and with high performance.

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Do not Multitasking

Multitasking doesn’t exist in this world in fact in the mobile or your computer can’t do multitasking at a time .

But it plays or open or work a software at one time and second software at a second time but the processing or switching is very very fast so that we are not be able to capture it.

So most people consider that their computer or mobile phone has the ability to do multitasking but it is a myth

Niether that Machines or you both,don’t have the ability to do multitasking.

In fact, the reality is you cannot do so why are you trying to do multitasking .

For Businessman

Really believe me I have a very effective and advanced but very quick and easy method to effectively use my time in the business 

Anyway if you are a businessman you simply divide your task into two types.

The first one is is that tasks and projects which produced a profit for you.

The second one are task and work or project will not produce profit

So the point is that you only have to focus on the first one that tasks .

Which produce the profit you should only give your valuable time on to them

Don’t Always wait for Inspiration

Some students wait for the inspiration for study some writers look out for the person who is firing them to write ,some singer seek motivation from the other artist works

Bruce Lee said “always faith in yourself believe in yourself do not copy others “

Put aside your all emotions and believes at the corner and begins with the very small step towards your goal. Even when you feel that you can’t do or you feel low self-esteem

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Pomodoro technique which will tells you to take a break between them to understand words

It says that if you have a 1 hour then you have to divide into two parts in the first part is larger than the second part should be smaller

First part could be of 45 minute and second part could be 15 minutes

During the 45 minutes you do your important work very deeply focus.

Then after the 45 minutes you have to take rest or let be deviate yourself from your work to interesting things .

Such as song doing exercise hiking making a phone call call to your girlfriend and so on

Basically, it means you should do interesting things in these 15 minutes it could be anything with you that you would like to love.


Time is a precious thing in the world.

it’s precious because it is irreversible.If you lose money you can bring it back .If you breakup You could make another relation.But by chance if you lose your time you don’t know how to manage time actually you will lose most foundational thing of your’s.

That nobody could bring that back.that why time management is important.

Once the time goes no one can bring it back to you.

Time is more important even than money 

Now, you also have some fun way to digitally time manage without hustle.Furthermore,You also get to know about great book which tell you should do hard task at very first in your day start.You also read about what actually time management is.

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1. How can time management help students?

this time management quick good tips help you finish your study work in less time.Besides it , You Could have more free time to enjoy and play sports or such other thing that you love in your life.
You learn to value time which will get great benefit in your career as well as so many parts of life.

2. Where time management?

Guy, there’s no need any specific place to manage your time actually. You only hae to know about what time you have what are the task’s you wanna simple distribute them .

3. How time management can help reduce stress?

Because when you clear all your day and schedule . Set,manage and distribute your time resources smartly to each task . You don’t have to worry about what task remain , don’t have to think what task would you do at certain time . what remains pending until by the time all the time.
Finally , you will be free from all the unnecessary worries about your day task’s for all day.

4. Is there anyway to learn to do multitask at a time ?

No, Not at all, There;s no existence any such kind of multitasking.Even computer and machine can’t do multitask at a time.It switch from one task to another so fast that we can’t understand that whether machine is doing at a same time or do separate work at each time.

5. What technique will work better for me among all those i have read above ?

Actually, Nobody can give surity that what will works better.You should try each method by your own and then think with which you’re comfortable.

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