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Summer Fashion for Men | Essential Info Every Man Need to Know

Summer Fashion for Men | Essential Info Every Man Need to Know

How to look and stay cool in the hot summer? Well, you need to consider about the cool fabrics, cool colors, everything cool that is best suitable in summer. Here are the summer fashion guides for men.

What’s in it for me?

  1. Fabrics for summer
  2. Colors for summer
  3. Shirts for summer
  4. Pants for summer
  5. Shoes for summer
  6. Final words

Fabrics for summer

Ok, first let’s talk about fabrics. The best fabrics for hot weather are cotton, linen, rayon, denim also.


This is the best fabric for your summer fashion, because they are more breathable, lightweight, natural. Linen fabrics come from flax plants and they are very strong, absorbent, and dry faster than cotton. Do you know that linen was also used as currency in ancient Egypt?

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Cotton is lightweight, puffy, breathable, natural fabric, and soak moisture. That’s why cotton is best in summer.


Rayon also is great for summer. This fabric is a mixture of cotton, wood pulp and other natural or synthetic fiber.


also called cambric and batiste are natural fabrics that are basically made from cotton and have a plain-weave pattern with dey wrap and white filling yarn. Typically chambray fabrics are blue in color and look like denim, but it’s lighter, softer texture, thinner than denim, and woven differently.


As the name, says seersucker are Indian origin and all cotton made woven shirts. These shirts are commonly stripe or chequered, thin, and puckered types.

The word seersucker literally means milk and sugar. If you look closely, Seersucker is woven in such a way that some threads bunch together and give a wrinkle appearance. Smooth textures are like milk and the bumpy texture is like sugar. That’s the reason why we call them seersucker.

For their wrinkle type reasons these shirts never sit fully to your skin and increase airflow and breathability. that’s why it’s best for summer fashion for men. Choosing these fabrics’ clothes actually makes you smart and cool in summer.

Colors for summer

Now, which color should you choose? Dark colors absorb more heat because they absorb more light energy and the black is the ultimate heat absorber because it absorbs all light. On the other hand, light colors like yellow and pink reflect a high degree of light. Because they absorb minimal light, they absorb minimal heat.

So the summer-friendly color could be the white (the coolest possible color), blue,  millennial pink, sage green, yellow, pastel purple.

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Shirts for summer

Perfect shirts for summer are linen shirts, seersucker shirts, slim t-shirts, and short sleeves henley.

Linen shirts

This is one of the best choices you can make for a hot day. Because linen shirts are more breathable, lightweight, moisture absorbing shirts, and best for summer fashion for men. You can choose a white, light grey or light blue. 

You can pair up your linen shirt with shorts. Contrasting colors could be a better color-combo for your linen and short, like white linen with grey short, navy short with blue linen.

For a smart-casual look, you can combine your linen with chinos. In Fact this combo could be the best summer aesthetic look. Choose a lighter color for your linen like beige, khaki, grey, pastel.

For a formal situation, again you can pair up your linen with dress pants. But like a dress shirt you must tuck your linen and don’t fold your sleeves.

Seersucker shirts

We previously discussed the fabric and there is no reason to admit that seersucker shirts are one of the best rich look options as far as summer is concerned.

Seersucker shirts are quite versatile. They can go with chinos, jeans, dress pants, suits, shorts.

Chambray shirts

Another great option for a hot summer shirt is a chambray shirt. Because they are made from cotton, chambray shirts can keep you cool in dry heat and humidity.

For a sunny day out, you can combine your pale blue chambray with a grey chino short and penny loafers. This combination will look cool.

Slim t-shirt

Nothing is more comfortable than a lightweight, breathable cotton t-shirt. There are many different variant t-shirts like round neck, V neck, short or long sleeves, plain, printed, and many more. You can choose whatever fits you best and you like but consider the colors.

Short-sleeve henley

Henley can be made by many different types of fabric. So if you are a henley guy, you may need to consider before buying a new one. For a summer cool look, take a white henley pair it with beige chinos and canvas low top sneakers then give a great look with a grey short sleeve linen shirt.

Polo shirts

Polo shirts are basically made from knitted cotton and they can be obviously great for summer casual looks. These shirts are usually short sleeves. You can wear polo shirts tucked or untucked as long as their tail length.

Don’t choose a polo with a big logo. Buttons your polo at least one. The best colors you can choose are solid basic colors like blue, grey, and white. Polo shirts are quite versatile. Pair your white polo shirts with a grey chino and loafers for a rich glamorous look. and polos could be the best option in summer fashion for men.

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Pants for summer

Choosing the best shirt and t-shirt for summer can be easy, but choosing the right pants is a tricky job. The perfect summer pants could be cotton and linen chinos, seersucker pants and shorts, chambray pants.

Chino pants

Basically chinos are made with 100 percent cotton twill fabrics. But chinos can be found with cotton and synthetic blends. Because chinos are lightweight and look like dress pants, That’s why they are the favorite option for every man. You can pair them with dress shirts for a formal look as well as with a t-shirt for a casual look.

Linen pants

As we previously discussed about Lenin fabrics, we can say linen pants are the most comfortable pants in summer fashion for men, because of their great breathability.

For a summer classy look, pair up your beige linen pants with a vertical stripe long sleeves shirt and finish it with loafers.

Chambray pants

Chambray pants can go smoother with your summer days. As we previously discussed chambray is basically made of cotton and can give comfort on a sunny day. 

For a casual classy look, you can wear chambray trousers with a white polo and divide them with a ribbed cotton belt. Finish up with a pair of brown loafers.

Seersucker pants

I think I don’t need to mention it again right. You can wear seersucker trousers formally and as well as casually in summer. Pair them with a dress shirt and a blue blazer for a formal look. For an alternative throw them with polo shirts with moccasins for a casual get up.


What can be better and logical than a short on a hot sunny day? You can get chino, linen as well as seersucker short although it seems to be rare.

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Shoes for summer

Now we come to the bottom. You can’t go everywhere with sandals right. Here are some best options for your summer.

Suede penny loafers, white sneakers, boat shoes, espadrilles, and suede derbies. For a smart-casual outfit on a hot day, penny loafers are great options. As a general rule, your trouser should not touch your loafers.

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Final words

Summer is very annoying and also hard to look great for some people. We can make it cool with some knowledge and effort. Knowing the basics of summer fashion like the perfect fabrics, color, design will help you best to look smart and stay cool.



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