Gaming Industry-Artificial Intelligence uses|Games|PUBG|2020|

Artificial intelligence plays a key role in developing the game as well as the gaming industry. it helps in making a game more interesting and looks real. We all love to play different types of video games of different categories for example shooting, puzzles, brain games, board games, car racing, etc. Have you ever wondered … Read more

Are electric cars the next boom?

Are electric cars are capable to overtake the automobile sector in 10 years. What is Artificial Intelligence? In computer science, artificial intelligence (AI), sometimes called machine intelligence, is intelligence demonstrated by machines. In contrast to the natural intelligence displayed by humans and animals. Leading AI textbooks define the field as the study of “intelligent agents”. Any device that perceives its environment and takes actions that maximize its … Read more

Artificial Intelligence in Smartphone|Mobile|2020|Technology|Camera|

With the improvement in technology in mobile and development in Artificial Intelligence, they are becoming smarter than humans. Moreover, we all have a smartphone in our hands and more the 80% of the readers are reading this blog on a mobile. Every time you take a selfie using AI beauty mode from your smartphone, it … Read more