Construction technology -2020.

Impact of technology on the construction industry. Productivity AI and Machine Learning Safety & Training Wearables Site Sensors Drones Autonomous Heavy Equipment Collaboration and communication Ways in which tech is shaping the industry. Prefabrication 3D Printing Green & Innovative Materials Cloud-Based Tools Humanoid Laborers Data & Analytics Trends in the industry. Conclusion Technological evolution is … Read more

Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture|Farming|2020|Technique|Machines

Artificial intelligence can be very helpful in agriculture. AI-powered machines and technology can improve the quality and quantity of crops. It will also help in growing different species of crops. It will also benefit farmers as they are saved from exposure to harmful pesticides and insecticide. The farmer put his money, time and energy in … Read more

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare|2020|Future|Machines

Do you know every year more than 138 million people die due to doctor’s negligence. Surprisingly this number can be reduced by millions if we use artificial intelligence in different segments of Healthcare. AI is changing the healthcare industry at a rapid pace. For instance with the advancement in technology, healthcare machines like x-ray machines, … Read more

Gaming Industry-Artificial Intelligence uses|Games|PUBG|2020|

Artificial intelligence plays a key role in developing the game as well as the gaming industry. it helps in making a game more interesting and looks real. We all love to play different types of video games of different categories for example shooting, puzzles, brain games, board games, car racing, etc. Have you ever wondered … Read more

Self-driving cars|Artificial Intelligence|2020|Tesla|Google

A self-driving car is a car that doesn’t require the physical presence of any driver to drive it. It automatically takes the user to its destination safely and securely. It follows all traffic rules and regulations. such vehicles lower down the chances of an accident. Have you ever wondered that you will sit in a … Read more

Information Technology: Importance and Career Opportunities

Computers and technology have evolved very rapidly in the past few decades. Today we are able to discover so many new things around the universe using our most advance technology. Here, we are going to learn about information technology. In simple word, IT or information technology refers to the development, maintenance and use of computer … Read more

Future of Artificial Intelligence|21st-Century |Human’s Future|Boon or Bane

Artificial intelligence is the system that learns from its experience, mistakes, and data collected from various other sources. However, it has become popular in recent times because of the availability of large amounts of accurate data. Artificial intelligence has helped humans in various ways by reducing manpower and time in different fields and has also … Read more

Artificial Intelligence in Smartphone|Mobile|2020|Technology|Camera|

With the improvement in technology in mobile and development in Artificial Intelligence, they are becoming smarter than humans. Moreover, we all have a smartphone in our hands and more the 80% of the readers are reading this blog on a mobile. Every time you take a selfie using AI beauty mode from your smartphone, it … Read more

Artificial Intelligence Meaning|2020|AI vs ML|Ultimate Guide

Artificial intelligence is a field of computer science that enables a computer or a computer program to think and act likes a human without the physical presence of human beings. Have you ever watched Iron man’s movie? Then definitely you have been fascinated after seeing Jarvis. Certainly you must have wondered how Jarvis worked. That’s … Read more

Artificial Intelligence(A.I.) Basic Hack 2020

“The capacity to learn and apply in future action called Intelligence and implement into a Machine is called Artificial Intelligence” Let’s find out Introduction Type of A.I. History Current Status Goals Applications Advantages and Disadvantage Career & Future Scope Conclusion FAQ Introduction of A.I. We understand in a simple way Artificial mines what, not a … Read more