Beauty Service at Home-7 Major Points about the Business Model

Do you ever think that you don’t have to go salon and wait for your turn and Do you want beauticians to come to your place and serve you and give a feel like a salon? Then Don’t worry, many service providers here serve all beauty services at your place, your convenience. Are you a … Read more

Online Salon Booking – 9 Important points of this Business Model

Have you ever felt that I am wasting my time in the salon to wait for some Basic grooming services?  So here is the solution to this Problem “Online Salon Booking” in the Beauty Salon Industry.  Do you ever think that you don’t need to wait in the salon for the services? Through this, now … Read more

Beauty Salon Business Plan in India 2020

We all have heard or have gone beauty salons many times in our life. It is a very essential service for everyone’s daily life. Everyone needs these essential services like shaving, hair cutting, threading, waxing at least once in a month for the basic grooming. We have seen many salons in our region. But all … Read more