Best 6 Important Business models in E-commerce

First of all, we have to know what is e-commerce? So, e-commerce is buying and selling of goods through the internet. Let’s discuss business models. 6 Main Business Models in E-commerce B2B- Business to Business B2C- Business to Consumer C2C- Consumer to Consumer C2B- Consumer to Business D2C-Direct to Customers B2G-Business to Government Conclusion Frequently … Read more

What is a Business Model: How does it Work? Definitive Guide (2020)

A business model is something that defines how the company /startup like yours Creating Value For customers and Creating Revenue itself. This depends upon Two Parameters, First How you going to generate Profits and the Second one is What values you are providing to your customers through your products/services. It allows you to differentiate From … Read more

Business Model Canvas: Create Your amazing Business Model (2020)

Business model Canvas is a template that helps to develop a new business plan/ strategy for new companies and also helps existing Companies to restricted their Business Model. Before you start your business you have to build your business plan you can also call it strategy. A plan or proper framework gives you a clear … Read more