Computer Memory Types Easy Explanation In 8 Points

Computer memory types are divided into two categories – primary memory and secondary memory. As you already know in primary memory we have RAM (Random Access Memory) and ROM (Read Only Memory). Whats in it for me? What are primary and secondary memory? Types of primary memory. RAM and ROM. Types of Random Access Memory. … Read more

9 Mistakes that may crash your computer making your huge loss.

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Computer Shortcuts Everyone Should Know: Mac, Windows and MS Excel

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Computer Input Devices Easy Explanation -TOP 15

The devices by which you can give input and interact with the computer are input devices. For example keyboard and mouse are two main computer input devices. What’s in it for me? What is an input device? All types of input devices(explanation). How input devices work. History of input devices. First input device. FAQ. What … Read more

Information Technology: Importance and Career Opportunities

Computers and technology have evolved very rapidly in the past few decades. Today we are able to discover so many new things around the universe using our most advance technology. Here, we are going to learn about information technology. In simple word, IT or information technology refers to the development, maintenance and use of computer … Read more