Best Android Games you must try [2020]

Nowadays, Especially this Lockdown Android Games(e.g:-PUBG,Free-Fire etc.)are becoming  the biggest Support in our daily life. But,Many of the people today are not playing PUBG & All because the two major Reasons:- They don’t have High end devices. Or,They aren’t able to download such heavy Games. Therefore,the Best Android Games that I’m Going to tell you … Read more

Gaming Industry-Artificial Intelligence uses|Games|PUBG|2020|

Artificial intelligence plays a key role in developing the game as well as the gaming industry. it helps in making a game more interesting and looks real. We all love to play different types of video games of different categories for example shooting, puzzles, brain games, board games, car racing, etc. Have you ever wondered … Read more

4 Best Puzzle Game That Can Boost Your Mind Power

Boost your mind by just playing android games. Yes, guys! it is possible only if you choose the right game. In this digital world, almost 70% of people have a mobile that is smart. And 50% used to play games on the mobile phone, but most of the games just waste the time of the … Read more