5 ways to acquire a new Technology for your business

Acquiring a technology is important since every business out there relies on some or the other technology. In this competitive business landscape, it is important to either develop or acquire a technology you need since you don’t want to lag behind just because of your technological laggardness. In addition, we live in a world filled … Read more

Franchising- Transform your Business to Expand Exponentially

Franchising is a marketing strategy to expand the business where the owner of the business i.e. franchisor provides the right to sell the product or service of the company like using it’s business model, SOP’s and intellectual property. Moreover the one to whom all these rights are sold is known as franchisee. This strategy is … Read more

5 ways to gain competitive advantage from your invented technology

For gaining a competitive advantage in the current dynamic business landscape, technology is a quintessential part for every organization. To illustrate, be it reducing costs or improving efficiency, technology plays a vital role. It is highly important to make use of technology management tools like Roadmapping, S-Curve, etc. for achieving these milestones we set for … Read more