What is Planning? detailed outline

Do you know which function is most important in management ? its Planning function because we need to decide in advance what we want to achieve in future. so, lets start a detailed information blog on planning. whats in it for you what is planning Characteristics of planning Importance of planning Process of planning conclusion … Read more

5. Functions of Management.

Do you know what are the 5. functions of management? Every day you see functions of management around you directly or indirectly. It is basically a bridge between planning and results. It decides whether you achieve a plan or not. So let’s started the most detailed blog on function of management. All managers need to perform some … Read more

Complete Guide To Writing The Business Plan

Writing a good business plan is not only the first step towards the Converting concept to reality but also the most important one. Index Business Plan Concept and Background Market Product/Service Business Strategy Financial planning Market size and rate of growth Market Research Conclusion FAQs Business Plan The Business plan is the first real contact … Read more