Plastic Waste Management- An insight

Plastic seems all pervasive and unavoidable. This is why we need plastic waste management system. India generates 15 million tonnes of plastic waste every year but only 1/4 of this is recycled due to lack of our waste management system. Above all, this leads to burden on the landfills and socio- economic condition of the … Read more

Why Plastic Pollution Is Horrible Nightmare In 2020?

Plastic pollution is consuming plastic products and plastic small particle-like plastic bottles, bags,  microbeads, and spreading over in our environment. After using it as a result our wildlife, wildlife habitat, and humans. The Red Alert Thing !! According to WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature), we are eating or breathing 250 grams of plastic every … Read more

Importance of Plastic Waste Management In 2020

Plastic Waste Management is the process of collecting, segregating, and recycling of used plastic. Moreover, it includes single-use plastic, Disposable plastic products, Broken plastic toys, Utensils, E plastic, Used industrial plastic. What’s In It For Me? Why Plastic Is So Popular? What Is Plastic Waste? Why Do You Need Plastic Waste Management? Earth Effect Impact … Read more