Site Audit for High Search Engine Rankings 2020

There a matrix called the SEO Health Score to measure the technical aspects and the user-experience of a website for search engine optimization. The site audit is a checklist to improve the SEO health score of a website. If you are an SEO expert you need to follow a checklist to keep your website in … Read more

Off-page SEO Techniques to Boost Your Search Engine Rankings 2020

Off-page SEO techniques are the factors that do not happen to your website directly. These techniques mainly include the backlink building from various platforms available on the World Wide Web. In the early 2000s, the off-page SEO was the main factor to determine the search engine ranking of a webpage. With the advancement in the … Read more

Search Engine – Origin and Working

The existence of a search engine and its development made it very easy as well as convenient to browse the internet. Generally, people prefer search keywords over the URL of any website nowadays. There was a time when we got any kind of information from each other through verbal communication. We had a variety of … Read more