7 best types of funds to invest in 2020 for beginners

Do you know, As per data in the fiscal year(2019-20) these types of funds industry has added up 9.39 lakh accounts each month. Now the question arises Why the investments in mutual funds are rising and it is the best investment option? Because as per sources over the time it has given more than 10% … Read more

Detailed Guide About Mutual Funds – How To Invest In Mutual Funds

Do you know what are mutual funds ? You might or might not know, but you would definitely be aware that “Mutual fund investments are subject to market risks. Please read all scheme-related documents carefully before investing.” What does this mean? If you would like to know what does this line mean and other basic … Read more

5 Reasons Why Mutual Funds are giving Better Returns still in 2020

Have you ever invested in the stock market or mutual funds? some will definitely will say no. As per data In India, only 2% of the population invests their money in the stock market and mutual funds. Everyone doesn’t want to learn the stock market but wants to earn higher returns from it. But in … Read more