Best Youtube Channels to follow to Crush It! (in 2020)

Access to cheap internet in India has made people consume a lot of video content in the past three years. Many Youtube channels have crossed thousands of subscribers in the time gone by. In my opinion, we become what we consume. You should consume high-quality content to become a high-quality human being. Here are some … Read more

Artificial Intelligence in Google|2020|Chrome|Assistant|Apps

Today we are surrounded by Google apps. While searching for information an average person spends 11 minutes on this site and average 200 hrs of their life on this site. Have you ever wondered how it always shows you the correct information you are looking for and how it always shows you the ads of … Read more


(STARTING A STARTUP) No Indian city (is among the top-10 most popular STARTUP cities in the world, whereas only one Indian company (Asian paints) could make it into Forbes’s top-25 innovative companies in the world. According to IBM Institute for Business value Oxford economics, 90% of start-ups in India fail in the first five years … Read more

Types of a Website and Launch History of Popular Websites

There are over 1.5 billion websites on the internet today and more than 50,000 websites are created every day. The evolution of the internet and website began in 1990 when Sir Tim Berners Lee created the World Wide Web at CERN laboratory. The launch of the first live website and the first web browser became … Read more

Generating income by Youtube (Passive income guide)

Youtube is a video sharing platform and it is the world’s second-largest search engine. Anyone can upload their videos and anyone can watch them. There is almost every type of videos available on it. It works as a search engine too, you get video results of anything you search for. Many people use it as … Read more

The Most Popular Online Earning platforms/ Idea in 2020 (Top 11)

Earning money has always been associated with traditional ways that are in the real world. But in today’s world, the internet is taking a large part of our lives, with this people are looking for new opportunities and new earning platforms online. But, you have to be careful of the platforms that you opt for … Read more

What Is The Need Of Communication – How will we communicate in the future?

The Need For Communication In The Future The need for communication skills in the future will never end but instead, it will rise gradually. As these skills become the most demanding skills of all time, whether it’s in school, office, interview, business, marketing, sales. The need for communication will always be present in the world. … Read more