‘The products, tools, and processes used to accomplish jobs in daily life and also the applicability of science to solve a problem’, is described as the technology which includes the application of engineering and applied sciences to answer the practical problems of human lives.

Technology is radically human knowledge that is used to design products and artifacts with the sustenance of innovative tools, systems, and materials, and technology is used for transmission, manufacturing, education, securing data, and transportation.

Thus, Science explains to us how things work. While on the other hand, the technology uses the novel knowledge earned in science to design.

So in this blog, I will discuss the technology of science that will give you many things knowledgeable about technology.

What’s in it for me?

  1. Some worst technologies of science
  2. Role of science and technology in Swachh Bharat
  3. Difference between science and technology
  4. Conclusion
  5. FAQ

Some worst technology of science-

As in today’s world science has provided us useful technology, but in science, there are some worst technology also-


While many studied this video record player and recorder better to its VHS opponent, it came with a more expensive price tag and in the end, customers chose the cheaper VHS and the movie industry followed suit and leaving Betamax technology in the dustbin.

Apple Newton

A PDA a personal digital assistant that experienced from a badly functioning operating system, the Apple Newton nevermore caught on however, the development of Apple Newton did obliquely lead to the iPad, explaining that learning from failure can lead to great successes.

Sega Dreamcast

Sega was once a better player in the gaming console industry. That came to an end later the Sega Dreamcast failed in spectacular fashion.

Hurt by bad publicity, a lack of popular games, and a clunky controller, the Dreamcast served only 2 years in North America but Sega has then never made another gaming console.


Some technology failed not because the concept is bad but because the current tech support isn’t capable of carrying the idea fully.

WebTV was just such a case as released when dial-up internet path was still the average, the internet-enabled TV was slow, tough to use than a computer, and came with a $20-a-month fee for internet access.


While you yet see Segways being used here-and-there, the two-wheeled motorized people-mover was started with the expectation that it would transform travel and lead to the reinvention of the city plan as it didn’t appear close to having that kind of impact and its sales numbers fell well short of projections.


Published by Microsoft to compete with Apple’s iPod, the Zune digital music player hurt from a few high-profile technology glitches and the loss of being second-to-market behind the successful and expertly marketed iPod and it only lasted 4 years.

America Online

AOL built itself into a tech titan by serving dial-up internet service although poor control left the company grossly unaware of the market’s shift away from dial-up.

Although, the company still exists yet their failure to the invention has left them an also-ran.


Google is a hugely successful company, but its efforts to enter the social media market with Google+ flopped.

Fewer than 1% of Google users daily engage in Google+, placing its user numbers far behind its competitor, Facebook. 

Windows Phone

The idea made perfect mind: release a smartphone that runs Windows software and is therefore fully cooperative with the programs most people use every day.

But the number one thing people want from their smartphones is popular apps and Windows Phone didn’t have much of those apps and the phone never caught on.

I smell

This odd little device was invented to sit on your desk and free smells that compared to the webpage you were seeing or the e-mail you were reading as it was a bad idea from the start and, unexpectedly, almost no one wanted one.

Role of science and technology in Swachh Bharat-

The role of science and technology in Swachh Bharat are-

  • Well-functioning waste, sewage, and regular waste management in all cities and villages
  • Removal of ponds in which dirty water collects and helps as an owner to bacteria and mosquitoes
  • Placing a greater appreciation of purity in all its appearances among the crowds.
  • Certainly, taking the battle to its reasonable judgment would require repairing slums with the more large housing having piped water control and the latest sewage facilities.
  • Indigenous water purification technologies:

Thus, these technologies can improve the water quality of smaller villages as well as larger cities as it uses Pressure Driven Processes.

These are used for all capacity units e.g. they can be adaptable from household-level unit or community level unit to large scale unit.

Water cleaning technologies make use of nuclear energy and solar energy also.

Environment-friendly Plasma technologies:

Solid waste dumping places or landfill places need more amount of land which is not available in urban areas. Thus, the incineration of solid waste pollutes the environment if the incinerators are not created or operated properly.

Thermal Plasma Technology is ideally used for waste treatment as this technology, Hazardous & toxic elements are getting split down to elemental which elements at high temperatures hence, Artificial materials are converted to Mass, and Organic materials are Pyrolysed or Gasified, conversion to flue gases and disposal of the carcass is also being thought of using plasma pyrolysis.

  • Role of environmental isotope techniques in water resources development and management
  • Radiation Hygienization of Municipal Sewage Sludge

Difference between science and technology-

Making virtually value free statementActivities always value full
Analysis, generalization, and creation of theoriesAnalysis and union of design.
Corresponding scientific processKey technological process
Focus on understanding natural phenomenaFocus on understanding the made environment
Development controlled by experimentationDevelopment by design, production, and invention.


This study addresses importance of technology of science in our life.

Science and technology are the two various essential parts of our living life. Science and technology have delivered our life so comfortable and expensive. Everything which we see throughout us is a part of science. Gadgets, light bulbs, Mobiles, computers, Tables, Paper, Pen, and many eternity things are an element of technology and science.


Q.1.What is blockchain technology?

A.1.Blockchain is a cryptocurrency, in which the $10 can just be used once and not be replicated ( it means that once you sent $10 to a friend, you will not be holding that same $10, and your friend can then post it to his friend, and his friend to his friends and so on).

Q.2.Which country is the most technologically advanced?

A.2.Japan is a country that has the potential of developing technology. Thus, it is the most technologically advanced country. Hence, in this nation Technology grown to be amazing even from the effects of his work caused many people in the world.

Q.3.What are the disadvantages of technology and science?

A.3.Limitations of science not much but technology, yes, technology have disadvantages like-
First, it has made us walk less than we used to. Hence, we don’t walk much as our parents did and we don’t lift things to clean, work, and move our muscles to do house jobs. Thus, this makes one of the largest problems of the western world – obesity.
Also, developed productivity and more reliable cooling imply increased production of processed foods hence, Junk foods with high attention of sugar and fat. Again a difficulty that is faced globally and in more extra in the western world like diabetes, large cholesterol, coronary heart illness, etc.



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