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The ultimate CAR DECOR guide in 2020


Do you have a car but don’t know much about accessories? 

No problem you find the solution for your problem in this blog, so stay tuned to the blog to unlock the knowledge of accessories. 

What is Accessories?

This Automotive accessories category contains articles relating to non-essential automotive parts which embellish the look and feel of an automobile or add functionality.

Source: Wikipedia

Here is a short story of Rahul with you can easily relate with.

Rahul gets a car of the YY model for himself of AAA company.

Now Rahul started hanging out in his car and he is very happy until he saw the same car as his but he is surprised to see that his and the same car he saw has a ground sky difference. 

Rahul is just staring at the car which looks exactly like he owns one. He then comes up to an owner of the same car and asks him” he also the same car that he owns but it looks completely different, how it is even possible”.

The same car owner smiled and said the difference is in the accessories not in the model. My car got some accessories which your car doesn’t. That’s why it looks so different and makes you surprised. 

So that’s the story of Mr. Rahul who gets surprised due to lack of accessories.  

In this blog, you will find out some mind-blowing accessories which not only look cool but gives a feel of another level. And this blog is not just about accessories but you will also find out some life hacks and places to buy the accessories.  

So, stay tuned and get ready to unlock the knowledge. 

Table of Content

  1. List of some basic car accessories 
  2. Car looks do matter 
  3. Expensive vs Inexpensive
  4. Conclusion  
  5. FAQ’s 

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Design is knowing which ones to keep.”  

—Scott Adams

This quote is given by Scott Adams who is comic strip creator.

Of course, this quote is not given in reference to the car decor.

But this quote is somehow related to the art of decor.

Doing décor doesn’t mean just to put anything on your car and say that I spend X amount of money and it looks really cool, well sometimes it doesn’t.  

The car décor is an ultimate ART and cannot be understood by everyone. 

This ART has a limited reach as well as only few can decode this art. 

Before going into depth, I clear this that I am not any expert but I have a vast amount of knowledge and experience due to spending a very long time in the car market field. 

In this blog, I am going to share everything I have. 

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List of some basic car accessories 

Here is the list of some basic car accessories which you must-have for security reasons and for a neat and clean car. 

Seat covers:

Seat covers are the common accessory of the car and in actual it is not an accessory it is a part of the car itself.

Covers not only protect the car’s original seats but also give a warm look (if choose wisely) to your cart interior as seats occupy the most space of the interior. 

Different types of covers are available in the market. You have to choose according to your budget and taste. 

Seat covers come with different price ranges. For a normal hatchback,  its range starts from 3-4k, and so on. 

Customized seat covers are also available in the market which cost more than average because those are handmade by artists. 

seat cover

Car Covers: 

Covers are everywhere whether it is for cars, mobiles, bikes, etc. For any car, cover plays a vital role because it protects your car from rain, dust as well as from scratches.

In mostly Indian Urban Cities didn’t have enough space to park a car inside the house and some people didn’t even use the car daily. So, in order to protect their car, they need a good cover. 

Many covers are available in the market suitable for your car, but did you actually know some facts about covers. Cloth cover only protects your car from dust and scratches but rag zine cover also protects your car from the rain. 

If you really wanted to protect your car get your car a good quality rag zine cover.

This investment is totally worth it. And you will see the magic of cover after all the season’s pass. 

Floor mats: 

Mats come in your car but sometimes it doesn’t or in case if you want to change your existing ones then do one thing observe your inner interior of the car and select the most matched ones.

Because the first look is grabbed by the mats and the dashboard while entering a car. And there is well saying the First impression is the last impression. 

LED Lights: 

When lights lit up, it makes the ordinary thing less ordinary. This thing is also applicable to the car. When lights lit up the ordinary car will become less ordinary and also attracts so much attention whoever passes by the car. 

led lights

LED strips put at many places like a bonnet, alloy wheels, on the floor mats, etc. of different or same lights according to the combination.  

Security system: 

There are lots of cars out there and also this is an opportunity for thieves.

So, to protect your car from stealing there is some advanced level of security systems available in the market which are capable to protect your car and also tracks your car by enabling GPS system. 

Mobile apps are also available for the same security system brand. Install it on your mobile phone and protect your car. 

Air freshener:

The atmosphere is the most important thing whether it is your office, home or your car. The atmosphere not only keeps you fresh but also makes you do your work more effectively and efficiently. 

Lots of air fresheners are available in the market and some are overpriced too.

Doing a little bit of research saves you a lot of money. 

Wax polish and Cleaning cloth: 

Over the period of time your car paint may or may not look dull depending on your care.

Some basic care can save your color. Just like use Microfiber cleaning cloth instead of any regular cloth to clean the car. 

And using a good quality wax after every wash can prevent your paint. 

Car Vacuum cleaner:

It doesn’t matter how protective you are for your car interior cleanliness but now and then or by somebody else it gets dirty. 

Dust particles laid in the corners. So, to clean all these dust, you need a  good quality vacuum cleaner which is easily available online or offline. 

Mobile charger: 

This accessory is the most important and very cheap in price but also helps you the most when needed. Multiple charger pin of some genuine brand will cost you less than INR500. But trust me it’s totally worth the money. 

Car parking(reverse) camera: 

When you ride a car, it is impossible to ride straight only, you even have to park your car sometimes in a very crowded market or in malls. When you stuck in these situations’ this camera works as a life savior.

This camera has a sensor also which tells you about how much distance is left between your car and the object. 

These are just a few accessories that are top on the list, there are more helpful accessories which I will share in the next blog. 

Some basic points to remember before ending this blog. 

CAR LOOKS DO matter because of car accessories

Car décor is like garnishing the dish look more attracted. 

On the other hand, it’s not even that necessary to have but if you have it.  


In this blog, you may feel like I am pushing a reader to buy these accessories but I am not actually forcing you.

These are just my personal experiences which I am sharing with you. 

EXPENSIVE vs INEXPENSIVE car accessories

Most accessories in the market whether online or offline are way too expensive than their actual cost. I will figure out the list for you at a reasonable price. 

I hope you know Mr. Rahul which we had discussed above in the story after having a conversation with that random guy. He went up to the showroom where he had purchased a car and they showed him the estimate of around INR 40000.

Then he tries in the outside market and again, surprised to see the difference in amount is much more than he thinks. The outside market estimate is around 25000 rupees. 

With this story, I wanted to aware of all the readers that in most car showrooms they are looting their customers because selling a car doesn’t give them that much of profit so to cover the expense, they overcharged the accessories.

And the outcome of this tactic is the customer feels looted and loses trust in the car brand because of their dealer’s dirty tactics. 


Every car whether in budget or expensive get the décor which suits it changes the viewer’s perspective towards the car. 

Car Decoration is not must but good to have.

And don’t ever force yourself by seeing other cars accessories. Always be in budget and first go for essential accessories.


1. Is it necessary to have accessories? 

No, it’s not, it only depends on the owner.
Although sales executives also try to sell the accessories but always remember to buy if you need it.

2. Where to buy the accessories online or offline? 

It depends on the buyer to the buyer.
If you have some known in the offline market take help from them and online take help from reviews.  



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