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The Ultimate Guide For Online Shopping


Remember the last time you were going to store to get something and ended up leaving empty-handed. Because you didn’t found that item, because of your size or color that you wanted was not there.

So, this happens with you, happens with me and this happens with a lot of other people out there. It kinds of frustrating while shopping.

Remember the days when you used to go shopping.

Moreover, you’ve to wait for the salesperson to attend you then you had to make a decision after you get the perfect piece of clothing you ever wanted.

Then you asked her for the discount and she denies it or says it’s not that time when they’ll offer any discount.

However, telling about online shopping, it’s easy, it’s the future.

Also, you can do it from your place and you can actually save a lot of money and a lot of time if you’re smart about it.

So, times have changed you will see your favorite brands are coming in e-commerce platforms. Therefore the big whale of the E-commerce Amazon, followed by the Indian top shopping platforms.

For instance other platforms like Flipkart, Myntra, Ajio owned by reliance Industries limited, Paytm mall, Shopclues.

These are current big giants in the market that is there to provide you what you want at your doorsteps.

Not only have them. Now Every brand has realized the amount of attention and revenue they can make by creating their digital Identity.

For example Brands like H&M, Zara, TataCliq, Lifestyle, forever 21,koovs.

Competition among them and with the retail stores and chains have become so cutthroat that these e-commerce platforms give you much more discounts all season

Also their low operating costs and the investments they get from everywhere. Because of this these retail stores also have to give huge discounts once or twice a year.

  1. Let’s find where you can shop and make the most of it
  2. How to get clothing items and products at a low price?
  3. Conclusion
  4. FAQs

Let’s find where you can shop and make the most of it

Firstly, starting with the traditional way window shopping.

So, let’s say you want to get clothes you go to the store and there look for sizes and color. You get it ok fine.

However, this works for a lot of people who aren’t really sure about their sizes and just want to get the perfect piece by out and getting it.

Moreover, the latest and the fresh arrivals come first on the store.

Some crazy super-rich dudes swiping their cards to grab the latest pieces before anyone. So, such people are happy with this kind of purchase.

Window shopping can be very beneficial when it comes to buying cheap items where your bargaining skills come handy.

Because let’s say you buy a product online that may end up costing you more than the shop.

Also, you see ladies shopping in a shop like a fish market. I can tell you they’re bargaining and negotiating to their level best to make the most of it.

So if your bargaining skills are 0 you should get a lady that can help you out.

Secondly, coming on the hot topic online shopping.

This is, in my opinion, it is a much better option when everyone is so busy nowadays, it’s handy moreover chances of getting a discount on something you want is more.

Moreover, the discounts are mostly there the park is open for 24×7 and 365 days.

It gives you so many options.

Sometimes you even get confused because it shows you a wide variety, its like having a big megastore in front of you.

You can buy things from your place and with super fast delivery options.

For example, Amazon delivers some products to same-day or within 24 hours that what makes this super comfortable.

As if you have to go to the party tomorrow you can order the outfit you will get that before the event.

Also, you need not have to go out their physically, taking your time out to hands-on the items just if you play your size game right.

Sizes and fits play a major role in decision making.

Above all, If you know measurements right you can nail anywhere and can get the best deals and clothes of your choice. And can make your closet at a very nominal price value.

Because sometimes you buy something and it doesn’t fit you then you’ve to return it. And then it can be really annoying sometimes.

But in general, its time to change yourself and try this out because the future is digital.

How to get clothing items and products at a low price?

  1. Window shopping
  2. Online shopping

1. Window shopping

So, if you want to get clothes that cost less to your pocket, try several brands,

Firstly, choose a few by exploring them and decide which suits best for you.

Also, subscribe to their memberships. So, next time something new gets launch or there is the end of season sale or festive sale you get the information first.

So that you can get your desired items at a low price.

Also, some brands are associated with banks to provide you some extra benefits with price value,

So, this can be avail if you have that particular cardholder of a bank who is associated with the brand.

Well if you’re someone who’s always confused with the fits and sizes it doesn’t matter whether you’re getting shoes or clothes.

You need to know about sizes know your body type because every brand has different sizes and this differs from country to country as well.

For example, if you’re buying a shirt of brand A size 40 there is a huge chance that same shirt of brand B with 40 sizes wouldn’t fit you like that.

Moreover, there is further classification regarding fits as well there are regular fit, slim fit, super slim fit and much more, this is just for shirts you have your pants, t-shirts, jackets.

Same happens if you buy footwear for example if your foot size is 10 there is no surety that if you try two shoes lets say you try puma shoe size 10 it fits you,

you’re like ok this is my size but if you’ll try the same size of shoes of sketchers it wouldn’t fit you like a puma.

It also varies from country to country.

For example the size medium in the US is a size large in India for jackets, shirts, and t-shirts.

This all things come with experience when you try new things.

2. Online Shopping

Firstly i honestly think shopping can actually save a lot of money for you.

Because when you shop from the store they add their operation heads and salaries and that’s not the case when you shop online because it directly comes from manufactures from their warehouses.

But always check the seller it’s reviews and ratings before buying anything.

You see there the discount is available for 365 days but there are some items that come on discount only on major sales.

For example the end of season sale, Flipkart big billion days, or amazon great Indian festivals you get crazy discounts up to 80% sometimes.

Also, Get coupons and discount codes if possible there are some good sites that offer you coupons by just subscribing them.

Check this: https://www.coupondunia.in/

So, You must shop on these big sales and shop once or twice a year and shop off-seasons.

For example, shop for summer essentials in winter and winter essentials in summers to get some more discounts.

Chances are you will get more discounts on products which you were not getting during the season.

There are also these e-commerce sites associates with several banks to benefit all the ecosystem.

For example- you get an extra 10% off or cashback having an axis bank debit or credit card.

There are also many ways to get extra cashback or discounts look.

Search for coupons or pay with their payment gateways, for example, paying with Amazon pay.


I will try to explain this with my practices and what I have learned from the last many years.

My personal experience has come through a lot to trials and errors in the beginning.

I didn’t have any idea about both online and window shopping.

Because i know my fits and sizes very well so my margin of error there is almost zero.

Also have burned a lot of cash online but I’ve made my how to shop in these steps simple.

Firstly I am not a fan of the window I feel it takes away a lot of time. So, I’ve specific brands from where I shop only when I am getting a good offer.

Secondly, if I have to shop online I shop only from Myntra. Because it is more focused on clothing and lifestyle exceptions are always there I look for the same thing for a price check.

Where I am getting the maximum discount after checking the details of the seller and it reviews.

Also, Myntra has all major good and top brands that are in a shopping mall.

So I shop when the end of season sale is thereby this I can shop smart within my budget.


1. Is online shopping is good or bad?

Online shopping is good, the world is moving towards the digital era, you will see people will be shopping more and more online, its easy, time effective and you sometimes get better deals than offline stores.

2. Is online shopping safe?

Most of the online sites are safe and reliable, what you should take care is you are shopping it from original sites, because people create fake IP address and these days people often get trapped because of lack of knowledge and these fake sites or the exact replica sites give you crazy deals sometimes giving 90% off on products.
So, use authentic sources to shop.

3. Which are the best online shopping sites?

Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, Myntra, Snapdeal. Particularly when it comes to shopping for clothes myntra is better than others owned by Flipkart and its better because it has almost all good and big brands.
Excellent after-sales service, safe and more reliable, what you should be doing research the product which you want to buy on every site and look which makes you a deal-breaker.



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