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Cherrapunji – The Most Famous Tourist Spot in Meghalaya


Have you ever been to the home of clouds? Do you Know what it is called as? You might be wondering why am I asking such stupid questions? But believe me there is home of clouds and it known as Meghalaya.

Cherrpunji is most famous place in Meghalaya. Visit to Cherrapunji is like visiting the nature. So, let’s start our tour to Cherrapunji.

What is in for me:

Know about Cherrapunji

Cherrapunji is a town situated in the Meghalaya state of north east of India. It is also called Sohra.

This town is famous for rainfall. The whole state of Meghalaya has beautiful nature.This state is surrounded by sky all over the year that’s why it is known as Meghalaya (house of Skies).

Cherrapunji is the main tourist attraction of Meghalaya. Cherrapunji is noted for having one of the world’s highest average annual rainfall of about 450 inches.

Cherrapunji’s climate is classified as warm and temperate. Inventor there is much less rainfall in Cherrapunji than in summer.

There are many natural places to visit in Cherrapunji. We are going to see all these places. Itinerary of Cherrapunji tour, how to reach Cherrapunji?  where to stay ? what facilities are available in Cherrapunji? in the blog ahea.

Facilities available in Cherrapunji

Main source of income of the people in Cherrapunji is dependent on tourism. Basic facilities required for the tourist are available in Cherrapunji.

Many homestays available for tourists where hostesses give you good service. You will easily find homestays in reasonable price with basic facilities like a bed, hot water and proper electricity.

Resorts are also available in Cherrapunji and also in the nearby area to Cherrapunji. But as there is not dense locality nearby so it’s as adventurous to stay in resorts on rainy and storming nights. All the resorts are beautiful and have wonderful and amazing views of nature people prefer to stay in home stays.

There are not big restaurants available in Cherrapunji but small food joints are available all over. You will not find meaning food joints near tourist places but in the city area you can  find a few food joints. Many of them serve vegetarian food also. Rice and non veg main food but one could get chapati, roti and few vegetables there

This area is also famous for biodiversity. Also considered as a hotspot of biodiversity. You can see this during your visit you will find differently looking vegetables, animals as well as different trees and plants and thus different food habits.

Basic like grocery shop ATM, Medical Store are available in the city area but food stop fruit stalls and vegetable stalls are not seen in Cherrapunji area. Most of the shops close early in the night because there is a large possibility of storming rain every night.

This place is famous for heaviest rainfall but it is surprising to know that most of the time you will not need an umbrella here because most of the rainfall happens in the night and during day time there is less rainfall.

5 most attractive places in cherrapunji

Seven sister waterfall

There you can see 7 waterfalls falling in the same valley.Most of the time the weather in Cherrapunji is cloudy so if you are lucky enough then you will get a full view of this waterfall.

You can see all the seven water fall from Eco park which is opposite to the viewpoint of seven sisters waterfalls

Entry fee of eco park is Rs.10

Nohkalikai waterfall

Nohkalikai waterfall is at the height of 1115 m. This is India’s tallest plunge waterfall. It is Cherrapunji’s one of the most popular place. So you should not visit during the visit of Cherrapunji.

This waterfall is around 4 kilometre away from the main Cherrapunji town. Views between the way to Nohkalikai from Cherrapunji are cinematic.

 There are also some stores near the waterfall. Stores of bamboo crafts are near to the waterfall. You could also find some stores of spices here.

Entry Fee to the Nohkalikai falls is rupees 20.

Mawsmai caves

If you like adventure if you like exploring places then this place is for you. What’s my cave is a very long cave and it’s very adventurous to go inside this cave. This is around 6 kilometre from Cherrapunji market and just opposite to the seven sister waterfall viewpoint.

Entry fee to the Mawsmai cave: Rs. 20

Arwah cave

Described as Natural limestone derived stalactites and stalagmites similar to Mowsmai cave with the major difference here is the presence of fossils from the Palaeocene era (about 5.5 to 6.5 crore years ago). The 30 million year old sees fossils !!! The cave is so not populated you would find it all the time there are no guides so keep asking the locals.

Entry fee Rs. 25

Double decker bridge

You can take your vehicle till the village named Tyrna from there onward you have to trek for about 4.5 km which is  around 3000 steps to reach the double Decker Bridge.

But climbing down to the steps will not make you bored in such beautiful scenery also there are some hanging bridges in between the way but you have to keep in mind that not to waste more energy while climbing down because you need a lot of energy to return from there as you have to climb stairs.

Some tips for double decker bridge visit;

  1. Don’t carry heavy belongings.
  2. If you are travelling by bike then keep your helmet and other stuff at any of the stores at the entry point. Shopkeeper  will charge you around 50/-  for looking after your belongings.
  3. Have a healthy breakfast before trek.
  4. Carry sticks will be helpful.
  5. Initial path is easy but afterward there are stiff stairs.
  6. Don’t forget to carry a water bottle.


How to reach cherrapunji?

Which are nearby places to visit?

There are also many more places to visit near Cherrapunji. You could explore the tribal life in khasi hills. You could meet people and know about their culture and lifestyle. Cherrapunji is the place where nature makes you feel relaxed,calm and feel you with zest. This heavenly place brings life in you.

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