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How To Be An Alpha Male – 11 Traits You Must Develop In 2020


What are the Tips for Alpha male Communication Skills? an alpha personality always attracts people in every situation. He is a magnet for girls. Everyone likes there company and want to be like him. Communicating like alpha male makes your presence awesome.

So want to know these skills checkout Effective communication skills.

Key Points

  1. How To Be The Alpha Communicator
  2. Best Books Recommended For Alpha Male Communication Skills
  3. Best Apps For Communication Skills
  4. Conclusion
  5. FAQs

How To Be The Alpha Communicator

Now if you have decided to be better at communication skills, you must attain lots of knowledge to know your mistakes, and be better in it.

The knowledge can be from anywhere like, Books, educational apps, internet, etc.. let’s know some of them which can help you faster.

some books that can help you in effective communications are as follows:

The Aatomy Of Story: 22 Steps To Becoming A Master Storyteller- John Truby

If you want to improve your communication skills, you should read this.

Discover how to

  • Place your story
  • Choose the premise
  • Make story structures
  • Building the character
  • Constructing the moral arguments
  • Using symbols

If you want to learn and make up telling stories, and improving your communication skills, then you should read this.

The Secrets Of Successful Communication -Kevin T. McCarney

In this book, you will learn about new tips on how to communicate efficiently anywhere.

In this book, you will discover

  • The Seven principles which writers say as BIG BRAIN COMMUNICATION
  • Increase your communication skills using awareness, adjusting the tone of your words, and influence others.
  • How to avoid pushover and make people feel comfortable
  • Make people eager to listen to you.

All Marketers Are Liars -Seth Godin

Learn how marketers people take advantage of you by wrapping and buttering you.

In this book, learn how to

  • Wrapping a package of your messages into a beautiful story
  • Know when a story doesn’t contain a pretty offer.
  • Improve your worldview so that marketers cant take advantages of you
  • Saying true stores to make your message easy to understand and rememberable.

The Story Factor -Annette Simmons

This book is a case study of how you can use stories for a better communicator.

In this book, you will discover,

  • How to say a story
  • Where you can use a story to influence others
  • Or how to develop a story than can do more than facts
  • How to motivate and inspire others with stories

The 4 Essential Keys To Effective Communication In Love, Life, Work—Anywhere -Bento C. Leal

In this book, you will get to know about, Overcome your communication barriers and improve your communications

For more detalis of communication, you can read our blog

You will get to Know about how to

  • Feed your relationship with positive things
  • Improve your communication skills and use effective communications
  • Achieve mutual understanding and respect
  • Avoid conflicts
  • Maintain those relationships which matter the most

How To Win Friends And Influence People by -Dale Carnegie

This book is not an only self-help book for making friends but it builds basic quality of leadership in a work environment

This book will teach you

  • How to treat people
  • Or how to deal with people
  • How to influence people and make them to your side
  • How to relate to people

If you want to develop people skills and wish to improve your personal and business life, then this book is for you. It is one of my favorite books as well, and I learn many concepts from this.

Five Love Languages -Gary Champan

This book helps you to understand yourself, your family’s love, your love life. This book identifies the love languages as the words of affirmation.

If a person wants to communicate with love, they should spend some time together.

You cannot have a healthy relationship without understanding the actual needs of people feeling around you.

Improve your communication skills

Best Apps For Communication Skills

Apart from books, you can learn and improve your communications over apps also. As a lot of we don’t have enough time to carry our books with us, as our schedule is so hectic nowadays. So using some good apps on mobile phones can make it easier for you.

There are many apps that can help you in communication skills and make you a better communicator.


This app listens to you and tracks your “Umm”s and “Uhh”s, word power, clarity, etc

It is one of the best apps available only for Apple iPhones user. Your speaking skills will be improved after practicing with this app.

Platform: iPhone   Category: Personalised Speech Coach



SpeakApp is a great app for toastmasters and for those who want to improve their communication skills or public speaking skills.

Platform: AndroidCategory: App for speaking tips

Voice Analyst

This app allows you to analyze your pitch and volume as your records. You can save your recordings for later Analysing.

This app allows immediate visual and statistical feedback on your voice quality.

Platform: Android and iPhones Category: Analyse Your Voice

The Art Of Public Speaking

This app contains audio samples of speech in which you can understand and improve yourself, training tips, quotes.

Platform: AndroidCategory: App for Speaking Tips


This app allows an effective way to train against verbal habits. Likeso helps you in practice speaking, confidently and without “Umm”s and “Uhh”s, words.

It allows a real-time analysis of your speech and optimum pacing for the fast and slow talker.

Platform: iPhoneCategory: Personalised Speech Coach

Improve Your Public Speaking


You can be an alpha male personality also if you start working on your skills. Communication is the basic and necessary skill to be learned, as we will get to know how to talk to someone when to take a break, whom to talk about what? etc.

There are many sources where you can learn and develop your communications. Like Books and apps, as I mentioned above. But you can also go with self-help education content, videos, seminars event.

Practice daily will help you to achieve your goals fastly.

Good Luck.

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Q1. Can introverts also be an alpha male and communicate effectively?

Ans– Yes, anyone can develop this. An introvert is a personality type in which you can change and adapt to the personality of alpha male with little difficulty. If you are ready for daily practices than you will surely get your desired results. Read books, watch videos, attend seminars, find a mentor, talk with strangers, will help you to be an alpha.

Q2. What skills are needed for effective communicators?

Ans– The basic and important skills you need for having effective communication are:
Listen first then react
Think before you speak
Apologize, if you had done a mistake
Be easy so that other person can understand you

Q3. How can I start having an interesting conversation? How can I improve my communication skills?

Ans– You can start an interesting conversation with some tips mentioned below.
Tell an interesting story
Express your emotions with words and body moments
Mention something enjoyable
Ask some questions
Compliment them
Never try to show how great are you in knowledge



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