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13-Tips For Choosing an Amazing Wedding Venue


Here you have 13 best tips to choose the perfect wedding venue for your special memorable day from selecting the location of the venue to vendors and many more. The selection of a good wedding venue makes your memorable day more amazing.

What’s in it for me

  1. Choose According To Couples Taste
  2. List of Non Negotiable Things
  3. Guest List Size
  4. Location Should Be Convenient For All Guests
  5. Good Weather Near Venue Location
  6. Consider Proper Lighting
  7. Check Staff Knowledge And Experience
  8. Consider Things Within Or Not In Your Deal
  9. Step Out Hidden Costs
  10. Find out Setup And Breakdown Time Of Event
  11. Consider Festival Should Not Be There On Wedding Day
  12. Compare Different Venues
  13. Visit Your Wedding Venue At Least Twice
  14. Conclusion

Choose According To Couples Taste

Choose to suit your personality every couple is different. So, work as a team to find a wedding venue that includes both of your tastes. Whether you go for a modern loft, a simple beach wedding, or a grand manor house, choose a venue to suit your personalities combined into one.

A few out of every odd venue will take your breath away. In any case, some unexpected venues may really make your big day very good. Keep your mind open to various thoughts, themes, and areas if conceivable, as you might be amazed at what you find! What about getting married into a riverside lodge, at the zoo, or at a dazzling picture house.

List of Non Negotiable Things

Stay in control write a list of non-negotiable things you want to incorporate into your day, and ensure your venue fits in with this.

On the off chance that you need a specific food provider in a wedding venue, an ice figure, and firecrackers on your big day, get it going! On the off chance that a venue can provide food for this. You know you’re on the correct way to making the ideal day.

Listen to recommendations on your huge day, you’ll need everything to run easily from sunrise until nightfall. Read surveys and suggestions of your imminent views to perceive how their day went, and ensures your wedding administration.

Guest List Size

One thing that you want to consider is who is your guest who is going to be coming to your wedding and also what is the guest list size. That going to dictate what type of a venue that you can or cannot use. Take into consideration the size of your list of attendees and what you need to occur on the day.

Example:- maybe you’ve got 300 people coming to your wedding. But the venue is only the capacity of 200 guests that’s not gonna work. So, you really need to think about the guest’s size and count of the guests that are going to be invited to the wedding.

Location Should Be Convenient For All Guest’s

Another thing is that you won’t make sure that is convenient for your guest. I mean the venue location should be convenient you might people driving from other cities into your town for your wedding. You want to make sure that as much as possible that it’s easily accessible toward the attendees of the wedding.

Good Weather Near Venue Location

The other thing is the weather this doesn’t always come into the list because it depends on where you live or where the wedding is taking place.

Let’s say for example:- you have a unique venue like a boat. So, you definitely have to watch the weather forecast and making sure that you have a backup venue. Something like a storm in some case hurricane depending on where you are located and a wedding is going to be taking place.

So, the weather is what you consider when choosing a venue. This probably plays more when you are doing your wedding in another country.

Check venue Staff Knowledge And Experience

When you are thing about choosing the venue then you really think about the venue staff knowledge and experience.

What kind of events have they done in the past? And speaking not only to catering manager or the food beverage manager but talking to the people who are actually going to be operating or running the event’s there they could be stewards and bar staff having a conversation with them and having an idea or get a sense of what their experience is at their venue?

You also want to find out what their fees include and also don’t include. So, the things are not any surprises in some cases there are additional fees that the venue owner demand from you. So, you compare the different venues in your location.

Consider Things Within Or Not In Your Deal

Another thing that wants to check with the venue is what other services offered. And what are the services that do you need to make sure that they offer the services is something that you need. If there is not something you need than they hiring another third party company another vendor?

So, these things can include parking. You might be parking at the venue location. You might need securities there are many venues where having a hundred people or more require having one or two securities if you have alcohol involved in your wedding than you have to have securities.

So, just finding out what’s the venue offer it really helpful when it comes to planning and especially saves you from any unexpected surprises during the event that you definitely don’t want to scramble at a last-minute of finding these things. So, your wedding event runs smoothly.

Consider Proper Lighting

Consider the lighting one of the most overlooked components to your big day is lighting. There’s very little point having a dazzling venue if no one can see it. Ensure there is a lot of lighting to complement the spaces and your wedding theme.

Remain well far from fluorescent or bright lightning (except if you’re having a shine in obscurity wedding, that is!) and when in doubt, make your very own staggering lighting! Check here the top.

Continuously go and see your best venue decisions a few times previously you settle on a choice. What’s more, there’s no hurry to make all necessary endorsements take with respect to your up and coming wedding.

Make sure you get the feeling you know when that feeling of butterflies appears up in your stomach, and you can absolutely conceive yourself strolling down the path in a remarkable venue? That is the inclination, and it ordinarily implies it’s the ideal venue for you.

Step Out Hidden Costs

Make sure you know all hidden cost things like welcoming back a delivery lot of hotels that charge you to deliver to the rooms.

Now is your time to negotiate that with the venue coordinator another one that comes a lot is storage. Many venues charge you to storing boxes and things that the day before and sometimes in the morning.

So, all of these things important to know ahead a time. so that you can maybe negotiate into the contracting to save your money. So, that you know them and you properly do when you comparison.

Find out Setup And Breakdown Time Of Event

Find out what’s the setup time and the breakdown time is for your event. If your venue has a short setup time maybe only three hours vs eight hours it will cost you more in the long run because vendors need double and triple staff to set up your wedding a lot of time. So, this is definitely something you need to know.

Another one is the breakdown time. A lot of vendors will charge extra if they have to come at midnight or to the next day some venues these times are strict. So, you know them and talk to your vendor to calculate how much extra that will cost you.

Some venues are more flexible and this is something that you can negotiate before you sign the contract.

Consider Festival Should Not Be There On Wedding Day

Before you finalized the day with your venue go on the calendar and search what’s happening in the city on that day. You are looking at the reason is there might be a festival or something that can affect the cost of light and the cost of hotels.

All these things are affected and that’s will affect your budget and that’s will affect your guest experience.

Compare Different Venues

What are the venue fees you must find out what is included in those venue fees then you can make concession based on that information that you have?

So, just really make sure that you ask the really important question when you checking the different venues and comparing with the different venues.

Visit Your Wedding Venue At Least Twice

I think it’s really important to visit your wedding venue at least twice. It’s really good to see how it feels at different times of the day you would be feel wedding see for the morning if your ceremony is going to happen to see how are the lights like and if you are going into the reception see how the lights are in the evening.

Do you need extra candle lighting moonlighting and up lightning just to check the atmosphere more how it really works in different settings?

So, you can easily apply to your wedding day. See the venue when its actually in action to see how the venue staff has been set up. And they are work and handle the wedding you can probably get some ideas from it. Maybe you thought something different and after watching you change your idea.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions always ask as many questions as you can. Always put every question in writing which you want to ask the venue manager when you visit the venue.


A wedding venue is a very important part of the whole wedding. Choosing the perfect venue for your wedding day is a little bit harder. In this blog, I’ve discussed 13 steps to choose the amazing venue for your wedding day.

By following these steps you can easily select your venue. If this blog helps you to choose your venue then put your views in the comment box below.



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