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5 Tips For Natural Makeup Look for Everyday Wear


Today in this blog you will learn “No Makeup, Makeup Look” 

Natural Makeup has always been considered as a likable makeup type prefer by each girl when they go college or outside in day time. 

In summers, the thought about wearing heavy makeup scares each and every girl because it’s not only hard to carry but left your skin sticky and uneven. 

What’s in it for you?

  1. Prep your Skin for Natural Makeup Look
  2. How to Do Natural Makeup Look
  3. Conclusion
  4. Frequently Asked Questions

Prep your Skin for Natural Makeup Look

To Prep your Skin you First Need to Do CTM.

Cleaning – Toning – Moisturizing  


Cleanse your face with any good facewash or cleansing lotion to remove dirt and impurities from your face.


Toning is very important.

So make sure that you use your pores minimizer toner after cleansing.

It helps to close your open pores temporarily and make your makeup flawless.


Use a good moisturizer to nourish your skin.

It helps your makeup to look smooth and crack free.   

How to Do Natural Makeup Look

In Blow 5 Steps, Will Let you Know How to do No Makeup Fresh-Faced Makeup Look on your Face. 

Step 1


Before adding makeup one must use a primer to create a smooth surface on your face.

It helps to reduce the visibility of fine lines, blemishes, open pores.

It also makes your makeup stay longer. 

Silicon-based primer makes your makeup stay prominent.

Step 2

Color Correction on your skin 

Use a good one tone dark concealer or orange corrector to hide your problems areas like under-eye darkness, blemishes, sunspots, and uneven skin tone.

Use the minimal product to hide all the flaws because we need to avoid heavy coverage and gaudy look.

Now use a blender to blend the concealer on your face. 

Step 3

Foundation and Setting Powder

Use a light coverage bb cream or foundation for a natural and sheer look.

Don’t apply the extra product on your face.

The main purpose is to give your skin a good even tone.

Use the extra product on the particular areas which need extra coverage.

Now, Use either beauty blender or foundation brush to blend your base.

The next step is to use a setting powder to give a matte finish to your look.

Step 4 

Lipstick and Eyebrow

Choose any peach tinted lipstick.

Now apply a little amount of the product on your cheeks and blend to give blush look on the face.

Now, apply the same lipstick on your lips after using lip blam.

It will give you a fresh and pretty look. 

When it comes to your eyebrow make sure not to make a harsh line and overdo with your eyebrows. 

Use a brow pencil or powder to fill the gaps areas in your brows. Make sure to fill in the arches.

Step 5 

Kajal and Mascara 

Use a pencil and long stay kajal to give definition to your eyes and make them look fresh and energetic.

Apply kajal into the roots of the lashes and on your eye water line to give volume and subtleness.

Lift and Define your lashes is the most important part when you are doing any makeup.

Use mascara to define your lashes.

Now, you are good to step out of your house. 


In last, I conclude that a natural no-makeup look is a perfect option for all you who love to wear light and natural makeup.

Natural makeup look gives you smooth and even tone texture. It go best with college and office going girls.

Try it now and get ready by yourself without anymore hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a natural everyday makeup look?

Natural everyday makeup look stands for light and fresh makeup look. It’s to hide imperfections and uneven skin tone with minimal product usage.  

Is Natural makeup look for day time?

Yes, Natural makeup look is preferable as a day time look because it’s light to wear in the day time.



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