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4 Tips to improve writing skills


Writing skills means the writer shares his thoughts, ideas, and feelings and expresses it in the written form to make it understandable for the reader.

It is necessary to learn English as it improves your grammar and spelling mistakes. If you want to be perfect in English, it is necessary to practice all skills such as reading skills, writing skills, listening skills, and speaking skills.

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  2. How to improve writing skills
  3. Common Mistakes in Writing
  4. Best apps for Enhance your writing skills
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Good vocabulary and sentence formation is necessary for writing so that the reader is able to read and understand what is written by the writer.

Here are four types of writing:

  • Expository Writing
  • Descriptive Writing
  • Persuasive writing
  • Narrative Writing

Expository Writing:

Expository writing is used to describe, explain, or to inform about something to the readers. This type of writing is used when a writer has to explain or describe something to its readers’. Expository writing is used in textbooks, recipes, or in research papers, etc.

Descriptive Writing:

Descriptive writing describes places, persons, or events pictured in the written form. It describes all impressions of a person or place via senses such as sound, smell, taste, or touch. This type of descriptive writing can be found in biographies, poetry, description of nature, or in diary writing.

Persuasive Writing:

Persuasive writing is the type of writing in which the author gives his/her opinion in the written text such as Letter of recommendation, Cover letters, letter of complaint, etc.

Narrative Writing:

The author or writer communicates a story with characters, deals with situations, or shares his experience with others. This type of Narrative writing can be found in Novels, stories, or personal experiences.

You can also write about topics, articles in which you are quite interested in. There are many social media platforms available online where you can write or express your experiences or stories for readers. You can start your own blogging website where you can share ideas or thoughts regarding your interesting topics and can earn a good amount of money as well.

How to improve writing skills

Although writing skills can be improved in many ways but here are four important tips you can apply to improve your writing skills:

Write everyday:

This is one of the best writing tips is to write every day as it helps in building a writing habit and you are going to master the spelling of words. What you have read till now must be implemented in writing so that you don’t forget the words as you are already using them in writing daily. It will definitely improve your writing skills.

Now you must have a question in your mind “What to write everyday?”

The answer may surprise you that you can create a daily diary and write each page daily in it regarding what you have done today and what have you learned today, what have you achieved today, etc. The more you write, the more you will master writing.

Use Contractions:

As you may have seen or heard somewhere, English speakers use Contractions while communicating such as You’re, don’t, shouldn’t, can’t, or didn’t.

For Example- I am sure you can not do it. Let us discuss it later.

Now, Let’s add some contractions in the sentence. Doesn’t this sound less stuffy?

Example – I’m sure you can’t do it. Let’s discuss it later.

Write Articles on topics you’re Interested in:

Let’s take an example here, Suppose you are a big fan of cricket sports and you also have plenty of knowledge of cricket sports. Now write articles regarding the topic Cricket as you can share your thoughts on cricket, Which players do you suggest as the best batsman and many other relevant topics on which you can write because based on your interest and also have a knowledge that supports you to write easily. You can also write a biography of your favorite player as well.

Keep your sentences simple:

If you are a starter, try to write as simple as possible. Your sentence formation should be simple, Don’t use too many difficult words in your text as it may be pronounced wrong by the reader, because spelling mistakes can create a negative image of you in the mind of the reader.

Common Mistakes in Writing

There are many mistakes a writer makes sometimes such as spelling errors, grammatical errors, or punctuation errors while writing or typing the text. These are common mistakes an author or can do. These common mistakes can have a negative image of you among readers.

There are so many useful tools such as Grammarly is a genuine tool and can easily catch your common error and autocorrect it but sometimes autocorrect is also change the meaning of the word such as you may type lose and it corrects it as loose and you type whether and it autocorrects it as whether instead of Weather. Some are free tools and some are paid tools as well but I personally recommend using Grammarly to avoid these common mistakes. The use of Grammarly will definitely help a lot in your writing skills.

There are also checkers that do not pick the mistyped word while printing your book but sometimes they pick up the mistyped words also. So the best advice is to read your writing text first, as it is always better to get someone else to read it and check it for you.

It is easy for you to first print a copy and then read and find mistakes by yourself because sometimes it is also difficult for people to read and identify mistakes on the computer screen.

You can also check our blog on Reading skills, Listening skills or Speaking skills.

Best apps for Enhance your writing skills

Now in Modern times, you don’t need a pen or paper to write something. You can just use your smartphone where you can write and share your thoughts because when you write something, the question arises who is going to read it? So you can use your smartphone as a powerful tool to write and publish your articles or ideas on social media platforms and there are hundreds of millions of people who are going to read your published article.

There are a lot of social media platforms available on the internet where you can publish your articles, biographies or blogs for free and millions of readers are going to read and like your content such as Flipboard, Tumblr, Reddit are the most popular social media platforms where you can publish your content for free.

Here are some free and best apps to improve your writing skills.


Are you ready to try Grammarly?

Grammarly writing tool is for Microsoft word as well as for outlook. It helps in identifying the grammatical errors and providing suggestions. and contextual spell-check also. This tool has both free and paid versions as I suggest you use the free version if you are a beginner. This is a great resource for anyone who wants to use their writing skills online.


Hemingway is considered as the best tool available for Mac and Windows Pc as well. Writing skills can be improved day by day by day when you practice the most. This app can help you to improve writing skills as unnecessary adverbs and complex words should be eliminated are highlighted in the app. Hemingway is a high ranking app and is also recommended by many copywriters and writing experts. It also has one-click Integration with medium and any WordPress blog.

Daily Page:

Daily page is considered as one of the best reminders for a writer and the good side of the daily page is it gives you writing prompts daily on your registered email id and every day you get something more engaging while using daily page, you can see a quick improvement in your writing within a short period of time.

In the end I will say “The more you practice writing, the more you become perfect and master it.”


Writing plays a very important role in grooming your English. So try to enhance your writing skills with the help of discussed applications and try to avoid common mistakes.


What are examples of writing skills?

Examples of writing skills are letter writing, email writing, text message etc.

How can I improve on my writing skills?

Just practice writing as much as possible. Choose simple words and avoid filler words.

Why are writing skills important?

Good writing skills allow you to communicate your message with clarity and ease to a far larger audience than through face-to-face or telephone conversations.



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