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8 Effective Tips to Manage Study and Relationship


Never be afraid of failures but be terrified of regrets, it applies both for relationship and study. Priority changes after coming in a relationship, Relationship is sharing. Finance should be the number 1 priority whether it’s a long term relationship or short term. You’re sharing 50% of your life with your partner

If you’re only focusing on love then your carrier will be in trouble and you’ll face many problems. Because of this your partner will leave you as you have no carrier so focus on your carrier also. But if you’re only focusing on carrier or job or business then sometimes you’ll feel lonely and you’ll miss that person who was loving you, taking care of you. 

If you want to be happy and become successful then you should focus both on the carrier as well as love. For being happy and successful in life you must choose a good BF/GF. If you’ve chosen wrong BF/GF then that person will destroy your life but if you’ve chosen a good BF/GF then that person will make your life

If you’re in a Healthy relationship then it will be easier for you to manage study and relationship

When you fall in love with someone so you become addictive of your partner and love so you must control in the starting of a relationship. Don’t expect too much, take love as a limit. Don’t take someone for granted, you should always try to control yourself from love

What’s in it for me?

  1. Tips to balance study/goal and relationship
  2. Conclusion
  3. Frequently asked questions

Tips to balance study/goal and relationship

Set your goals

You must set your goals. Setting goals both in relationships and carrier also and organize it so that you’ll achieve it

Prioritize your goals

Prioritize it what’s important for you. Whether it’s relationship or carrier. If you’ll prioritize then you’ll go ahead both in relationship and carrier and will achieve that goal. The goal which is more important for you that goal you’ll achieve first if you prioritize it properly

Manage your time

You’ve selected your goal. Your goal can be to make your GF/BF happy, it can be related to your studies, job or business. So you should give time to both relationships as well as your carrier otherwise your goal will not achieve if you can’t manage time.

A student needs to stay focused on studies. All have expectations from you to score good marks whether it’s parents, teachers or yourself. But the emotional ups and downs are there towards a person whether you’re in a relationship or likes someone. 

Because of the emotions, it’s difficult to stay focused on one thing. If you’re in a relationship then tell your partner about the importance of studies in your life, we rarely do this with our parents. We honestly told our partners that we will not study now, we will study later. Because of this, your partner will understand that study is not that important in your life and he/she is important. Your partner will get happy that you’re giving him/her more important than your studies. 

You’ve to make your partner realize that the importance of studies is there in your life. After you’ve realized your partner about the importance of studies in your life now you’ve to control your mind from emotional distractions.

Exam time

Most people take a break from a relationship during exam time. If both have exams at the same time then taking a break is a good option. But if your partner doesn’t have any exams then taking a break will create some problems as you’re busy in your studies but your partner is free.

Your partner will be going to miss you during this time and he/she will try to make themselves happy and after sometimes your partner will realize that he/she don’t need any love to make themselves feel happy. After this thing happens you’ll come after finishing exams and you’ll see some behaviour in your partner. 

What you can do to avoid this situation is to call your partner regularly during exam time and avoid chatting. You should tell her/him that you’ve missed her/him and also you’re studying during this time so your partner will get happy that he/she is not a distraction in your life.

Know your partner’s routine

If you know when your partner is busy and when they are free, then you’ll get enough time for your partner so set your schedule accordingly

You need to give time to your studies as well as to your relationship also. During your study break try to talk with them so they won’t feel that you don’t have time for them. It’s not necessary that you’ve to give all your time to your partner. Manage your time well for studies, relationship and other things also

Prepare a time table

Prepare a time table for your studies and let your partner know about your study hours so that you both won’t spend too much time on talking

Studies will make your career better and relationships provide you with emotional support. The one who understand you will support you

Once things are organized and agreed to. You’ll have ample amount of time for your studies and relationship also

A Relationship is also an important part of life but it shouldn’t be your first priority. Try to find weekends to meet and spend quality time with your

In the top-notch colleges, you don’t have to work hard for the placement. You can be casual and your finances are secured. In a relationship time, energy and decisions are shared. You’ve to calculate that the time, energy and decisions you’re investing in a relationship is more than your goal or not.

Our Expenses have become more nowadays so your finances should be strong. Don’t invest your time too much that you can’t reach your goal. Don’t blame your partner if you’ve not reached your goal.

Managing a relationship into the mix and you probably feel like you’re torn in two different directions, who would love to forego a day at work in exchange for a fun-filled day with a companion having a strong relationship does not mean your occupational goals have to suffer 


Having a successful career and a loving relationship is the best of both worlds what’s the best way to keep these two separate worlds happy just that keep them separate that means when you’re at work commit fully to your job and the task at hand don’t let your love life be a distraction and I know that’s difficult there’s plenty of times that you want to think about that person you want to be with and what’s going on outside of the workplace instead try spending your workday being more productive and focusing on quality time with your loved one later 


It’s a fact sometimes life forces us to put more weight on one thing than the other often this priority shift means forging one goal in exchange for another, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice one aspect of your life for the other after all what fun is the promotion if you don’t have someone to share it with


Studies are more important as they decide our future life so focus more on studies. Set some study task daily and after completing your task you can talk with your partner

Find out a specific time for studies, other activities and a specific time to be allocated to your relationship

Always keep in mind that your studies are most important. Relationships demand time, develop good understanding between you and your partner to manage all the spheres of your life

Your partner needs to understand that you need space to do work. You should always keep in mind about your goals so that you won’t get distracted so much in a relationship

When you’re studying, don’t think about your relationship and when you’re with your partner, don’t think about your studies

Frequently asked questions

1. Is love a distraction for students?

Yes, but only if a relationship is your first priority

2. Can a break save a relationship?

Sometimes a break can save a relationship.

3. How to study while in love?

When you’re studying, don’t think about your relationship. During your study break you can talk with your partner

4. How can I manage my Relationship and Study?

1. Set your goals
2. Prioritize your goals
3. Manage your time
4. Know your partner’s routine

5. What is important love or study?

Both are important but your first priority should be study



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