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Best Electric Bicycles – Top 10 that are Selling in India

An electric bicycle is also called an e-bike, Nowadays there are more advanced bicycles available worldwide. These cycles roll on with an engine that gets power from the recent evolution of Lithium-ion technology.

Bicycles play a crucial role in everyone’s life as it not only provides fitness but also gives a lot of energy to do work faster. So let’s look at the list of the best top-of-the-line electrical bicycles in India in detail.

Different bicycles have different features and functions so people can buy any electronic bicycle according to their likes. These all cycles come with the latest brands and give tremendous benefits. Consequently, all the above mentioned electronic bicycles list plays a great role and give high-quality features.

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 Difference between Regular Bicycle and Electric Bicycle

If we talk about physical looks, both electric and mechanical bicycles are similar. They have same wheels, same material and body geometry. You cannot say that they are different from each other.

The only difference is the additional system that contains battery to drive power to the bicycle. The major benefit of using an electric bicycle is that you can drive in hilly areas with ease without giving much stress to your body and without losing breath.

Electric bicycles give convenience than regular bicycles. But, one thing you should know before buying it is that it requires maintenance and service. You need to take care of its electric drive system to prepare it for long run. Although it is not a very heavy task.

List of Best Electric Bicycles in India

There are various kinds of bicycles that are well popular due to their tremendous features such as below:

 1. Hero Lectro Renew 26 T 7

Hero Lectro Renew 26 T 7 Electric Bicycle

Lectro is one of the most prominent brands for the latest electric bicycles. The companies started there with electric bicycles like hero electro or since then they have launched goods or products that are unbelievable. Presently, this is the upper version of Lectro with the most excellent mobility, features, or approximately all areas in this renewed model they have promoted. Hero Lectro Renew 26 T 7 is among recently attracting more retailers or its monster with performance. So it takes first place in this listing.


  • Hero Lectro Renew 26 T 7 concludes with high ratings or reviews based on its functionality, durability, and quality.
  • The edges of these wheels are composed of 36 H aluminium alloy two walls, long working as well as this guarantees durability.
  • Also, the cycle has superior pedal assistance. The range would move up to 40 to 50 km without effort.
  • The bicycle concludes all of its features in its area of handle and hence this makes it easy or convenient to use.

2. Swagtron EB 6 T Bandit

Swagtron EB 6 T Bandit electic bicycle

Swagtron EB 6 T Bandit is attracting electronic cycles that are always located differently. It comes with a slashing black-coloured design which provides an attractive appearance. Its cycles are higher in quality and durability. It is the best electronic cycle model in India that you would receive.


  • It is a stylish aluminium alloy framework and lightweight that guarantees durability.
  • It concludes with a robust battery and long-lasting.
  • The gear system is prepared up of seventh speed Shimano. Easy or smooth gear is delivered by its gears system.
  • The electronic cycle appears with a digital battery indicator.
  • The paddle support is fantastic and helps less paddling during covering a larger distance.

3. Swagtron Aluminium Folding E-cycle

Swagtron Aluminium Folding E-cycle

This latest model comes with loads and plenty of marvellous features. It is a folding electric cycle. Moreover, the manufacturer and distributor of cycle is Swagtron, the cycle appears with an astonishing black finish design that offers a sporty appearance. You may easily ride or transport this cycle where you want to go.


  • It is Z black colour which is most appealing or vibrates.
  • It has 14-inch wheels that are air-filled rubber tires with fast disconnect brake cables.
  • Horn sound is very alert and bold and it conveys a high-quality display to indicate the level of the battery.
  • This electronic cycle may also be equipped with USB charging interface quality that may assist to charge any devices.
  • It may handle up to 100 kilograms of weight.
  • Ride your folding E- bicycle on entirely throttle to cruise up to 15 miles on one charge.
  • The frame may accommodate riders up to 264 pounds or fold thrice times.

4. GoZero Mile E- Cycle

GoZero Mile E- Cycle

This brand delivers kinds of electric cycles that suit all requirements of individuals. BattRe manufactures and distributes GoZero Mile E-cycle. Besides, the cycle is very stylish or modish. Concerning fuel and mileage efficiency, the weight of the rider plays a crucial role. The more distance the cycle would cover when light the rider.


  • The cycle carries an LCD screen on the handle. It also educates riders about things like total kilometres, total speed, and more.
  • The cycle frames include higher carbon steel. It is long-lasting and much durable.
  • It is a 300WHh lithium-ion battery and 350W engine that might be easily utilized.
  • The motor also carries a waterproof cable that includes an extra layer to the safety of the product in the rainy season.
  • The bicycle offers 2 disk brakes which are good to halt the vehicle fast.

5. Lightspeed Glyd

Lightspeed Glyd is one of the best electric bicycles in India

The brand clarifies its electric cycle to be more fitness and speedy. Glyd is particularly useful for riding to work and cycling for pleasure on roads. It is one of the cheapest and most renowned e-bicycle that comes with high quality. It is the best e-bicycle you would get and lightspeed has also used the steel framework to build Glyd, to make it powerful.

The bicycle has a three-level pedal boost system that changes mechanical gears or enables you to choose the amount of support that you need from the motor. Moreover, a twelve magnet sensor connected to the bottom bracket senses your action of pedalling.

Additionally, the electric bicycle appears with 26-inch marvellous grip wheels to overcome puddles, potholes, or fast running traffic. Despite this, it has higher caliber electronic brakes which cut the power supply instantly.


  • This Lightspeed Glyd cycle is intended for each program and it suits all types of terrains.
  • The colour is very attractive and lively or great looking.
  • The cycle involves a 250 W 32Nm battery and it appears encased in a bottle case that protects it from the external thing or water.
  • It includes e brakes that are efficient and make sure full safety.
  • It has three degrees of pedal booster system that offers you the ability to utilize.

6. Coppernicus T3 Electronic cycle

Coppernicus T3 Electronic cycle

This e cycle is very beneficial for health as it helps to circulate the blood system and make the body fit. It comes in the most attractive colours with blue or grey touch. The dynamic digital screen on the handle is condensed with a clear image of the parameters. Coppernicus T3 Electronic cycle is a good option if persons are interested in finding a power-packed cycle.


  • The cycle is a battery pack of 36V power. Adhering to management standards, the battery may offer a maximum speed of 35 km/hr.
  • The active colour matrix screen displays details on the odometer, battery level, pedal level, present time, or current speed.
  • A backlight is also riding at night time to view the screen or the zoom hydraulic brakes handle the stopping control.
  • With fast acceleration, it is significant to get reactive or balanced brakes that are amazing and transfer at 25 km/hr speed along with zoom hydraulic disk brakes to do this.
  • On roads, the wheel of bicycles keeps the cycle stable.

7. Elektron Bicycles M5X

Elektron bicycles M5X e-cycle

Elektron bicycles M5X have been quite famous for being both efficient and affordable. The wires route within the tube, which makes everything look interactive. The seat bar is long and fine. The digital LCD screen comes with a button pad that is larger and easy to read.

It is the best deal of information in detail about batteries or motors along with speed and temperature. The frame is very soft to touch and together with excellent paint.


  • The Shimano gear system works very nicely.
  • The BLDC motor of this bicycle is rated at 250 W or gives a sealed geared engine with speed torque.
  • It is light weighted with pedal assistance.
  • Elektron bicycles M5X absorbs only 0.54 kWh of power to control.
  • The battery is removable or replaceable, persons may select the battery housework to the bill.

8. Egnite Alloy body Magnet pedal-assist e-bicycle

Egnite Alloy body Magnet pedal-assist e-bicycle

Due to a lot of competition in the market, a bit of its fame has been falling, so to recover respect and fame, the Egnite Alloy body Magnet pedal-assist e-bicycle comes with a new version and high-quality material.

The cycle offers a mileage of 80km /charge which is superlative for commuting and adventure excursions. There are effective wheels offered by the bicycle so people may stop their bicycle instantly.


  • The cycle comprises a 250 W motor, which is quite groundbreaking or skilful.
  • With a 36V battery, the bicycle may reach a speed of calmly.
  • To make it stand out, the Egnite Alloy body Magnet pedal-assist e-bicycle has a brake unit that helps to stop fast.
  • The charge indicator on the LCD depicts the energy as a trusted index or left.

9. Tarang Electric Bicycle

Tarang Electric Bicycle

Tarang Electric Bicycle brings you a wonderful experience as it has the most powerful frame. This bicycle appears equipped with double tires which offer good grip on the road. The brake is more stable, powerful, and secure. Other good specifications are double-wall alloy rims, great design, easy assembly, etc.


  • The bicycle has a sporty look.
  • It comes with a flat tire that is 3 inches.
  • The battery pack is detachable.
  • The battery capacity is about 36V 10Ah.
  • The cycle has a 5 gear motor system.
  • The 36V/10Amp life cycle and battery capacity of this bicycle are like 800 charge cycles.

10. Felidae Electric 27.5T Bicycle


Constructed on a heavy-duty frame, this Felidae Electric 27.5T Bicycle is appreciated by all persons for its magnificent features. The alloy two-walled rims make sure that you may enjoy better control over the bicycle during running.

It runs on a 7.8 Ah Li-ion battery and has a 2 A charger. So you may receive a fully charged battery for 3 to 3.5 hours. The single-speed gear system of the bicycle safes the ride so you may enjoy the ride effectively. This is a very environmentally friendly and low-cost ride that each group should take pride during the ride.


  • The Felidae Electric 27.5T Bicycle contains many specialities which make the electric cycle most prominent such as freewheel: single speed, li-ion 36v battery, double-wall black, etc.
  • More so, the e- bicycle has superior pedal assistance
  • Tyres- 27.5 1.95’’ nylon
  • 19 inches frame size and aqua blue colour of the bicycle
  • Display- LED type and 42v/2a battery charger.
  • Brake type- Disk


To recapitulate, Electric cycles have become the quickest developing sector of the E- bicycle market. Bicycles not only fit the body but also help to circulate the blood system. Electronic bicycles always come with a good battery package and are long-lasting.

If persons buy any of these best electric bicycles in India then they get a lot of benefits as these bicycles are available at affordable rates and give high performance. Stimulating performance and ease of use, e bicycles are drawing on increasingly common riders.

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  1. Are electric bicycles superlative for exercise?

    Yes definitely! Riding an electronic bicycle is a superior exercise as it gives body fitness and also circulates the blood system. So people should buy bicycles to make their bodies fit as a fiddle.

  2. Are e-cycles self-balancing?

    Yes, electronic cycles are self-balancing and have a good balance like a regular cycle.

  3. How long does the battery last on the E cycle?

    You must expect a battery from 2 to 4 years if it is well preserved.

  4. Can I overcharge an Electric bicycle battery?

    Electric bicycle batteries must be overcharged. By doing this may lessen the lifespan of the battery and also may cause overheating.

  5. What is the best speed of electric cycles?

    Most electric cycles have a 20 mph speed. But faster E- bicycles are the exception with 28mph top speed.


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