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Top 12 Amazing Google Tricks for 2020 – You Must Know


Google is the world number one platform, it is best because it solves every problem we face. Google has answers to every question you have in your mind. Actually Google is the second name of the Internet for many of us. Google tricks are very useful for everyone.

We always appreciate Google for its smart searching, sometimes we do not even know the name of the song but we can find it easily, because of Google. Google knows everything, It knows where to go, How to go and Everything!

Google knows us completely, So it is our turn to understand Google, not completely, but at least we should know some of the best Google tricks. Which can make you cool in front of your friends. These tricks will help you to get better results on Google searches. It will give you more accurate results, It will make you fun when you feel bored.

So Today, In this article I have shared with you Top cool Google Tricks for 2020, Which can entertain you and make you more accurate in Google searches.

What will you get here:

  1. What are Google Tricks?
  2. Why Google Tricks?
  3. Google Tricks
  4.  Conclusion
  5.  FAQs

What are Google Tricks?

There are some different types of Google tricks we are going to explore. Some tricks are for fun because some Google tricks will make you smile, some will improve your search accuracy. Some tricks are for techy people because it will explore tech from you.

There are a lot of funny games, Search tricks, fun tricks that are available from Google’s side, but not everyone knows them. So we are here to explore some of the best tricks from them to you. 

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Why Google tricks?

If you are one of them who love to do creative things and always want to learn something new in their life, then you should know these Google tricks because they are really amazing.

If you are a daily user of Google, you need Google for your every query then you should also learn these Google tricks. These Google tricks are so basic, you do not need to memorize them, they will be automatically clicked by your mind when you try them first.

According to me, everyone should know these tricks, they will help you everywhere. So without wasting time, let’s start exploring all of them one by one.

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Google tricks

1. Propose your Crush:

Everyone has a secret crush but most of the people can not tell her how much you love her. Here is a google trick that can help you to realize her that you love her secretly.

There is an equation which you search on Google search bar, it will show a heart. So, in this way, you can make her feel about you in a very cool way. 

Just search in Google search bar this equation: 

sqrt(cos(x))*cos(300x)+sqrt(abs(x))-0.7)*(4-x*x)^0.01, sqrt(6-x^2), -sqrt(6-x^2) from -4.5 to 4.5

2. Do a barrel roll:

Just open google.com and search for “Do a barrel roll” and see magic. Your screen will automatically rotate twice and then it will take its original position. It is one of those most popular google tricks, People use this to be cool in front of their friends. Just try it.

3. Askew:

This trick is quite smart. When you search on Google “askew” you will find the search result screen is a little tilted. Ask your friend to tilt his google search screen, when he will be unable to do this, you try this google trick and be cool in front of him.

4. Google Gravity:

This Google trick is a very funny type trick, It will make you smile and a more cool dude in front of your friends. Google will tell you the real meaning of gravity in its funny style. This is one of the most used google tricks.

Open Google home page and type “Google Gravity” and click on the “I’m feeling lucky” button. You will find Google acts like there is a gravitational force on Google which is dragging it towards down.

5. Thanos:

This trick is for marvel fans. If you are a marvel fan or if you are not, this trick will definitely make you a Google fan. In Marvel’s Movie: Avengers Infinity War, Thanos pinched and everything is finished, the same thing Google does in this trick.

Search “Thanos” on Google, You will see a Google card on the right side of the search result page. You will find there, the glove of Thanos which is called “Infinity Gauntlet”. When you click on the Infinity Gauntlet, You will see magic, the maximum of the search result will start destroying like the Avengers.

6. Zerg Rush:

This is a game from Google. When you type Zerg Rush on Google and hit the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button, you will enter into the game. Enjoy the game, and you will also find there more interesting games like snake, underwater, Pac-man, and many more.

If you are a developer or a computer guy, then you must know HTML.  It is a language that is used to create a web page.

When you search on Google for “Blink HTML”, it automatically started blinking the blink tags on that page. 

8. Exact Search Trick:

So, Google knows everything but sometimes it gives a lot of results. Sometimes it helps you but sometimes it irritates you. In this situation, you need exact search tricks. Just simply use quotes before and after your search queries. You will get the exact search results that you searched for.

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9. Specific Search Trick:

When you need to get some specific data then you can use this trick. For example, if you want to get the recently written articles on Digital Marketing.  Then search for Digital Marketing and click on the tools section and select the publishing time.

10. Any Website Details:

This trick will help you to find all the pages of a website. You can use this trick to find pages of a website that are indexed on Google. 

To use this trick, Open Google, and type, “site:website”

It is a very common trick but sometimes we forget the basics. You may know or maybe not known of this trick. You can search for an image directly on Google. 

Open Google Images then drag an image from your computer to the search bar, and you will get the result related to that particular image. You can use an image of any food item, any celebrity, any logo, or anything.

12. Find your IP (Internet Protocol):

It is very common but one of the most useful tricks of Google. You can get your IP address by just a simple Google search. Open Google homepage and search for “What is my IP” and your IP address will be displayed there. If you are a tech guy who has some basic knowledge of the Internet must know this trick.


In this article, We discussed the most popular Google Tricks that everyone should know in this digital world. You can use these top 10 Google Tricks in your daily usage, it will make your Google search experience easy and you will not face any problem to get better results. If you are feeling bored then we also shared some Google tricks that will entertain you, There are also some games to play for fun. So, It is a total entertainment package for anyone. 

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What are tricks Google can Do?

Google can make you smile by its fun tricks, Google can entertain you by its games, Google can expand your knowledge by its exact match search tricks.

Is there any risk while using google tricks?

No, there is no risk in using Google tricks because it is provided by Google itself.

Are these tricks working?

Yes, All of these tricks we have shared are working completely.

Are these tricks a part of hacking?

No, These tricks are totally safe and provided by Google itself. It is not a part of hacking. Anyone can use them.



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