Top 5 benefits and Importance of Spoken English in 2020

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Here, we will discuss about How important Spoken English is. As you already know how easy and flexible this language is.

Nowadays, English provides a network of jobs and almost all companies demand that type of employee who understands and speaks English well.

What’s for you?

  1. What is the importance of Spoken English?
  2. Who can Learn to speak English?
  3. Five Benefits of Spoken English
  4. Conclusion
  5. FAQS

What is the importance of Spoken English?

As you know, English is considered as the global language and in every type of industry, there are clients and employees come from every corner of the world. They don’t know the local language of that region where an office is situated. So English plays a vital role in bridging the communication gap between employees and clients.

It plays a very important role in the business industry because in business you have to expiry your products and services all over the world. All the business deals communicating in English only and bills of the products and services also printed in English. You can also read the History of the English Language and Accents of English here.

We can say that English is also essential for local People. It is also needed for getting a job so students should learn it in early-stage and become fluent in spoken English over the time. Almost all parents prefer their children to study in an English medium school because they know how important it is. You can also get a job easily anywhere in the world with a proper understanding of English. This is like an advantage for you to grab the opportunity.

Who can Learn to speak English?

According to me, English is not much difficult and very flexible language. Anyone can learn it and at any age. In my opinion, You should learn English from school because in the future when you go abroad for a job purpose or for higher education purposes, then you will be more comfortable and used to with the English Language.

You can learn English either by yourself or with the help of the tutor. There are hundreds of thousands of tutors you can find on the internet or also you can hire one who can teach you personally both offline and online.

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Five Benefits of Spoken English

As you all know the importance of spoken English, Here are the top 5 benefits of Spoken English are:

1. English communication increases income:

Spoken English helps you to earn more. In every industry, you can make a successful deal only if you communicate in English with your clients or customers. In every aspect, English plays a very vital role as in a job also, If you are fluent in English,  the chances increase for you to get a job also having a limited skill of knowledge required for that job. It also creates an impression on the employer or interviewer and your chances are high to get an offer of 10-20% more salary than you deserve at all.

The effect of English communication influences Employer. You can easily get higher pay than you deserve according to your capability and Experience.

2. English skills get more respect:

If your English skills are good and it is easy for you to communicate in English comfortably, then you will get a little bit more respect than other persons who can’t communicate in English.

In professional life, communicate with your Colleagues in English gives you more respect than those used in their own language. It creates more impression and your self-respect also increases if you communicate in English everywhere.

Even If you communicate in English with your Friend and family members, suddenly you get more respect accordingly.

3. Spoken English makes travel easier:

It helps you to travel anywhere in the world comfortably. As in every region of the world, Each nation has its own local language like China uses Chinese, Japan uses Japnese but English is the only language that is used worldwide that’s why English is known as the global language. 

When you travel, every time and with any foreigner you have to communicate in English only. On the airport and Railway stations, all announcements regarding flights or trains are done both in local and English only.

Even When you book Flights or Train tickets, the terms and conditions are also written in English regarding policy or luggage, etc.

4. Biggest movies and books are in English:

All the biggest or famous Novels, books, and comics are written in the English language only because authors used that language only. 

Also, the famous Hollywood movies OTT series such as spiderman, Avengers, or Game of thrones, etc. you watch are originally produced in English only. Although, you can watch it in your own language after dubbing but these all are produced in English.

The reason behind this is English is considered as a global language. Any person in any region should watch and understand Movie dialogues easily as Everyone knows English well.

5. English communication gives power & influence:

We have talked much about the importance of spoken English as well as the benefits of Spoken English. At last, In my opinion, English is the best language and anyone can learn Spoken English as it is not rocket science. One should learn it and take advantage of it in every field, whether it’s a job or doing a business.

English communication gives you the power to speak in front of anyone and it influences your image too. Any person can speak English anywhere because it gives you the power to speak and gives much Confidence.


We have talked much about the importance of spoken English as well as the benefits of Spoken English. At last, In my opinion, English is the best language and anyone can learn Spoken English as it is not rocket science. One should learn it and take advantage of it in every field, whether it’s a job or doing a business.


What are the spoken English courses?

These courses are designed in a way to learn or improve the speaking English of language learners. There are so many English Spoken courses you can take both online and offline.
First, try free English spoken courses available online and if you can’t understand it, then you may go for paid online as well as offline courses.

How much time will I take to become a fluent English speaker?

As said, there many levels in the English speaking courses from basic to advanced level. You have to first clear the basic level and unlock the intermediate level and after clear it, unlock the advanced level.
As soon as you completed levels, you will become a fluent English speaker by the end of the course.

What are the components of spoken English courses?

The focus is laid on functional grammar and various classroom activities in the form of individual, pair, and group. All these activities are conducted to improve your English speaking skills. In various famous institutes such as the British Council or Inlingua, you also get a chance to speak with foreigners in a group and it is very helpful in developing your fluency.

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