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Top 10 Best Dairy Brand in India


India is a world leader in milk production, But some of India’s co-operatives, and private dairy brand have made a huge contribution to reach this place.

Firstly, Dairy is a modern structural entity of milk production. It collects milk from rural areas, than delivers milk and milk products to urban areas.

So that a large number of people from rural areas get employment, And provides the daily milk requirement of the urban area.

Our country India has some of the leading dairy and dairy brands. Which are as follows.

10. Dudhsagar Dairy – Mahesana

Firstly, Dudhsagar Dairy is located in the Mehsana district of Gujarat. Dudhsagar Dairy is the second-largest dairy brand in Gujarat. So that ranks among the largest dairies in India.

The late Mansingh Bhai Patel was establish Dudhsagar Dairy in 1960.

Mehsana District Co-operative Milk Producers ’Union Limited is original name of Dudhsagar Dairy

The dairy started with collecting 3300 liters of milk per day in 1960. Now,which is today 2.9 million liters per day in 2019.

More than one lakh farmers are members of this dairy, And it collects milk from rural areas of Mehsana, Gandhinagar, and Patan districts of Gujarat.

So,This makes products like dairy ghee, butter, buttermilk. And branding in Mumbai and other cities under the name Sagar dairy brand.

9. MILMA Dairy – Kerala

Secondly, Kerala Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation (KCMMF) is known as milma dairy brand.

Its headquarters are located at Thiruvananthapuram.

The dairy is establise in 1980, by the National Dairy Developer Program.

Three Regional Co-operative Milk Producers ’Unions such as TRCMPU for the Thiruvananthapuram region, ERCMPU for Ernakulam region, and MRCMPU for Malabar region.

After that, the apex level KCMMF functions together to create a dairy brand in the MILMA.

When Dairy is establish, it started with 5200 liters of milk per day in 1983, Today which is reach 12.75 lake liters per day.

8. AAVIN Dairy – Tamil Nadu

Thirdly, The Department of Dairy Development is establish in 1958 in Tamil Nadu. Then in 1972, The Tamil Nadu Dairy Development Corporation Limited was establish, which started collecting milk from the state, processing it, and marketing milk and milk products.

The three co-operative unions of the state then merged, and formed the Tamil Nadu Co-operative Milk Producers ’Federation (TCMPF) in 1981.

So, started branding under the name aavin. And the headquarters of this dairy is located in Chennai.

The dairy collects 33.23 lakh liters of milk during the day in the year 2019. And sells as much.

So,this dairy brand sells ghee butter and four types of packing milk.

7. Dynamix Dairy – Maharashtra

Dynamics Dairy is a private sector dairy brand. and Its head quarter is located in Mumbai. and Which is in Maharashtra.

The dairy was establish in 1995.

From the name of this dairy, it is known, that it makes different dairy products. And research it.

So,This dairy brand makes packaging milk, ghee, butter, cheese, flavored milk, and many other products with different fats.

6. Orissa state co. milk producers federation (OMFED) – Orissa

The Orissa State Cooperative Milk Producers’ Federation Limited(OMFED) is found in 1962.

The Orissa State Cooperative Milk Producers’ Federation Limited (OMFED) is headquarter in Bhubaneswar.

So, Individual milk producers and farmers came together, and set up this co-operative dairy. Which is the largest dairy of Orris today, And is the sixth-largest dairy in India.

The product is packing milk, ghee, butter, buttermilk, and ice cream.

5. Andhra Pradesh dairy development co. fed. Ltd. – Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh Dairy Development Co-operative Federation (APDDCF) was establish in 1981.

So, Andhra Pradesh Dairy Development Co-operative Federation (APDDCF) Dairy is the largest dairy in South India. His headquarter in  Hyderabad.

Andhra Pradesh Dairy Development Co-operative Federation (APDDCF) is currently branding as “Vijaya”.

So,The Dairy produces, and sells packaging milk, refined ghee, butter, and yogurt, buttermilk under the Vijaya brand.

4. The Punjab state co. milk producers fed. (VERKA) – Punjab

The Punjab State Cooperative Milk Producers ’Federation Limited (MILKFED) was establish in 1973, to increase milk production in Punjab.

But the federation was form in 1983. when The Punjab State Cooperative Milk Producers ’Federation Limited (MILKFED) first set up the milk machine.

The Punjab State Cooperative Milk Producers ’Federation Limited (MILKFED) dairy brand as“ VERKA ”.

So, “VERKA” dairy brand sells packaging milk, ghee, paneer, butter, yogurt, buttermilk, and many other products.

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3. Karnataka co. milk – Karnataka-NANDINI

Karnataka Cooperative Milk Producers’ Federation Limited (KMF) was establish in 1974. With, financial assistance from the World Bank.

So,This was the first dairy in the country to be start with the help of the World Bank.

Karnataka Cooperative Milk Producers’ Federation Limited (KMF) is also known as “Nandini”. now Nandini is her brand name.

The head quarter of Karnataka Cooperative Milk Producers’ Federation Limited (KMF) is located in Bangalore. It is the largest co-operative street in South India, also the second-largest dairy in India after Amul.

So, Nandini’s brand has become famous in every home in South India.

When the 1974 Karnataka Cooperative Milk Producers’ Federation Limited (KMF) was established, it started collecting 50,000 liters of milk during the day with 3700 farmer members.

It currently collects 75.12 lake liters of milk per day in 2020 with 25.27 lake members.

2. Mother Dairy

Mother Dairy is the second-largest dairy brand in India. firstly, It was established in 1974 by the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB). And after that, Operation Fluid was going on all over the country. So Under this, this dairy brand was established.

So Mother Dairy has six plants across the country, and It collects milk from farmers in large quantities, And deliver it to the customer.

So,Mother Dairy is the second-best FMCG company.

1. Amul Dairy – Gujarat

Amul is not only India’s but also Asia’s largest dairy. Whose credit rate Goes to Kurien. Called Father of Milk.

Amul’s original name is Kaira District Co-operative Milk Producers’ Union Limited. Which later became known as Andan Co-operative Milk Producers ’Union Limited.

So, Amul is the brand name of this dairy. Amul Dairy is establishe in 1946 by Tribhuvandas Patel and on the advice of Sardar Vallabhbhai.

The two villages then joined the dairy and had a tattoo of 250 liters of milk during the day, which reached in 1948 with 432 farmers at 5000 liters.

Tribhuvandas rate. Kurien got involved with this dairy, And established the Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation. So, which was known as Amul, And under it co-operative delays were established in many districts in Gujarat.

So, Sabarkantha’s Sabar, Banaskantha’s Banas, Ahmedabad’s Uttam, etc, And came whitening in Gujarat.

than after, Which spread all over India, And in 1976 the National Dairy Development Board was established, And “Opratin Fluid” ran throughout the country.

Amul Dairy currently processes 6 million liters of milk during the day, And it doesn’t even count the other dairies that come under it.

So, Amul has become a trusted brand in the market, And it is the only dairy brand that sells milk across the country.

So Amul brand, Products like Amul Milk, Amul Butter, Amul Buttermilk, Amul Chasse, Amul Ghee are sold.

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We saw how much India’s dairy has contributed to India’s development. They also led to the White Revolution in India, and India became the world’s number one milk producer.



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