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Best 7 Highest Paying Jobs in Commerce Stream – Best For You


Hello guys, Best 7 Highest Paying Jobs in Commerce Stream covers the whole. Welcome to our blog. And today we are going to talk about it.

About the top job opportunities for Commerce students. With the most interesting topics which you all are waiting for.

Commerce one of the most popular streams among students. But let’s talk about which is the top-paying jobs in commerce. Because in our lives we all want to achieve big – want big and all of us want to get paid big.

Well, you may know some of the job streams. But this blog covers all of the important aspects, that a student must know about his dream and these job opportunities.

So let’s begin with the blog and start reading it right away:-

Top High Paying Jobs are:

  1. How I Have to Choose My Career?
  2. Entrepreneur
  3.  CA
  4.  CS
  5.  CMA
  6.  CFA
  7.  Management Consultant
  8.  Stock Broker
  9. Conclusion
  10. FAQ

How I Have Choose My Career?

When I was in my 10th class, I want to choose commerce. And go for a chartered accountant.

But at this point in time. I am an entrepreneur, who is is running a company with 10 + employees.

But that point of time I used to think that one day. I will become rich by becoming a chartered accountant.

But today I know no that, to earn more there are many more fields in the commerce stream to opt for it.

And I want to share it with you today. So that you can understand – which of the Golden opportunities you have to choose your career opportunity.

So the list will be starting by now. And I hope that you will get the most of the knowledge.
So our list is going to start with one of my top fields.
Which I am currently pursuing and the best part of my I working:-


Job Type: Entrepreneur, is the one person who is the innovator. And the first salesman of the product in any business.

I am talking about one person. Who starts the company or business. For the achievement of company goals.
This helps people by providing or giving services to the desired product.

The business includes Production, Operations, Sales, Finance, Research, Strategy
And many more things that help to run a business.

Skills Required: Entrepreneur required skills- like management, finance
Decision-making, strategic management operations, marketing, and sales.

Salary: Well entrepreneur salary is profit. The entrepreneur is the whole and soul of any business.

He can be an owner or developer.
But works for the company and achieve company goal and enjoy the profit.

Qualification: Business is not a degree. It’s a dare of any person who can perform it. Well if an entrepreneur has a management degree.

Like MBA or BBA it would be helpful for him to understand the business

Job Positions: CEO, Managing Director, Founder, Co-founder, Chairman

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Chartered Accountant

Job Type: Chartered accountant is one of the highest paying jobs in India.
A chartered accountant is Qualified in the financial and accounting field.

Who are Managing businesses, finance, and reporting? His job is a bit stressful and hardworking. But he has expertise in Planning and managing businesses.
And its owners through his methods.

Skills Required: A chartered accountant must have some skills.

Like accounting ability, planning, taxation, financial planning.
Auditing, reporting, corporate Law accepting, managing books of accounts.

Salary: A chartered accountant can earn up to 5 lakhs to 7 lakhs per annum.
But an experienced chartered accountant can earn up to no limit.

Qualification: To become a chartered accountant.
Complete Three levels of Chartered Accountant- Foundation, Intermediate, Article ship, and Final.
After this ICAI issues a Certificate for you to practice.

Job Positions: Chartered accountant, financial planner, analyst, consultant.
Auditor, investment analyst, and many more job positions.

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Company Secretary

Job Type: Company Secretary is the highest paying jobs in India. Legal body or person of any business body.
Who advise his board and directors for necessary changes. According to the rules and regulations from the policies. Which issued for meeting the barrier in business.

Skills Required: Communication skills, management skills,
Understand law and order, Economic policies.
Financial analysis, taxation mercantile and Corporate Law.

Salary: A company secretary can earn up to 3 lakhs to 5 lakhs. Years of experience He can charge with per consultation in lakhs.

Qualification: Complete the ICSI Certificate course with an Internship. Three levels of Company Secretary- Foundation, Intermediate, Article ship, Final.

Job Positions: CS, legal consultant, legal advisor.

Cost Management Accountant

Job Type: Cost Management Accountant is an Expert accountant. The Highest paying jobs in India.
Tasks like accounting, taxation – analysis, financial modeling. Which is a chief position for any accountant.

Skills Required: Analytic skills, Financial Planning. Modeling, Account Analysis
Managing Books of Accounts, Filing tax. Reporting income tax return, and many more.

Salary: Cost Management Accountant or CMA can earn up to 2 to 3 lakhs.
But when he is an experienced person. Or Working in a Big MNC. He can earn up to lakhs of rupees for a per annum for his expertise.

Eligibility: CMA certificate from ICMAI. Clear All Levels- foundation, intermediate, article ship, final, and achieving a certificate.

Job Positions: CMA, accounts manager, financial analyst, chief auditor.

Chartered Financial Analyst

Job Type: A chartered financial analyst is most required Person.

In corporate firm – to analyze company decisions regarding Finance
And its investment.

This is the highest paying jobs in India. Managing finance and analyzing company earning. And spending and making the company make more profit.

Skills Required: Financial planning, Risk analysis, Portfolio management.
Risk management, Financial modeling, technical analysis. Equity derivative research, cash flow understand, and many more.

Salary: Fresher CFA earns up to 5 lakhs to 10 lakhs in any metro city.
Years of experience he can go up to 30 to 40 lakhs per annum.

Eligibility: CFA is a Certificate course. Organized by the CFA committee.

Job Positions: Financial, Technical & Research analyst.
Financial officer, management consultant, a financial consultant.

Managment Consultant

Job Type: Management consultant is one of the top management positions.

And The Highest paying jobs in India. This helps big corporate firms to cover their profits. And analyze their risk. A management consultant’s job is to move from place to place.
For client’s requirements to fulfill their work and consult him about his work.

Skills Required: Problem-solving ability, risk analysis & management.
Financial Modeling & Planning, Business Strategy.
Management planning, Negotiation skills and Many more.

Salary: A consultant can earn up to 10 lakhs to 20 Lakhs in India.

As a starting salary package after Tier 1 B-School.

Qualification: A consultant should be a graduate.
And should have experience of 4 to 5 years in Consulting.

Not Then He should be graduate from Top B school. To work in management consulting firms.

Job Positions: Portfolio manager, Risk manager, Consultant.
Business consultant, financial consultant

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Stock Broker

Job Type: A stockbroker is one of the nourishing Careers. Which we listen about in movies numerous Times. A stockbroker is a broker. Who deals with equity and derivatives stocks. Among stocks & commodities on a daily basis for numerous clients for a brokerage or a Commission.

This job is a high-pressure job & highest paying jobs in India. And requires lots of patients to succeed in every deal. Work with numerous people dealing with them.

Skills Required: Sales ability, financial ability, negotiation skills, equity research, derivative knowledge, stock market understanding.

Salary: A stockbroker can earn up to 3 lakh to 5 lakh per annum.
On a fixed and variable basis. It depends on how much he can sell and make people trade in the stock market.

Eligibility: A stockbroker should be SEBI authorized broker. Who can work in the Indian stock market. And handles all the trade. Which a client or a consumer is making for day to day trade in the stock market. A broker should be a graduate person if he is from a management background it will be good for him

Job Positions: Stock broker, financial broker, financial advisor, investment planner


So guys today, we have understood about the top jobs or best jobs in commerce & highest paying jobs in India. Which a person can go for and work to earn a good living.

But in my suggestion, every person should go for his field of interest. Where he can work with his full heart and let destiny work for the rest.

Because if we are working in the field. Where we have good interest and knowledge.
It will make it work for ourselves. And gives us the highest paying jobs in India.
& job satisfaction while we are working on any task.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Question About High Paying Careers)

Is there only these jobs who are highest paying jobs in India with good salary?

No, there are multiple stream and multiple jobs.
Where you can get a good salary with higher package. But still, this list is a combination of jobs.
Which are paying high salaries from last few decades.

Is a stock broker is a entrepreneur?

Yes, if he has his own venture. Where he is running a broking firm.
Where people can buy and sell stocks, then he is an entrepreneur.

Is financial Consultant And business consultant same?

No, the financial consultant consults about the financial aspects.
And financial planning of any business. But a business consultant consults about the business strategy management.
And it’s whole including finance and operations.

Is every entrepreneur is rich?

No, this doesn’t mean every entrepreneur is rich every CA is rich, but the most important thing is they all should work in their respective fields to achieve their goals not to be rich.

Can I become CA and become entrepreneur?

Yes, of course, there is no eligibility to become. And opt entrepreneurship is not mandatory.
What important are you should start working on your venture?



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