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Top 10 Dairy Products Made From Milk


India is a world leader in milk production. Also in dairy products.

Because India is a very populous country. So More and more dairy products are needed every year to meet its population growth.

The dairy industry is a good choice if you want to start a startup. Because the demand is increasing day by day. And now people are increasingly using dairy products in their daily diet.

If you belong to a rural area and you can produce a lot of milk, you can make dairy products and sell them in the market under your own brand name. You can get started even with small bases.

And if you are an educated man and looking for a startup then you should start Dairy on a small scale. And should create a brand of their own. For this you should use milk produced in rural areas.

So let’s see what dairy products are made in the dairy industry. And we can sell it in the market.

What’s in for me

(1) Packing milk.
(2) Milk Powder
(3) Butter
(4) Ghee
(5) Curd
(6) Butter-Milk
(7) Cheese
(8) Paneer
(9) Ice-cream
(10) Flavored milk

(1) Packing milk main dairy products

Firstly, The biggest and most lucrative dairy products in the dairy industry is selling packaged milk.

Currently every family needs 2 to 3 liters of milk during the day. So there is a good profit in packing and selling milk dairy products. It also does not require any special machines. Only one packing machine is required.

But yes, milk must be pasteurized before it can be packaged and sold.

Raw milk comes directly from cows, buffaloes, goats. So, Which contains many dangerous bacteria. Which is very dangerous for humans.

Therefore raw milk is heated to medium temperature in two boilers. After that, The first boiler is kept at 165 F for 15 seconds and the second boiler at 145 F for 30 minutes. The milk is then removed from the heat and cooled to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. This is how milk is pasteurized.

After than, The milk we get now is bactericidal, and Which we can pack and sell.

Dairy milk contains different amounts of fat. It is therefore necessary to salivate it to the fat of a prescribed standard before packing.

Milk with different fats is sold in the market. Because there is a demand for milk with different fats.

For example, very little 2-3 fat milk is used to make tea. Which are mostly sold at tea shops.

While some people prefer only cow’s milk, 6 fat milk is usually used at home.

(2) Milk Powder

Milk Powder is an amazing dairy products of the dairy industry. It is also called dry milk. Or also called instant milk powder.

It is not only milk but in powder form. So that it can be easily rotated and stored for a long time.

Whenever you need milk like tea, coffee, or any food. So take a cup of water, add 1 teaspoon of milk powder in it and shake it well to make milk. It contains as much fat, calories, protein, and minerals as fresh milk.

So,Using this dairy products are not harmful to our health. But it has many benefits. Many problems of fresh milk are solved in this way.

Pasteurized raw milk is evaporated in an evaporator to make milk powder. Of which 50% of the water evaporates. And then the remaining rising milk is sprinkled in a very hot chamber. Where the remaining excess water immediately evaporates. And finally only the milk particles grow. After than, Which is known as milk powder.

You can make milk powder with different fats. Fat-free milk powder is also in demand in the market.

(3) Butter

Butter is dairy products of the fat in milk. So it is a high-calorie dairy products.

The more fat there is in the milk, the more butter you get from the milk. So always use buffalo milk to get butter in the dairy industry. Which is high in fat.

Butter in the dairy industry is made from cream, And to get the cream from the milk, the pasteurized milk is quickly turned into a chamber. after than, The cream is found at the bottom of the chamber as the weight is twisted. From whence it is extracted.

Now this cream is used to make salted and unsalted butter.

The reason for adding salt to butter is that it is used directly in food as well as salt is a preservative so that butter can be stored for a long time.

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(4)  Ghee

Ghee is a type of refined butter. it contains only fat and protein. So ghee is the most expensive dairy products.

Ghee is very good for our health. But it should not be eaten in large quantities at once as it is very difficult to digest.

Ghee has been eaten in Indian culture since ancient times. And that is when it originated. Ghee is used in the world only by India and its geographical neighbors.

Ghee is obtained by heating butter to a very high temperature. Heating the butter to a high temperature destroys the water and milk particles in it, leaving only the accumulated fat.

There is a huge demand for pure ghee in the market right now. So Many dairies and brands sell ghee in the market. But there are very few brands that offer 100% pure ghee of dairy products.

(5) Curd

Yogurt is now used in the daily diet of human beings. There are many benefits to eating yogurt. Currently man uses yogurt or food made from it.

In the dairy industry, yogurt is made from milk leftover after getting cream. Yogurt does not contain fat so it is low in calories. And contains more minerals.

Now add lactic acid bacteria to the milk and keep it at the proper temperature for one day. So that good quality yogurt dairy products is made.

To get good yogurt, the temperature and the amount of bacteria need to be perfect.

Now the prepared yogurt is sold packed in plastic cups or plastic bags.

(6) Buttermilk

Buttermilk is my favorite dairy product. I love it. And you will definitely like it too.

Buttermilk is made after getting yogurt in the dairy industry.

Add a lot of water to the yogurt and whisk it. So that yummy – buttermilk is found

This buttermilk is sold in the market in different flavors and packaged directly.

If very little water is added to the curd, it becomes sticky. Which are also sold in the market.

Buttermilk is in high demand in the market right now. Because every human being likes to drink buttermilk. And the demand for it increases a lot in the summer.

(7) Cheese

Cheese is made from the protein in milk. More milk can be obtained if the milk contains more protein. So cheese is made directly from goat’s milk. Because it is rich in protein.

Cheese is eaten more in western countries. But now with the increase in the amount of food from western countries in our country, the demand for cheese has also increased a lot.

Cheese is good for our health. It is rich in protein and calcium. So it makes our bones strong.

Different types of cheese are made in the world. And the way cheese is made is that each dairy has its own monopoly.

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(8) Paneer

Paneer is a type of fresh cheese. Which is widely used in India and its subcontinent.

In Punjab in India paneer is used in daily food. The food made from it is very popular in Punjab.

Paneer is used in every hotel in India.

Acid is added in raw milk to make paneer. It is then heated to make fresh paneer.

(9) Ice – cream

The name of the ice cream suggests that it is a chilled cream.

In the dairy industry as well as only ice cream has its own industry. Even ice cream making is a monopoly.

Many leading brands in the market sell ice cream. It is very difficult to give them computation.

The ice cream industry is very lucrative. There are many different types of ice creams sold in the market.

Cream is obtained from milk to make ice cream, then added the required flavor and sugar, it is cooled to a very low temperature.

Ice cream is a favorite of every human being. I like it.

(10) Flavored milk

Flavored milk is sold in good quantity in the market. Many people and especially children do not like to drink plain milk so flavored milk is made in dairy.

Milk with different flavors like mango, cardamom, almond, pistachio, and saffron are packed in glass bottles and sold in the market.

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If we look, we can make pretty much everything from milk. Almost all types of sweets are made from milk. But here we are talking about dairy products in India. Such as ghee, butter, buttermilk, paneer, cheese and packing milk.



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