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Top Digital Marketing Interview Questions And Answer Secret?


Are You Looking for Top Digital Marketing Interview Questions and answer to crack digital marketing interviews. Then you are at the right place in this article we will cover the top digital marketing interview question and also give the best answer for you.

We Can guarantee if you read these top digital marketing interview questions and Answer. You will crack the digital marketing interviews. You Don’t Need to go anywhere else for an answer also. Let’s Begin

Q1.What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a method for promoting products digitally to reach targeted audiences. Includes social media marketing, email marketing, video marketing, etc. Learn Digital Marketing For Free Click Here

Q2.What Are The Types Of Digital Marketing?

There are Different Digital marketing types.

  1. SEO
  2. SMM
  8. Affiliate Marketing.
  9. Viral Marketing.
  10. Influencer Marketing.

Q3.What are Most Effective Ways T Drive Traffic To Your Website?

Here is the 11 different strategy.which help to drive traffic.


Q4.What is SEO?

SEO Stands for search engine optimization.is the process of increasing users on the traffic by increasing content and writing quality content with placing write keyword in a blog.

SEO is a process of getting organic traffic on Google search engine.it is the most asked question ever.so I have taken in digital marketing interview questions list.

Q5.What are keywords in Digital marketing?

The keyword is the most important for any blogs or website to drive traffic. The keyword is the most significant fundamental of SEO.

A keyword is responsible for a blog is How Have Quality Content, What about the blog is? The keyword is the same as the material for building a house.

It is a very important question in the list of Top Digital marketing interview questions and answers.

Q6.Is keyword Important For SEO?

Yes, the keyword is the first material for any website. Keyword placing in a proper way is called SEO optimized content.

Which google prefers.only an SEO optimized content can be one the 1st on the google search result. means the keyword plays an important role in a blog or website to Rank.

Q7.What are the areas to use keyword To make SEO Optimized keyword? Keyword placing areas are?

  1. Blog Headline.
  2. website URL
  3. Meta description
  4. Body Text
  5. Image link Use Keyword to drive traffic through Image.
  6. In Blog place proper arrangement Keyword.

Q8.What are the Types of SEO?

 SEO is of three type

1.White Hat SEO

It is most important for any blog website. White Hat SEO is a technique for improving on Ranking search engine.

White Hat SEO use techniques like content quality, Content Quantity, blog interlinking, backlink for Ranking search engine White hat SEO Technique is best for long duration Ranking.


It find weakness of search engine algorithm, and do something to rank up on search engine.

The Black Hat SEO don’t follow Search engine terms. which means it is not good for a long duration but if you want high traffic in a  few moments.

Black Hat SEO can be used. But It should be done when you are selling something which has limited time customers.

3.Grey Hat SEO

Grey Hat SEO is neither the White Hat SEO Nor Black Hat SEO. It means it is a mixed formation of this two SEO. It is the transformation of white SEO to black hat  SEO or white hat SEO to black hat SEO.

Q9.What are on page SEO OR Off Page SEO?

1.One page SEO.use in a website or blog for Rank up on Search engine by doing Proper Keyword placement.1.Of page SEO Refers to the back side optimization for rank up a website
Such as creating backlink , Guest Post , social sharing etc
2. Writing high-quality content2.By Collapse with same niche to get more visitors by placing link on that website.

Q9.What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a method of promoting or generating leads through sending Direct Message.

Q10.What is Adword?

Adword is a online advertisement service provider company by Google.It is use for Running a ads on blogs,website or on a targeted keyword.

Blogger uses it for generating income by displaying ads on their website.blogger makes $1000 per month by displaying ads on their website.

Q11.Name some of the Digital marketing tools?

Ahref , Moz ,Semrush ,Ubersuggest ,Keyword planner and Mail chimp.etc these are the some tools use for the digital marketing services.

Q12.Name Some Hosting Provider?

Here are some best hosting provider services I use Siteground, Hostinger, Godaddy, Blue- Host,, etc.

Q13.What can be ideal marketing for lead generation?

My point of view the best marketing for lead generation is Email marketing. because it is a directly targeted audience marketing strategy.

Q14.What are responsive website?

A responsive website means working perfectly on different devices like desktop, laptop, mobile, and tablet.

Q15.What is landing page?

Landing page. means our targeted customer come to our site. then what they see is landing page in digital marketing

Q16.What you can do for increasing conversion Rate?

We can do things like creating High-quality information about the product, services and also by providing proof of of what we offer will add value in their life.

Q17.What is the profit of Doing Digital marketing?

Digital marketing has many cons like it is a cheaper marketing way than tv advertisements, Radio Advertisement.and also digital marketing work can be done from anywhere in the world.

Q18.What are different Between SEO And SEM?

SEO is use to increase traffic and SEM use to buy space for website.

Q19.How Social Media can be used for Marketing?

As we know that now social media have the largest active users. then as a digital marketer, we can target our audience through social media. and it can by google ads, Facebook ads, or by TikTok ads.

There may be also a free method to approach our targeted audience, and it can be used by creating a page, profile, or joining the online community on every social media platform where you know.you can get your targeted audience.

Q20.What is content marketing?

Content marketing is used to get the attention of our targeted audience by creating valuable and quality content.

Consistently and distributing them on every social media platform. and it is very effective for lead generation and for branding.

Q21.What is PPC (PAY PER CLICK)?

Pay per click is an advertisement.in which advertiser pays money for click.advertiser pay for every click.

Q22.What is long tail keyword?

Long tail keyword is combination of 3 to4 keyword.long tail keyword is good as compare to short tail keyword.it have less traffic but good.

Q23.Which is the Best way of marketing online or offline?

Online marketing is best when we compare to offline marketing.

offline vs online marketing.

Q24.Why Online marketing is better than offline marketing?

There are so many reasons .online marketing is good as compare to offline marketing.Online marketing has a huge audience to reach while offline marketing has limited customers to reach.

it’s the Online marketing is cheaper than offline marketing.

Online marketing can be started from anywhere in the world while for offline marketing.there should a defined place to start so that customer come to you,

Online marketing reaches to direct targeted audience while offline marketing doesn’t have many ways to reach the targeted customer.

Q25.What is the three-ingredient of digital marketing?

The three ingredient of digital marketing is

  1. Traffic
  2. Insight
  3. Sales.

Q26.Which platform is good for a job posting and why?

For posting a job Linkedin is good when compared to other platforms. because Linkedin is a job hire and posting platform and also the fastest growing platform.

Q27.Why YouTube is Good for branding?

Putting content on YouTube.we can create a better picture or reputation of a brand. because YouTube is second largest search engine.

Mans have very high traffic and also a video search engine. video pictures of any product can perform better roles than others.

Q28.What is pinterest ?

Pinterest is a visual search engine. and a report says Pinterest has 500 million searches per month.

90% of those users are US, UK users. And most of them are women, Pinterest users come to Pinterest to buy products.

Q29.Is Pinterest can be used for marketing?

Yes, Pinterest can be used for marketing.specially for women targeted audience. because Pinterest has a huge women audience.

it means selling something related to women can be a good idea.

Q30.How You can drive traffic instantly?

By sharing post on social media.we can drive traffic instantly, writing eye catching headline.

Q31.What is Local My Business?

Local my business is a Google service. local my business provide a service for small business to put their business online.

So that whenever any person searches anything that that shop sell nearby me. They got that business. Local my business is good both shop or for customer

Q32.How Do You stay updated with new digital marketing trends?

To stay updated with digital marketing trend.we need to learn books, listening podcast,and engaging with digital marketer.

Q33What Do You Think Will Digital marketing Replace Traditional marketing?

For this question. don,t go with what others say and what you have heard.answer what you think, go with you.

Like- say maybe in future Digital marketing will replace the Traditional market but if we go with both. It will be more beneficial. because We can only predict, we can’t know the future.

These are the Top Digital Marketing Interview Question and Answer. Make sure You Read Twice Before sitting in the Interview. Best Of Luck.

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