Top Eco-Friendly destinations and products companies in India

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The ancient Indic heritage since time immemorial talked about the Eco-Friendly ethos. Our great sages made this point clear by including it in our sacred texts for example the shloka:

“Mata Bhumih Putroham Prithivyah, Earth is my mother, I am her son” is present in Atharva Veda talks about how we see oyr relation with Earth.

Table of Contents

  1. Eco-Friendly heritage of India
  2. Top 6 Eco-Friendly destinations in India
  3. Top Eco-Friendly companies in India
  4. Conclusion

Eco-Friendly heritage of India

There are many other occurrence of such teachings in our history that can be quoted here. The citizens of India adopted to these ideas and as a result of which even now we see some Eco-Friendly products which we still use around us like Sal Leaves Plates (Patravali/Pattal) and Banana Leaves Plates for food, Kulhad for Tea/Chai, Thonga for Jhaal Muri, Clay Pot used for cooking, storing drinking water etc.

Eco-Friendly Clay Pot

As an offspring of Earth, it’s our duty to take care of our mother. Here in this blog I will shed some light on two most important aspects of Eco-Friendly world, Ecotourism and other products.

Top 6 Eco-Friendly destinations in India

Ecotourism is defined by “The International Ecotourism Society (TIES)” as “responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment, sustains the well-being of local people, and involves interpretation and education. Education is meant to be inclusive of both staff and guests”.

The term is interchangeable with Eco-Friendly tourism. The readers should keep one thing in mind that Ecotourism is not only there to conserve the environment, but it also incorporates the idea of creating economic opportunities for the local community instead of a big corporate organization. Also, the key as a tourist is to assimilate yourself in the shoes of indigenous lifestyle.

Eco-Friendly Boat

India is a gifted nation in terms of natural diversity, firstly ranging from the mountain range of The Himalayas, to the backwaters of Kerala, from the Thar Desert in Rajasthan to the Caves of Meghalaya, we have got it all.

However despite all this diversity till now we are not able to harness the full potential of Ecotourism in India. Fortunately the Government of India and tourism sector is now aware about this fact and hence they are taking progressive steps towards making the country a hub for Ecotourism, all thanks to the Eco-Friendly enthusiasts living in the country and across the word.

Here is a list of Eco-friendly destinations in India you must visit:


If a trip to Ladakh is not on your list, you might want to reconsider your life choices. The serenity and quiet sense of peace helps you to connect with your soul on a divine level.  Ladakh will greet you with the Nubra Valley, the chain of Zanskar and the beautiful Pangong Lake.  Ladakh is home to one of the most beautiful Buddhist monasteries in the world and the majestic Snow Leopard.


We need to thank the multiple award winner Himalayan Homestays Program for promoting the conservation-based community tourism. Most importantly since 2002 they have trained over 130 families over various aspect of Ecotourism and more importantly they have played key role in saving the once feared Snow Leopards.

Places to visit: Nubra Valley, Diskit Village, Hemis National Park, Tsomoriri Wetland Conservation Reserve

Himachal Pradesh:

Home to one of the most famous hill station in India the Kulu and Manali. The state offers you the snow covered mountains with lush greenery.  Most importantly the state forest department formulated the Ecotourism policy during 2001 and it was important as it’s one of the most visited tourist destination in the country.

Himachal Pradesh

The state government is planning to develop 113 destinations for Ecotourism. Apart from the government organisations like Ecotourism Society and Ecosphere are ding a tremendous job in the state.

Places to visit: Great Himalayan National Park,  Lahaul Spiti, The Himalayan Village in Kullu

Arunachal Pradesh:

The land of the Rising Sun is in the list as one of the eighteen “biodiversity hotspots” in the world, hence it’s a paradise for Botanists. The rich flora and fauna is a feast to the eyes seeking the natural beauty. With wildlife sanctuaries, climbing, trekking and beautiful valleys the state fits the perfect definition of Ecotourism.

Arunachal Pradesh

 Organisations like Green Pastures  and Ngunu Ziro by Future Generation Arunachal are playing a key role in spreading awareness regarding Ecotourism, homestays and at the same time guarding the tribal culture as well.

Places to visit: Orchid sanctuary, Bhishmaknagar, Parsuramkund, Namdapha National Park


The smallest state in the country is home to the mighty Kanchenjunga, the third highest mountain in the whole world. Sikkim is also known as the “Valley of Rice” the state is home to tall green pine forests and is known to be a  ‘Bird’s Paradise’.


The Directorate of Ecotourism has identified and demarcated 11 areas un Sikkim as Ecotourism zones. “GoingWild” an organization running in forefront in order to spread the community based Ecotourism initiative in Sikkim.

Place to visit: Kanchenjunga ranges, Cherry Village Resort, Maenam Wildlife Sanctuary.


Making a surprise entry into the list is Chhattisgarh. With 44 % of forest cover as a result of which the state perfectly fits the criteria of Ecotourism. Therefore the state government aims to develop it as India’s biggest ecotourism hub.


The state boasts about 3 National Parks, 11 Wildlife Sanctuaries and a large tribal population. Above all apart from the lush greenery the state is home to world’s largest Buddhist Heritage Site. Secondly Chhattisgarh has one of the most biologically explored caves the “Kotmusar Cave” which is home to a species of blind fishes and much more.  A lot is there to discover in the mystical state.

Places to visit: Barnawapara, Sirpur, Kanger Valley National Park.


FYI it’s the first state to execute planned tourism in India. The backwater rich state got charm like none other. As a result of such efforts the state is among top eighteen biodiversity hotspots in the world. With breath-taking hill stations and the pristine beaches accompanied with rich plantations the state is an Ecotourism model place. 


“Thenmala Ecotourism Project” is a project dedicate towards the Eco-Friendly development of  Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary Reservoir and  Deer Rehabilitation Center.

Places to visit: Thenmala, Munnar, Kumarakom.

Top Eco-Friendly companies in India

Let’s agree it was not easy to source Eco-Friendly products a while ago, but the scenario is changing all thanks to the rise of start-up culture in the country. So here is a list of few organizations who believes in the idea of Eco friendliness.


This Delhi based firm is fighting one of the strongest enemy to the Eco-Friendly movement i.e. plastic packaging. They are manufacturing 100% biodegradable and compostable tableware.

Visit them at :

Goli Soda:

Just like their name, the work they are doing is amazing too. They are on the forefront to the route to an Eco-Friendly India. With their recycling prowess the firm can meet your needs in any segment ranging from accessories, home/living, stationery, bags etc.

Visit them at:


The husband and wife duo left their corporate jibs in the year 2010. Hence this shows how serious they were to change the world.  The Eco-Friendly natural and vegan firm can meet your needs related to hair care, skin care etc.

Visit them at:


This Eco-Friendly clothing venture was started by an ex-Levi Strauss & Co. professional. Therefore this firm can become your one stop solution for Men and Women clothing. They choose natural or recycled raw materials with an emphasis on sourcing each element locally. Unlike any other clothing company in Korra, each pair of jeans is made from the start to finish by a single tailor.

Visit them at:


India has a rich history of Eco-Friendly lifestyle, but it diminished over the years and it’s now upon us to revive our ancient culture. To sum up with new Eco-Friendly companies coming into the picture and the focus on Ecotourism in India we are set for a good Environmental-Friendly future.

Apart from India the importance of an Eco-Friendly future is seen all over the world and therefore we can see a race between countries to become a model Eco-Friendly country. For instance have a look at top 5 Ecotourism destinations around the world and see for yourself how other countries are putting in some serious efforts for the same,

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