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Top 4 English Accents in the world


As you already know that English is a global language as it has many types of accents used in different nations such as Americans use American English, Britishers use British English, Canadians use Canadian English, Indians use Indian English, and so on.

So many different English accents used in different regions across the globe.

Here, we will discuss about various accents used in English language.

What’s for you?

  1. About English Accents
  2. What are the types of English Accents?
  3. Which English Accent is most popular today?
  4. Conclusion
  5. FAQS

About English Accents

Although, British English is the official language of England and American English is the official language of the U.S.A. Australian English is the official language of Australia and Canadian English is the official language of Canada.

English is the first language of these all nations, On the other hand, Indian English is not considered as the first language of India, Hindi is the national language of India and also considered as the first language of India.

Spoken English is different in different regions according to the nationality. You have also seen in Laptops or smartphones when you opt for English as your primary language it is always asked for various types of English such as American English, British English, or Indian English. All accents are too different from the other one. There are almost 160 different English accents that exist all over the world.

English has developed and then suddenly you can’t understand a single word that someone is saying! It can be hugely disappointing, can’t it? 

Many people want to learn American English or British English as they consider the American tone will enhance their personality. You may also see that there is more than one accent used in the same Nation just like 2 accents that are native to London now. the first was the cockney accent originated in East London but later on, it is being widely spoken all over London.

There are so many videos available on Youtube, You can watch and know the actual difference between these English accents like how the American accent is different from the British accent.

What are the types of English Accents?

In Actual, three dialects identified as Northern, Midland, and Southern. Each has its sub-dialects.

Here are very few popular dialects:

American English Accent:

American English is also known as U.S English or United States English as English is the most widely spoken language all over the United States of America. Each and every Nation has its own accent of speaking English. It is differ from other English not in terms of vocabulary but in pronunciation also.

American English is very popular worldwide and it’s very difficult for other nation residents to learn American English. In MNCs that various Employees try to speak in American English but that accent doesn’t suit them at all.

British English Accent:

British English is also far different from American English as well. It is also the one popular kind of English, another one is American English. There’s a difference between American English and British English mainly in pronunciation as vocabulary and grammar are almost the same.

People who use American English and use British English can easily understand each other. As it is not much difficulty in understanding, only the pronunciation is different at all. People who use American English and use British English can easily understand each other, as it is not much difficulty in understanding. Only the pronunciation is different at all.

Australian English Accent:

You might know that English is the first language of the majority of people worldwide. Australian English is quite the same as British English to some extent.

Now the question comes “What is the major difference between American English, British English, and Australian English?”

Answer: American English uses a clear “r” sound and Australian or British English don’t pronounce a clear “r” sound.

Canadian English Accent:

Canadian English is often used in Canada and it is also different from American English, British English, and Australian English.

This accent is quite different from American and British Accent in terms of vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation.

Sometimes it may be asked which is the sexiest accent of English in the world?

According to the poll in 2015 British accent was voted by 27% as the sexiest accent in the world followed by the American accent in second place was voted by 8.7%.

British accent is considered the sexiest accent of English and most people go behind to learn the British English accent.

You can also check English language history or How to learn English speaking here.

A survey has been conducted in 2018 by CEOWORLD magazine that British English is considered as the most attractive English accent over the world as the American accent is older than the British accent.

It is often said that the British accent is better than American English. Most countries in the world have their own style of English accents likely Americans use an American accent. We don’t go to American English or British English. There are two popular English accents used globally i.e British accent and American accent.

Should I learn British English or American English?

In reality, English is spoken in innumerable accents and accent doesn’t matter at all. You should never go for popular English accents as you should learn the accent according to your nation as well. The only thing for English learners is motivation and not the accent. This question is not going to stop you from learning English as you see different English accents used in different countries.

We are not saying that one accent is better or worse than any other. But it’s cool to hear how somebody speaks differently, even though they are using the same language… kind of! 🙂

It depends on you as if you move to the UK in the future then it makes sense to be comfortable with British English. If you move to the U.S or Canada in the future then it makes sense to be comfortable with American English. If you are not going to move anywhere, just learn the most comfortable version of English according to your nation.

People can easily understand any of the English accents if they know it. Because, in the end, the language is English, whether it is British English, American English, Canadian English, or Australian English.

I suggest you to focus on studying English and don’t let this question make you stop learning English.

Is British English better than American English?

Some Countries teach students British English in elementary school or high school. Because maybe that Nations have an influence on British English in history or maybe your school focused on American English because their country has an influence on American English in history.

Some People tell you that American English is too different from British English but in reality, these are English accents i.e of the same language which is English.

One can not tell that people who use American English can’t understand the people who use British English as it is easily understood by each other. If you find a teacher who is a British English speaker, American English speaker, or Australian English speaker, great, you are not harming your chances of learning English and improving if you go with one instead of the other one.


In the last, I would say there are different types of English accents used in different regions of the country. So it doesn’t matter which accents you have to learn, as you can learn any accent according to your region as well.


Why do I have an accent when I speak English?

Your accent is the way you sound when you speak. Accent describes the personality of a native speaker as there are many accents used worldwide according to different nations of the world.

Can you be fluent with an accent?

Yes, you can easily be fluent in any accent of English and for that you have to practice it with the native speaker who used to with that accent.
For example: If you want to learn and be fluent in American accent, you just have to practice it with American speaker.

Can an accent go away?

You can lose your accent entirely If you don’t use it in your routine.



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