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Top 10 FAQS commonly asked by English Learners


Here you will find some commonly asked FAQS on the English Language which might help you a lot. These are the most asked Questions or FAQs by English learners especially beginners.

Here are the FAQS you can read:

How can I improve my English speaking, reading, and writing?

You can improve your English speaking and writing often by practicing the most. Therefore, the more you practice, the more you master the English language in terms of reading, writing, and speaking as well.

What is the best app for speaking fluent English?

There are many apps you can use to increase fluency in English such as Cambly, English speaking practice, and English talk. You can use both free apps and paid apps as well.
You can also check Best English speaking apps which may help a lot.

I’m not able to speak in English? How can I improve my language skills?

The answer to this question is very simple, you just have to watch English movies with its dialects and read the subtitles while listening along with.
It will help you a lot to start speaking in English and once you are able to start it, just practice it daily by using apps or chatting with your partner.

What is the best institute of learning English speaking in Delhi?

There are many institutes in Delhi providing English speaking training. Some of the best and popular institutes are British council in Connaught place and the other is Inlingua in south extension Delhi. If you join, as a result, your English speaking will enhance by it.

How can I improve my English online?

You can use various paid as well as free apps for improving your English online. There are so many best-rated apps from which you can improve your reading skills, listening skills, writing skills, and speaking skills as well.

Are English speaking courses helpful?

English speaking courses help a lot to increase your fluency in English from basic to advanced levels. You can join any English speaking institutes which will help you to develop English skills within 3 to 6 months depending upon your level of English.

How can I improve my English if I am an introvert?

To be introvert you can learn English but you can’t develop speaking skills as you have to be extrovert if you want to develop communication skills in English.
These are the often asked FAQs and only practice makes a man perfect.

What are the books that one must read for English speaking?

Reading books can not improve your speaking skill. It’s like practicing with a dumbbell hoping to be a good runner. If you want to improve your speaking skill you’ll have to talk as much as possible in English.
But you may read books which might help like a series like Harry Potter, Chronicles Of Narnia, Lord of The Rings, or even books from the same writer, like all the novels of Dan Brown, Paulo Coelho, Jeffrey Archer, you’ll notice that an author uses mostly similar words in all of his books.

How long will it take me to learn English?

The answer is, “It varies”, it depends on a variety of factors. For instance; your motivation (if you have a gun held to your head I bet you’ll learn very quickly), the level of English you wish to acquire, not everyone needs or wants to be fluent in a second language, someone who wants to use English on holiday does not need the same level of English as someone who needs it for business purposes.

Is there a difference between American and British English?

This is commonly asked faqs among English learners. Unfortunately, the answer to this question is yes. There are many differences between British and American English, pronunciation, spelling, grammar, even the actual meaning of some words. In fact, English is the first language in many countries and there are differences between them all, these include; Australia, Canada, Ireland, Jamaica, New Zealand, South Africa, and the USA.

Is learning English difficult?

Actually, English is not much difficult rather it is an easy language. I must say that anyone can learn English at any age because it is not rocket science to learn English.
You just have to learn and perfect your Reading skills, writing skills, listening skills, speaking skills. If you learned all these skills, as a result, you become a master of English.

What do I need to start learning English?

First of all, I would say you must have time. Then you can start to learn English and start by the Grammar, because the basics of English Language can be learned by Grammar only.
After that just start practice and perfect all needed skills such as reading skills, writing skills, listening skills and speaking skills.

What is the best way to practise my English?

Practice makes a man perfect. You just need to do practice regularly what you have learned. The best way to practice is with your friends and family members.
Therefore, the more you practice, the more you become perfect.

How can I prepare for the IELTS test?

You can Prepare for IELTS either on your own or by joining classes in reputed Institutes like British Council or Inlingua etc.
You can also opt for online classes as well.

What is the most difficult thing about learning English?

The answer to this question is you will have to face is difficulty in spelling and pronunciation. When you learn how to pronounce the words and also spellings, you will easily learn English in a short span of time.

Why English is used globally?

This is also commonly asked questions by English learners. English is used worldwide and hence considered as the global language. Almost all powerful nations such as the US, UK, EUROPE use English as their primary language, so it is used all over the world.

What is the best age to learn English language?

Actually, there is no age criteria to learn English because anyone can learn English and at any stage of life.
Although I recommend you to start learn English from childhood and practice as often as possible.



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