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Top Film Genres and its Conventions- The types of Films Made in India

Film Genres

This blog is about the Film Genres or different types of films. Here you will learn about different Film Genres and how a film fits into a particular kind of genre and the conventions of that genre.

What is a type or genre?. SO I will tell you The basic definition, Film genre is a category or a  type of film.

What is the thing about the films that we find so enjoyable, what is about the trailers of movie that makes a  go crazy about the movie?

A film BEING good or bad is subjective to the viewers or to say the audience. But why is that as we can all appreciate the performance of an actor from the film which we don’t like. More after than not a person’s choice of a film, TV show, or a video game is based upon its genre. Therefore genre is simply the kind of a type of film it is.

What you will find in this blog:

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Before I tell you a long list of film genres, let me tell you first how you will identify it. So the identifiable traits for a genre are Genre conventions. Its other name is Paradigms.

These conventions are broken down into four sections:

  • Character and story
  • Set
  • TechnicaL
  • Audio


So generally character and story define to the characters and the storyline involved. Each genre has its own set of storylines. It is the basic convention for Film Genres

For example, A storyline for a romantic comedy would be the following : a Young woman who doesn’t like or trust men. But as the story goes forward she falls in love with the new men.

Character and story – Conventions-Film Genres

Now that doesn’t mean that this is the whole storyline. A good writer would throw twists and turns and would try to incorporate it. So that the start and the end don’t seem similar to every romantic film.

Now moving to the characters, A specific genre would more or less have the same piece of characters.for example: In a horror film: there would be an overconfident jerk, a beautiful dumb cheerleader, a comic relief nerd, a nice guy, a minority boy that often dies first and an innocent virgin girl.

So those are the often characters that are present in the films according to the genres


This convention of Film Genres is easy to understand and grasp. Set or the location also determines the genre of the film. For example, If a film is shot in the old west with cowboy pistols and costumes. For example: If it is a sci-fi chances are the film is shot on a set of space on some other planets.


TECHNICAL: This convention of Film Genres deals with the physical and technical aspects of the film. Moreover, how the film is shot, which camera is used, from which angle the shots are taken, types of shots, the way it’s edited, and etc.

For example, Action movies often use the hand-shaken camera angles for the shots to seem more energetic, real, and engaging to the audience.

You will also notice that the editor of these Action movie scenes would use certain quick cuts in order to keep the high pace of the scene. However, editing is using color many of the action films would use blue and orange colors which are often used in every action film.

To sum up, part of color grading is really important as it shows whether the scene is dark or light.


Audio – convention -Film Genres

Then finally you have audio that varies from the music and the sound used in the film. Certain audio or sounds are used for certain moments. 

For example in comedy movies often exaggerated sounds are used to emphasize comedic moments.

That’s it, those were the conventions that can be used to identify the film genres.


There are different film types and genre in the whole world some of that are:

  •    Masala movie Genre
  • Artistic Movie Genre


The masala movies, the term Masala is referred only in Indian cinema and is familiar only amongst the Indian audience.

Masala movie genre – Dhoom 3-Film Genres

Masala movies are made only in India and nowhere else in the world. But what does masala means? The term Masala movies in India means the blend of all genres of cinema or say all the elements of the cinema. Whether it be action, drama, comedy, romance, melodrama, different emotions, etc.

The Biggest Industry for producing masala movies is the south film industry and Recently they delivered the biggest movie of Indian cinema i.e. BAHUBALI. It is a two-part film that crossed the collection of 1600 crores. To know more about Bahubali click here: BAHUBALI

These masala movies are made for the entertainment of the people and give them a larger-than-life experience. But they also fascinate the audience by the style and action of the movie. 

These masala movies often had an illogical plot and a very basic storyline in the early days. People of India go to see masala movies for the wholesome entertainment. These movies also have a whole lot of music and dance with an attractive background score.


The masala movie Genres cast includes only the superstars as lead actors. Because superstars have a great fanbase than the ordinary actors. Its because People love these superstars from the bottom of their heart and can do anything for seeing them

The reason why only the superstars are taken in these kinds of films is because of their large fan following.

A large number of people go to watch the film and the collection increases. Usually, these are big-budgeted films and their production cost is very high.


Directors who often direct these kinds of films are Rohit Shetty, Prabhudeva, Karan johar. But I think that the best director in this genre is Rohit Shetty, To know more about him click here: Rohit Shetty

Rohit Shetty is the biggest Masala Moviemaker and has recently given 8 blockbuster films in a row. He has made a series of Cop Drama kind of Masala movies commonly called his  “Cop Universe”.


  1. Simmba
  2. Singham
  3. Soryavanshi
  4. Bahubali
  5. Dangerous Khiladi
  6. Dabbang
  7. Sholay
  8. Hero no 1
  9. Agneepath.

If you also want to be a filmmaker. Then you should know about Filmmaking.

To know more about filmmaking click here : 4 Stages of Filmmaking


Art cinema is also called the parallel cinema. The Art film Genre started as a new wave in the Indian film industry.

Parallel cinema is a whole different cinema than the mainstream Genre films. It doesn’t have the useless melodrama, exaggerated dialogues, sadness, or the useless dance that the mainstream movies show.

The only motive of the parallel cinema is to give the cinema lovers a meaningful cinema other than the meaningless cinema. This type of Film Genre was loved by the people at that time.

 The parallel cinema is known for its real and serious content and working on the socio-political climate. It also not provides useless drama and the songs in their films.

Many of the people do not like this kind of film genre because of showing some serious content and the lead actor not doing any heroism that some part of the audience wants.


In the early 1940 people saw the doors of the Indian Peoples Theatre Association ( IPTA). It played a major role in bringing realism in Indian Cinema which until then had hardly found its place in Indian movies. Some of the members were Prithvi raj Kapoor, Ritwik Ghatak, Khwaja Ahmad Abbas, and Satyajit Ray.

Scene_from_Dharti_Ke_Lal-film by Khwaja Ahmed

Khwaja Ahmed film Dharti Ke Lal released in 1946 on Bengal famines was a critically acclaimed film. After independence, many of the filmmakers laid their solid foundation and started producing critically acclaimed films. The parallel cinema was a new wave in Indian cinema prior to the wave of 1960. Parallel cinema was mainly led by the BENGALI CINEMA.


  1. Chetan Anand’s Neecha Nagar in 1946
  2. Ritwik Ghatak’s  Nagrik in 1952
  3. Vimal Roy’s  Do Bigha Zamin in 1953 

Since then the Indian independent films are competing at the International film festival.

If you want to know about recent best films click here:


Satyajit ray-artistic movie genre

The most famous filmmaker of parallel cinema was Satyajit Ray he was a Bengali director. His most Famous film directors were the

  1. Pather Panchali in 1955
  2. Aparjito in 1956
  3. Apur Sansar in 1959. It formed an Apu trilogy

These films were screened at the Cannes and the Venice film festival. Some art films received both commercial and critical success which acquired both commercial and artistic elements. Some examples are Do Bigha Zamin released in 1953.

These films and personalities paved the way for artistic cinema.


So these were the two main genres of the Indian Cinema. The two genres mentioned above are totally different from each other. But today Artistic films with good storyline are also doing commercially well.


1.what are some popular film genres

Some Popular film genres are : Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Crime Film, Masala Movie

2.what are film genres?

Film genre is a category or a  type of film.

3.what film genre do you prefer?

Basically I like to watch Sci-Fi movies. For some light-hearted entertainment, I also Recommend some Family Comedy Movies Like PIKU

4.Why is parallel cinema so underrated in India?

Its because most of the Indian audience likes heroism kind of films. Where their favourite actor is singing, dancing etc. But now times have changed and indian cinema is also corporating some very good stories in its films.



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