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Top Gaming Console Of India In 2020


India and the whole globe is moving to the digitalization and gaming technology is also digitalized now. Now a day we use different types of gaming console to entertain ourselves, in the market, you can found lots of gaming stuff which enhances our gaming experience more convenient.

In the early times, the globe is in developing period and people and children generally used to play outdoor games such as cricket, football, hockey, etc but now the whole world becomes technical.

People don’t want to play outdoor games they are growing their gaming skills by sitting at homes.

They used pc gaming, console gaming, mobile gaming, etc. and it is necessary to move in a digital life because if you want to grow then you have to move with the generation, move with time.

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  1. Which is the best gaming console to buy in India?
  2. Best Gaming Console List
    2.1. PlayStation 4
    2.2. Nintendo Switch
    2.3. New Nintendo 2DS X
    2.4. PlayStation 3
    2.5. Xbox One X
  3. Conclusion
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Which is the best gaming console to buy in India?

I also used to play games on pc and console and this relaxes my mind and soul. Suppose you are coming from your office work with full thunking and that period

You would like to watch gaming on youtube or other gaming platforms or play games on your console or pc then you fell great magic into you, you feel relax and peace. Because gaming refreshes our mind.

It diverts our conscious mind to gaming so that we forget to our thunk that’s why gaming is very important in our life.

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But for playing gaming you need a console, without console you can’t able to enjoy the gaming experience.

As you know technology and the internet are expanding very fastly and this makes gaming easier for everyone almost everyone has a 4g connection and made everyone play games on mobile online.

The number of gamers is increasing day by day that’s why at present gaming console industries have about $36 billion share price that is the huge amount so,

You can easily imagine gamers now a day. Get here best Headphone for Gaming

More the gamers more the gaming devices and more confusion which gaming console should you buy.

So, don’t worry you came to the right place here I will suggest the best gaming console so that you can buy it at an affordable price.

You can also bookmark this site for your future needs.

As you know there are lots of gaming console present in the market and making the gaming console comparison is extremely difficult because every console is up to the mark to your requirements.

But we can differentiate easily because some console offers to use social media into it or some other stuff whatever it is a movie, social media Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Best Gaming Console List.

I did lots of research and doing lots of hard work reading customers reviews what is the customer’s requirement then I bring for you the best gaming console.

Here is some list of best gaming console for you at your price range..

  • PlayStation 4
  • Nintendo Switch
  • New Nintendo 2DS X
  • PlayStation 3
  • Xbox One X

PlayStation 4

As we know play station is the most popular gaming console in the world with a large number of gaming libraries.

This console has an amazing dual shock 4 hand grip for better gaming performance so that your finger doesn’t get tired also this PlayStation 4 gaming console has great graphic control and powerful remote control for your gaming with dedicated RAM can be used into it.

This dedicated ram is due to switching between other applications so that you never get bored by lagging.

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Play station 4 is much cheaper than better than Xbox 1. One of the best parts of this console ps4 is it gives the best gaming experience with other third-party games.

It has some drawbacks because it can’t support any external memory and the worst part is you can’t play ps4 games on ps3 and vice versa.

If you have ps3 Blu ray mouse and remote and also headset you cant able to use it on ps4,

Think this should not happen and you can’t able to play music and video through ps4 console because Sony wants to promote their cloud-based music system that’s why.

PlayStation 4

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo console is known for its compatibility, mobility, and its cute model and coloring.

This provides you the best gaming experience while you are sitting somewhere or laying on the bed.

I know you can not able to play like a big console but I told you, you never get bored out of this, this console changes of our way to gaming style.

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It just connects social gaming. This console also switches social gaming which makes it different from others and growing continuously.

This Nintendo gaming console has a feature that you can connect with your social friend and can play the game all of with them.

It has a portable screen which can be used as a mini tv. Its side control can be removed very easily and easily use handheld devices.

Nintendo Switch

New Nintendo 2DS X

This console looks like a pokemon ball and named new Nintendo which is launched on 3 Nov.

Colorful style while the sleek clamshell design makes to more comfortable for the gamer.

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The C type stick gives more comfortable and enhances gaming control to hold console easily.

It is just the next version of Nintendo which is a new Nintendo. It looks like a mini portable smartphone that you can carry easily into your pocket. Easy to carry the best gripping experience.

This new Nintendo 2DS XL console has a huge number of gaming library include SNES, NES, DS like games which increase your curiosity about this portable console.

As you already know this is very portable which can be carried into your pocket and carry anywhere.

It does not matter what is your age, even any age group can play with it, which is more user friendly for anyone and batter than 3DS XL.

And the main and best part of this game is its memory can be expandable.

It comes with expandable memory storage and adaptor. Like every gaming console, this new Nintendo has also had cons which are his battery life.

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It has a shorter battery life compared to 3DS XL which makes gamer more uncomfortable.

You can play all Nintendo 3DS, New Nintendo 3DS games into it also Nintendo DS.

New Nintendo 2DS X

PlayStation 3

This play station is known for its uniqueness and backward record which is you can able to play your previous old games of ps 1 and ps 2 in it but not ps 4. Its main console just looks like a hard disc.

This console comes with some new version, its remote can easy to handle and give the best grip.

This ps3 comes to single dual shock 3 which is wireless and can be connected with Bluetooth and can be charged with a data cable or USB cable.

You can enjoy more fun in it you can stream Youtube, Netflix, amazon prime video, and other applications too which make it best compare to ps4.

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And the main and best part of it is you can be stream wirelessly but ps4 doesn’t have these features.

There is not any DLNA support for ps3 but you get UMS ( universal media server ) support in ps3.

I told you earlier every console has some drawbacks. Ps4 has better screen resolution compared tops 3 because every next version comes with some advanced technology

PlayStation 3

Xbox One X

Xbox One X which is part of Microsoft game. I think this should be the one position because this game gives you a great gaming experience.

Console has done which post console never did, it can support 4K HDR gaming which is amazing it with 4K Blu ray player built into it with best and advanced, improved 1080p resolution experience.

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It also supports your social games that make gamer spend more time in-play games and engage playing games with your friends and spend more time into it.

This console also supports Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, youtube. You can take a screenshot and share it with your friends also.

Xbox One X

Xbox One X console is the most powerful console among all console which comes with 1 TB memory that’s a great part of it and growing very silently in the market.

Some games are high memory spaces which make it unsatisfied among gamers. Games like Gears of War 4 and Quantum break these, games are too heavy all games are nearly 100 GB.

Due to heavy load games, they sometimes need spaces. But among the all gaming console you should not forget of its 4K HDR video resolution which gives you real gaming experiences.


I collect all the information you should know and did the best of my research. You can compare it with all the above the console.

I know some console have a hardware issue, some of the previous processor issues, in some you can not able to play your old games that are worst past, you have to left your old games but you will many new games into it that is good once.

You have to decide you want a portable console or static. Every step depends upon you.

I can only provide you our best review and this piece of mine I collect from my honest review.

I made a research on many consoles and found these consoles are best all of them. You can buy any console according to your budget.


1. Which is the best gaming console?

Here are the list of best gaming console of 2020.

Best Gaming Console List.
PlayStation 4
Nintendo Switch
New Nintendo 2DS X
PlayStation 3
Xbox One X

I made best result on this and share you best gaming console of 2020. you should check at least once

2. What is the best console 2020?

Here are list of best gaming console of 2020.

Best Gaming Console List.
PlayStation 4
Nintendo Switch
New Nintendo 2DS X
PlayStation 3
Xbox One X

I made the best result on this and share you best gaming console of 2020. you should check at least once

3. Should I buy a gaming console?

Of course, you should buy a gaming console for the best gaming experience. Gaming console stores thousand of HD games that enhance your gaming. I made a collection of the best gaming console of 2020. You should have a look. I guaranteed you after seeing these console you will get best one for you.



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