Hello MBA aspirants, today in this blog I would like to introduce you all about TOP MBA colleges in Delhi. As we all know that Delhi is the capital of India, which gives a platform for all MBA aspirants to get a lot of opportunities and expertise in this field which we called an MBA.

In Delhi, more than 100+ B schools are there, but not all are good. So that’s why today I will tell you which college is worth as per the ROI (return of investment). And also in Delhi, the avg fees for the colleges is quite high compare to the rest of the states it’s only 10-20 lakhs.

Also, lots of headquarters of top MNC’S are there so it will also beneficial for getting a job easily. So I hope you will get your answers as per why choose Delhi for MBA?

So let’s start one by one about the TOP MBA colleges in Delhi which were as best as you get a decent job means an avg of 8-10 lakhs, also here in Delhi there are not very complicated admissions are there, here you have to only give a reputed or well-known MBA entrance exam, and with the score of this, you have to apply.

Sometime the dates may vary from college to college. Sometimes it also happens before the result and sometime after the results. so, in this scenario, every individual has to check the dates and fill the form as per their comfort.

I think I sorted all things, so let’s start: –


  1. Faculty of Management Studies (FMS) New Delhi
  2. IIT Delhi Department of Management Studies New Delhi
  3. MDI GURGAON: Management Development Institute
  4. IIFT NEW DELHI: Indian Institute of Foreign Trade
  6. IMI DELHI: International Management Institute
  7. GLIM Gurgaon: Great Lakes Institute of Management
  8. Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC)
  9. Fore School of Management, New Delhi
  10. Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management LBSIM New Delhi
  12. FAQ’S

Faculty of management studies (FMS) New Delhi-

This is the TOP MBA colleges in Delhi as per ROI (return on investment), and also you can tell it as IIM of Delhi, because lots of aspirants leave top-notch IIM for this college. As we all know in IIM’s, the fees are quite high approx. 20-23 lakhs, and here it is quite less.

 Establishments- 1954

Course provided- MBA, MBA executive

Fees- 1.92 lakhs & 1lakhs

Placement- Avg salary 23 lakhs

Exams accepted- CAT

IIT Delhi Department of Management Studies New Delhi-

This institute is majorly known for engineering, but also in this TOP MBA colleges in Delhi apart is there which provides management studies or MBA which is called DMS. As the name says it’s a government B school with awesome ROI.

Establishments- 1997

Course provided- MBA, MBA Executive, MBA (telecommunication management)

Fees- 8.80 lakhs, 9 lakhs, 8.80lakhs

Placement- Avg salary 16-17 lakhs

Exams accepted- CAT

MDI GURGAON: Management development Institute-

This is a college located in GURGAON. Which helps the college to get a good exposure, because lots of companies are around the colleges. And also good for placements. this college also has a student exchange program. and also, at with the IIM’s.

Establishments- 1973

Course provided- PGDM executive management program, national management program, PGP in international management

Fees- 9.73 lakhs, 15.35 lakhs, 25 lakhs

Placement- Avg salary 19-20 lakhs

Exams accepted- CAT, GMAT

IIFT NEW DELHI: Indian Institute of Foreign Trade-

This is one of the Reputed B schools in India. It is established by the Government of India. lots of years of experience is in the college as teachers, and other faculty members. The student exchange program is also available in this college to take care of diversity. This college specialist for international business which is related to import-export or you can say that trading. So, one thing aspirants should also take care of this that a normal /general MBA is not provided by the college. Also, here we just discuss about their flagship course, not the executive or Ph.D. one.

Establishments- 1963

Course provided- MBA in International business

Fees- 17.25 lakhs

Placement- Avg salary 20-21 lakhs

Exams accepted- IIFT


It is one of the AICTE approved college which is located in Ghaziabad. This college is very much concerned about innovation, which helps the college to grow? Their intake is approx. 600 students, which creates a healthy competition among each other. This is the college everyone can be applied because of diversity in specialization, which helps the students to choose their interests.

Establishments- 1980

Course provided- PGDM, PGDM Banking & finance, Dual country program, PGDM Marketing, PGDM finance

Fees- 19 lakhs for PGDM programs, 25 lakhs for DCM

Placement- Avg salary 13-14 lakhs

Exams accepted- CAT, XAT, GMAT

IMI DELHI: International management institute-

This is the college that AICTE approved as well as collaboration with IMI Geneva which is now known as IMD Lausanne. one of the good ROI colleges, with a very disciplined curriculum. And lots of top companies do visit this campus frequently. This is the college where you have also got different specialization as per your choice.

Establishments- 1981

Course provided- PGDM, PGDM banking & finance, PGDM human resources, executive PGDM

Fees- 17.68 lakhs for PGDM programs

Placement- avg salary 12-13 lakhs

Exams accepted- CAT, GMAT

GLIM Gurgaon: Great Lakes Institute of Management-

This is the college known by its faculty, with some good analytics. This college is also located in Gurgaon, which is now called the corporate hub. So here is the good news for students who going to join this college, you all getting a good exposure to corporate, which helps you in further career.

Establishments- 2010

Course provided- PGDM, ppm

Fees- 16.65 lakhs, 15.40 lakhs

Placement- Avg salary 11-12 lakhs

Exams accepted- CAT, XAT, CMAT, GMAT.

Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC)-

Here we have a college which is different from others. SRCC is a brand that is known by anyone for their ug course, but today we are for TOP MBA colleges in Delhi. So they also provided one course which is called global business operations or gbo.this course is the same as like IIFT, which is related to international business, so here also you not get a general MBA, you have to learn trading related stuffs in your 2 years of MBA.

Establishments- 1926

Course provided- GBO

Fees- 3.20 lakhs

Placement- Avg salary 9-10 lakhs

Exams accepted- SRCC-GBO

Fore School of Management, New Delhi-

This college is mostly focused on the Avg students who didn’t score well in the exam. Because this college cut off is quite low as compare to others. One of the old colleges in India. Lots of year of experience helps the aspirant to know better the industry. And also, the faculty is quite good.

Establishments- 1981

Course provided- PGDM, PGDM in IB, PGDM financial management

Fees- 15.98 lakhs

Placement- Avg salary 9-10 lakhs

Exams accepted- CAT, XAT, GMAT

Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management LBSIM New Delhi-

One of the reputed TOP MBA colleges in Delhi which was established in the memory of the second prime minister of India, Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri. This college has a great curriculum and also the infrastructure is quite good, it is in the heart of Delhi, which is very good as a location. This college also have lots of diverse specialization option for students to choose from.

Establishments- 1995

Course provided- PGDM, PGDM Finance, PGDM research and analytics, PGDM logistics and supply chain

Fees- 11.67 lakhs

Placement- Avg salary 9-10lakhs

Exams accepted- CAT, GMAT

So here I just completed my all-time favorite list, if you target to get a TOP MBA colleges in Delhi, then I think you don’t have any confusion right now, just choose any of the above colleges and your life is sorted.

Yeah, I know there were a lot of diff b schools are also there, but in this particular, blog I want to tell you that, if you come and join any of the above b school then the quality and exposure you get is priceless.

One more thing that these all college are not providing their actual salary, but they provide their CTC which was the cost to the company. So for that particular thing, I request you all do research with your own also, because some time data may be vary.


I clarify that one more thing is that someone also disagrees for the colleges that I put in my top 10, but trust me I am taking care of everything that an aspirant’s see for a B school.

It’s all my opinion so opinions may vary from person to person. And at last, I just want to tell you one more crucial information is that B school never makes you rich whether it’s a tier 1 or tier 3 college. Everything that took place how much effort you put in college to get placement

And also skillset because the end of the day what matters is that skills, everyone is in the same platform after 2 years of MBA but the matter is how many of you put your focus on learning, not in other stuffs which are like unusual in that particular moment, one this you have to understand is that MBA is an investment of two things money and time.

So if you put lakhs of money in a particular task and also time and energy so you should thing for a large profit, but also it is risk too so for that you have to remember that in business, we all know high- risk high profit.

so, Thank you so much for giving your valuable time to read my blog…


Q1. Which is the Top MBA college in Delhi?

In Delhi, top MBA college is divided into different streams like for general FMS, for international business IIFT are there.

Q2.Why to choose DELHI for MBA?

As we all know that, Delhi is our capital of India and lots of companies headquarter are also there, which helps to get good oppurnuties in your career.

Q3. How much Salary can I expect after doing my MBA from Delhi?

Salary always depends upon your profile and college. Approximately it would be 5-25LPA.







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