HELLO MBA aspirants, Today in this blog I would like to introduce you all about TOP MBA COLLEGES IN PUNE.

As we all know that Pune is a place where a lot of companies are based, and also It is an Educational hub as well, that attracts lots of aspirants to do their MBA from Pune.also, it was in the neighborhood of Mumbai, which helps companies do visit most of the Pune based colleges for their placements and also for internships.

Also,you can check some top MBA colleges in Mumbai.

This shows that if you don’t get colleges in Mumbai, then Pune is an option that you look for, with the same opportunities.

As per my knowledge and research, I would also tell you a fact that there were not so many B Schools are there in Pune, that’s why here,

I give you a list of colleges that give you a decent placement as well as opportunities in your MBA journey, so let’s starts the blog –


  1. Symbiosis Institute of Business Management
  2. SCMHRD Symbiosis Center for Management and Human Resource Development
  3. Symbiosis Institute of International Business (SIIB Pune)
  4. Department of Management Sciences University of Pune (PUMBA)
  5. National Institute of Bank Management (NIBM Pune)
  6. Balaji Institute of Modern Management (BIMM Pune)
  7. MIT School of Business (MITSOB Pune)
  8. Symbiosis Institute of Telecom Management (SITM)
  10. FAQ’S

Symbiosis Institute of Business Management PUNE

It is the TOP MBA COLLEGES IN PUNE that comes under India’s top 10 B Schools in India. This college is also the top college in symbiosis league college. one of the colleges that have a strong Alumni network as well as.

It is also the best ROI but quite expensive as well. Lots of top educators also told that this college is not a B Schools It is Brand.

Establishments- 1978

Course provided- MBA, MBA (innovation and entrepreneurship)

Fees- 20,50,0000 (MBA), 12,00,000 (MBA in i&e)

placement- Avg salary 17.48 lakh

Exams Accepted- SNAP

Symbiosis center for management and human resource development (SCMHRD Pune)-

It is one of the TOP MBA COLLEGES IN PUNE in terms of HR,

but that doesn’t mean all other Course is not good, they all are equivalently good.

It is also coming second in symbiosis league college.

Also recognized by UGC. It also a strong alumni base as other top B Schools.

Establishments- 1993

Course provided- MBA, MBA (Business analytics), MBA (Infrastructure Management)

Fees- 17,43,000(MBA), 13,31,000 (MBA in BA), 12,77,000 (MBA IM)

placement- Avg salary 15.6 lakh

Exams Accepted- SNAP

Symbiosis Institute of International Business (SIIB Pune)-

It is also a symbiosis league college, which was the focus in only some direction. this is a type a college that doesn’t give an MBA degree in marketing or finance etc, they give you a degree like international Business, Agri-Business, energy & environment. for your kind information, if you think these Courses are no value in the market, then you are wrong. because this college already comes in TOP MBA COLLEGES IN PUNE and the placement is quite good, and the company comes on campus is quite convincing.so these all show that these all Courses are industry-recognized. so, if you are interested in any of the Courses you should look for this Course.

Establishments- 1992

Course provided- MBA (IB), MBA (AB), MBA (energy & environment management)

Fees- 16.22 lakhs (MBA IB), 12,76,000(MBA AB), 13,24,000(MBA e & e)

placement- Avg salary 10.25 lakh (domestic), 30.59(international)

Exams Accepted- SNAP

Department of management sciences university of Pune (PUMBA)-

It is a government-based college, and this college comes under Savitribai Phule Pune University. this college is one of the oldest colleges in the country. these colleges have the best ROI (return of investment) in Pune, because of their Fees. but only one problem is there which is It only accepts MBA CET score, so you should have to perform in this exam, otherwise, you have to topper in any other given exam, which is very difficult, and if you get highest in any of the other exams, then  I am sure you will not focus Pumba as your option, you have a lot of better TOP MBA COLLEGES IN PUNE in hand, so make your decision wisely.

Establishments- 1971

Course provided- MBA, MBA (pharma bio tech)

Fees- 1,34,000 (MBA) & MBA (pharma bio tech)

placement- Avg salary 6 lakhs.

Exams Accepted- CAT, CMAT, MH CET

National Institute of bank management (NIBM Pune)-

As the name shows Itself that this college is purely focusing on the banking sector. this college is established by the reserve bank of India. mostly those MBA aspirants come to this college who have a lot of interests in the banking and insurance sector.

also, the company, who comes to this campus gives a similar type of profile related to banking. but the placements are quite good, and also one of the TOP MBA COLLEGES IN PUNE as well as India. but one negative side is that It only focusses on a particular sector, it doesn’t provide general MBA specialization. so, my advice is if you are keen to do an MBA in this field then most welcome, otherwise don’t come.

Establishments- 1969

Course provided- PGDM (banking & financial services)

Fees- 12 lakhs

placement- median package 9.44 lakhs

Exams Accepted- CAT, CMAT, ATMA

Balaji Institute of modern management (BIMM Pune)-

This is TOP MBA COLLEGES IN PUNE which have comes under different league of college. the league of the colleges is Balaji. there are four colleges comes under this league Balaji but the best is BIMM. why BIMM? for this answer, you have to also some research from your own also, as per my point of view due to their pedagogy,

and the discipline which helps the students to study hard and also getting a good placement along with. lots of good companies coming to the campus frequently, and also the Fees are good. but here also one negative side is there, which is their intake, due to this a lot of competition is arise among the students. so, if you join the college try to be in top 10-20 % of the batch to get a better opportunity.

Establishments- 1999

Course provided- MBA

Fees- 7.85 lakhs

placement- ave package 6 lakhs

Exams Accepted- CAT, XAT, MAT, CMAT, MAH CET

MIT School of Business (MITSOB Pune) –

This is an AICTE approved college which has a lot of diversity in the Course as well as students inside the campus. It was a big campus, and also a higher intake. due to this lot of students not only from Pune, but pan India based students come to do their MBA. also, their pedagogy and the faculty were good and experienced, which helps the students to know better.

A lot of different Courses are provided here. so let’s see-

Establishments- 2005

Course provided- PGDM in marketing, HR, finance, general management.

Fees- 6.50 lakhs

placement- avg package 5 lakhs

Exams Accepted- CAT, XAT, MAT, CMAT, MAH CET, ATMA

Symbiosis Institute of Telecom Management (SITM) –

It is a TOP MBA COLLEGES IN PUNE that also comes under symbiosis league, but due to their only single direction specialization, their ranking in symbiosis-based college comes lower than top ones. as we can see It only focus on the telecom industry.

that’s why a lot of students join this Course due to two reasons one is brand and second is interest or background in the telecom industry. so only one negative scenario comes with this college is, no general specialized MBA.so lot of students reject this college due to non-availability of Course as per their demand.

Establishments- 1996

Course provided- Master’s in Business administration-telecom management (MBA – TM)

Fees- 11 lakhs

placement- avg package 9-10 lakhs

Exams Accepted- SNAP

so here I just completed my all-time favorite TOP MBA COLLEGES IN PUNE list in Pune based college, if you target to get a B Schools in Pune, I think you don’t have any confusion right now, just choose any of the above colleges and your life is sorted.

yeah, I know there were a lot of different B Schools are also there, but in this particular blog I want to tell you that, if you come and join any of the above B Schools then the quality and exposure you get is priceless.

Also, you can check some top MBA colleges in Mumbai.

one more thing that these all college are not providing their actual salary, but they provide their CTC which was the cost to the company,

so for that particular thing, I request you all do research with your own also, because some time data may be vary.


I clarify that one more thing is that someone also disagrees for the colleges that I put in my top 10,

but trust me I am taking care of everything that an aspirant’s see for a B Schools.

And also, it’s all my opinion so opinion may vary person to person. and at last I just want to tell you one more crucial information is that B Schools never makes you rich whether It’s a tier 1 or tier 3 college.

Everything that took place how much effort you put in college to get placement and also skillset because end of the day what matters is that skills, everyone is in the same platform after 2 years of MBA but the matter is how many of you put your focus on learning, not in other stuffs which are like unusual in that particular moment,

on this you have to understand is that an MBA is an investment of two things money and time.so if you put lakhs of money in a particular task and also time and energy so you should thing for a large profit, but also It is risk too so for that you have to remember that in Business, we all know high-risk high profit.

Also, you can check some top MBA colleges in Mumbai.

so, Thank you so much for giving your valuable time to read my blog…


Q1.Which is the Best MBA college in Pune?

As per the avg package, SIBM Pune is the BEST.

Q2.Why to choose Pune for MBA?

Pune is almost near to Mumbai (economical capital of India), Which attracts lots of company to do visit campuses of Pune as well and provide lots of good offers to students.

Q3. How much salary expect after doing MBA from Pune?

Its same like any other place approx 5-25 LPA .







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