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Top 6 Proven Tips & Tricks to Improve Communication Skills in 2020


In my words, Communication Skills can be simply defined as “The skills that lets you understand and to be understood in a better way while communicating with someone”.

What’s in this blog for you?

  1. What are Communication Skills?
  2. Why Communication Skills are important?
  3. How to improve your Communications Skills?
  4. Books to read for improving Communications Skills
  5. Conclusion
  6. Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What are Communication Skills?

Many times when you might feel like you are not able to say your things to someone, sometimes the lack of confidence lacks you from communicating to someone, and several times you might feel like the other person you are communicating with did not understand the things in the way you are saying.

Communication Skills in not only about good speaking skills, but it also include several other skills like confident and effective speaking skills, public speaking skills, active listening skills, and the skill of non-verbal communications. All the skills work together for good communication.

A good communicator is the one who puts all the communication hindrances aside, and understand others and makes himself to be understood to others in the way he wants. He is the one who possesses all abilities mentioned above.

Communication skills not only makes you to get understood by others rightly, but also makes you to understand others correctly while communicating, no matter whether he’s involved in a face-to-face communication or other verbal or written communication methods.

Why Communication skills are important?

No matters who you are, how old you are, whether you are a student or a working professional, good communication skills are a must thing for everyone. You might use your communication abilities in all fields and areas of life.

The ability to communicate the information in a clear and desired manner was never this important as it is now. As per the source, today, In professional terms, good communication skill is the most demanded soft skill for which every other company is looking for.

Everyone in the world is willing to communicate with others in order to convince others, to be understood to them in the intended way, and for many other purposes. Even, good communication skills are important in personal life. You can better connect with your friends and family with your strong communication skills.

Good communication skills are a set of several soft skills. Each of those soft skills have their own benefits and importance, none of which can be neglected in order to be a good communicator. Every skill is equally important for effective communication.

I, first, give you a brief about the importance of those skills before we’re heading towards the ways to improve your communication skills.

Importance of Effective Speaking Skills

Every time in your entire life, you have to communicate with some or other people. Either you’re with your family or with your friends or at your workplace or anywhere, you always have to communicate with some or the other people in order to say what you want or what’s in your mind.

So, effective speaking skills are necessary anywhere you go, whatever you do, whomever you are talking to. You should have good and effective speaking skills in order to convince the people and to be understood by them.

The Importance of Public Speaking Skills

If I ask you to address the public or audience for just about 5 minutes, then many of you will start fumbling in between, or will take a lot of pause while speaking. You can judge yourself that if you’re not even able to speak in front audience for 5 minutes, then what’s your confidence level is.

You might have to give presentations to seniors at your workplace, or might have to make a pitch to your investors, or even have to address the public at a family event. If your public speaking skills are not good, then you’re lacking from all of this.

Public speaking skills will boost your confidence to a whole new level, and also open the doors for several great opportunities to you. At least, you’ll be able to put your opinion in front of people. So this skill is very much important to improve your overall communication skills.

The Importance of Active Listening Skills

Like speaking, listening is also an art in which everyone is not master. You might think like for communicating with others, what’s the use of listening skills. But you must know that communication is a two-way process. You also have to listen if you speak.

Listening to others actively is as important as speaking to them. If you don’t listen to someone, then he’ll also lose interest in listening to you. Listening to others increases his trust upon you, which is very much necessary for speaking to him and convincing him.

Importance of Non-verbal Communication

Good communication is not the result of only the words that you speak or listen, several non-verbal communication factors plays a vital role in it. Factors like your facial expressions, eye contact, hand gestures, body postures, etc. also speaks a lot even before you started speaking.

So, proper knowledge of such factors is also very must in communication skills as it makes you look more confident and a lot helpful in grabbing the interest of the listener.

How to Improve your Communication Skills

First listen, then speak

Try to be a good listener. When you listen to other person, it shows that you’re taking interest in the conversation. This will make you understand the viewpoint of him, and it also builds trust in conversation which made him listen to your points actively as well.

Know your Audience

When interacting, it is very essential to know the mindset of your audience. The mental level of the audience makes you realize whether you’re talking to him in the right manner or not. This will make your listener/audience connect to you more easily.

Confidence is the key

Lack of Confidence has a very bad impact on the conversation. A good thing said with poor confidence makes your listener to think before agreeing. Your confidence grabs more interest of the listener in the conversation. So, it’s very important to be confident while speaking in order to improve your communication skills.

Power of Friendliness

Ever wondered how flawlessly we talk to our friends, and they also listen to us actively. It is because of the friendliness factor. This emotion makes anyone engaged in the conversation. Try to have a friendly tone while talking. A smile on the face, respect for your listener, and a positive attitude helps a lot.

Example makes it relatable

Whatever you’re talking about, whoever you’re talking to, try to put your point with an example. Examples make your listener relate to your point much more. Either communicating professionally or personally, examples won’t let you down.

Master non-communication factors

As I’ve already told you the importance of non-verbal communications, so try to focus on such factors as well while communicating. Proper eye contact, right facial expressions, seamless hand gestures, and correct body language, that suits what you’re saying, makes your conversation more impactful.

Books to read to Improve Communication Skills

Reading books is the best way by which anyone could learn from the experiences of great leaders and masters of any particular area. Such masters have shared their whole life learnings in books.

Today, I’m also suggesting you some of the books that you should read that will definitely help you in improving your communication skills. These books will provide you a new perspective to look over communication skills. Have a look!

How To Win Friends And Influence People by Dale Carnegie

This is the book I recommended the most for the purpose of improving your communication skills. Dale Carnegie was a salesman at one point in his life. He learned a lot from that successful sales career and shared his best learnings of communication in this book. So, this book is a must-read for all.

The Art Of Focused Conversation by Brain Stanfield

If you are a working professional or a businessman, then this book is for you. This book defines the importance of ordinary conversations in the workplace. Today, when communication at the workplace is heavily carried by emails and group conversations over Whatsapp, this book tells the importance of verbal communication which gives you a whole new perspective.

Just Listen by Mark Goulston

The subtitle of this book says it all, i.e., Discover the secret of getting through to absolutely anyone. In this book, Goulston offers several tools and ways to connect and communicate to anyone, and those tools are even explained with great backstories and illustrations, which made it more easier and interesting for readers to understand.

Crucial Conversations by Patterson, Grenny, McMillan and Switzler

This 4-writers-written book’s title is exactly on point. The author was thinking about how some people are more effective in every field than others. After observing such people, what discovered is that such people have a strong hand on vital communications, which influence people without making them offend. This book explains the art of managing difficult conversations in your favor.

How To Talk To Anyone by Leil Lowndes

This book offers its readers a great collection of such actionable tips that’ll guide with the art to master the communications. The author also explains some sub-conscious level factors that have a great impact on the conversation, if mastered.


Conclusively, I’ve told you about the importance and ways to improve communication skills. I’ve also suggested some of the best books which you can read to improve your communication skills. Now, if you really want to improve your communication skills, then it’s your work to follow the steps mentioned in the blog, and also read and understand the principles explained in these books.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Why are communication skills important?

You always have to communicate with someone in some or the other way, and communication skills define your personality also. So, it is very important to have good communication skills.

How communication skills can be improved?

Like any other skill, communication skills can also be learned and improved by understanding the principles of it, and working upon improving it.

Which of the soft skills are included in communication skills?

The most important soft skills that are included in communication skills are:-
i.) Speaking Skills
ii.) Public Speaking Skills
iii.) Listening Skills
iv.) Non-verbal communication skills

Are these books available on Audible?

Some of them are available on Audible, some are not. But you can get the audiobooks for these books over Internet.



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