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Top Universities in Australia


Australia has always been the hub for providing top-class education in the world. There are several colleges or universities in Australia which are ranked in the world. Here, I am going to show you the top universities in Australia.

Moreover, Australia has become the third most popular destination for international students after the USA and UK.

Because of cultural diversity, pleasant weather, and quality of education, it makes Australia more famous and attractive among international students.

What will you see?

  1. Australian National University
  2. University of Melbourne
  3. The University of Sydney
  4. University of Queensland
  5. University of new south wales
  6. Monash University
  7. University of Adelaida
  8. The University of Western Australia
  9. University of Canberra
  10. University of Technology Sydney
  11. Conclusion
  12. FAQs

1. Australian national university (ANU)

So, Australian national university is at the first position in the list of top universities in Australia. This university was established in 1946 in Australia’s capital Canberra.

ANU ranked 29th place in QS world ranking 2020. It ranks 6th in the world of politics and 8th in the world of social policy.

This university has many international partnerships such as a partnership with Yale University, ETH Zurich, and the national university of Singapore and the university of oxford.

This university is also famous for its outstanding faculties which are around more than 4,000. Moreover, two prime ministers and 30 Australian ambassadors are alumni of this college.

In addition to this university has six colleges and each has a different research center. ANU offers almost all the types of courses including drama, English literature, gender studies, European languages as well as music.

2. University of Melbourne

This university is the second oldest university in Australia founded in 1853. Moreover, it has around more than 280,000 alumni in the world.

This college has a large number of faculty and students, around 47,000 students and 6500 faculty members.

Moreover, this college is situated in the center of Melbourne, which is the best and safest city to live in. In addition to this, more than 200,000 international students from around 170 countries to come to Melbourne every year for study

This college has many museums and art galleries with different topics such as medical history, zoological specimens, contemporary art, and pathology.

There is also a large library that is categorized in different departments including biomedical libraries and pathology and some more. And this is why this is one of the top universities in Australia.

Sources : The University of Melbourne

3. University of Sydney

This university is founded in 1851 and the oldest university in Australia. It has around more than 50,000 students with over half of the students are from outside of the country. Students come from around 134 countries.

Furthermore, 5 prime ministers of Australia have attended this university. Moreover, Sydney is one of the best cities to study in.

This university ranks top in most beautiful universities in the world. It offers most of the courses including bachelor, master, and doctoral degrees.

Moreover, this university is ranked in one of the 25 most reputed universities in the world by QS. Its graduates are 5 most employable in the world.

The University of Sydney has 11 large libraries and located on different campuses. There are around 5 million physical books and 300,000 e-books, in total 5.3 million books are there in the library.

4. University of Queensland

This university is a public research university located in Brisbane and established in 1909 by the government of Australia.

University offers various programs such as bachelor, master, doctoral, and higher doctorate. Moreover, it has around a hundred research centers such as the Australian Institute for bioengineering and nanotechnology.

It has six main departments such as faculty of business, economics, and law, faculty of engineering, faculty of health and behavioral science, faculty of humanities and social sciences, faculty of medicine, and faculty science.

Additionally, this university continuously ranked first in business administration, mining engineering, and sciences in Australia.

To get into this college is very difficult as competition high and acceptance rate of this college is 40%. As you must have above average academic grades and 6.5 bands in IELTS exam.

5. University of New South Wales

This university is also famous for an Australian public research university established in 1949. It was ranked 43rd in the world according to the world ranking by QS.

It has mainly nine faculty such as art and design, arts and social sciences, built environment, business school, engineering, law, medicine, science, and Canberra. This university also offers bachelor, master, and doctoral degrees.

This college has more than 190 agreements and partnerships with different universities from 39 countries to enable student exchanges and research projects.

This university has one innovation center in which they support students to bring new and innovative business ideas.

If it seems practical and unique then they will give them a chance to convert that idea into reality by supporting them.

6. Monash University

Monash University is the second oldest university in Australia, and it was founded in 1958. Moreover, it was named from engineer and military leader sir John Monas.

It is also the largest university in Australia. It offers more than 6,000 courses across ten departments like design, art, architecture, business, education, economics, etc.

Furthermore, these universities have many campuses across other countries such as Malaysia, India, Italy, China, and many more, and that is why this is one of the top universities in Australia.

Moreover, The library of this college is very large and has around 3.2 million books and e-books. Famous alumni of this college such as playwright David Williamson, musician Nick cave, and many more.

7. University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide is the public university which is the third oldest university in Australia which was established in 1874 and is located in Adelaide, South Australia.

Moreover, this is more popular for its curriculum which included modern literature, art, and philosophy.

In addition to this college has 30% international students from over 100 countries and also has 3600 members of staff.

Further, there are other extra curriculum activities such as sports clubs, indoor games, robotics labs, research, new project activities, and many more are there to make overall development of students.          

It also offers degrees across five faculty such as Arts, Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences, Health Sciences, and Professions and Faculty of Sciences. So, because of these reasons, this is one of the top universities in Australia.

8. University of Western Australia

This University is a sandstone for Australia and founded in 1911 as the first university in Western Australia.

This university has mainly nine departments such as architecture, landscape, and visual arts, arts, business, education, engineering, computer, mathematics, law, medicine, dentistry and health sciences, indigenous studies, and science.

There are many alumni of this college such as prime minister Bob Hawke, comedian Tim Minchin. Moreover, the campus is big enough that it has its weekly market, hairdresser, dentist, bank and outdoor cinema, etc.

University has six main subject libraries on different campuses. Four of the libraries such as a business library, law library, Music library, science library located on the main campus.

Whereas the other two which are education and fine arts, architecture, and medical library are located near the main campus.

9. University of Canberra

This University is a public university located in bruce, Canberra. This college is a specialist in sports, education, and health and called the home of creative education. It is famous for its innovation, safety, and progressive nature.

Moreover, the faculties of this college are well experienced and highly educated. They focus more on hands-on experience, not on bookish theoretical knowledge.

To get into this university, you need to have good academic results and a good score in the IELTS examination and at least 6.5 bands with no less than 6 bands in each module.

It offers different courses covering five faculty such as health, art, and design, business, government and law, education and science, and technology.

This college also provides scholarships to the students according to its different criteria’s. Because of these reasons, this is one of the best universities among the top universities in Australi.

10. University of Technology Sydney.

This university is also the most reputed and public research university and established in 1988.

In fact, it is more popular as one of the youngest universities in the world as ranked 1st in Australia and 20th in the world.

Moreover, it is located at the heart of Sydney which is full of traveling places and full of life with convenient transportation.

Furthermore, this university is more popular for its practical oriented approach and emphasis on high impactful research. Moreover, It has a partnership with strong industries and government.

It has nine faculty such as arts and social science, business, design and building, engineering and information technology, school of health, health, law, science, transdisciplinary innovation.

Additionally, this university has a world-class facility to create an environment to be able to support innovation and creativity.

To get admission in this college is highly competitive as the acceptance rate is only 19%. You need to have a very good score to get admission in this college.


So all in all, these are the top 10 universities in Australia which are excellent in terms of quality of education and other factors which one should keep in mind before taking admission in any college.

If you have any queries or questions regarding any of these universities then let me know in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the hardest university to get into Australia?

Australian National University is said to be the hardest university to get into followed by the University of Melbourne.

2. What is the most popular degree in Australia?

Mainly, Business management, dentistry, and medicine are the most common and popular streams in Australia.

3. How much does it cost to study in Australia?

Australia is one of the expensive countries for international students. It can be estimated that total expenses (including fees) per year is around $38,000.

4. Which state has the best education in Australia?

The most educated state in Australia is NSW or North Sydney. Moreover, Sydney has always been the education hub of Australia and has one of the top universities in Austalia.

5. What is the best career in Australia?

There are many career options out there in Australia. However, some of them are very good for you if you are in Australia or planning to go to Australia. First advertising executive, second wildlife biologist, and teacher.



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