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Truecaller App For Android | How to use Truecaller in 2020


Hello everyone In this post, we will discuss one more popular application which is Truecaller.

Truecaller is a mobile number identification application, Nami Zarringhalam is the founder of this application.

It has 500 million-plus downloads & 4.5 ratings in the play store
some of these topics mentioned what we discuss in this post

What you get

  1. What is Truecaller
  2. How to Download Truecaller in Mobile Phones and PC
  3. Learn How Truecaller Find the unknown Number
  4. How Truecaller Works
  5. How to Remove Your Number From Truecaller App
  6. Benefits and Disadvantages of Truecaller App
  7. How Truecaller Earn Money
  8. Conclusion
  9. Frequently Asked Questions

What is Truecaller

Truecaller is a mobile application used to find the details of any unknown numbers
In this application it helps to show the name of anyone who calls you even when it is not saved in your contact list so you can see who is calling you.

Truecaller is launched first time in the year 2009 for android and ios devices
First time best unique idea simply presenting in the market.

How to Download Truecaller in Mobile Phones and PC

On mobile phones

It doesn’t have any different process to download the application as you download all applications on your smartphone Similarly download this app too..

Go to play store or app store click on search box Enter name of the application you want to download and then browse which result you see in the top position from search result just click on & install that’s it.


To download the Truecaller mobile application in PC, you have to download the emulator (emulator is a type of software provides a feature to run mobile applications in the computer devices properly) some popular emulators are:-

Nox player or Bluestacks

Learn How Truecaller Find the unknown Number

To find any unknown number in the Truecaller,
First you open the app then it shows you the icon by clicking on it, It opens the keyboard page, then just put that unknown number you want to identify, it takes few seconds to find the number details like name, location, etc.

It also helps if you installed the truecaller app for android devices then someone whose number doesn’t save in your cell phone, and they call you then it will automatically show you the name of the person.

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How Truecaller Works

If you are curious to know how Truecaller works then read it carefully

Working of this application is very simple to understand, when some user download the truecaller app for android it takes all the information of their contacts available in mobile phone and truecaller save their data in its database base,

By following this process it collected a large number of users contacts information using this database it provides the information of unknown numbers this process is called crowd sourcing.

Truecaller find that number in their database and show their name on the screen, this all process is done in a second automatically by machine learning technology.

How to Remove Your Number From Truecaller App

If you want to remove your number from the truecaller app for android devices with any reason then you need to follow some steps

  • Open the Truecaller unlist page
  • Then it will ask you to put your number with country code which you want to remove from the app
  • Select any one reason why you want to unlist your number or you can also write if you have any other reason
  • Complete the verification process
  • Then click on “unlist”

It says that it takes almost 24hours for unlist the number when it receives the request
But it doesn’t mean that this unlist process is removed for always.

May be some year ago it starts showing your number again. The best way to remove it for always keeps checking it in the difference of some years.

Benefits and Disadvantages of Truecaller App

Every app has its advantages and disadvantages this application also has some good things and some bad, both are mentioned below

Advantages of Truecaller

Who viewed your profile

It will give you an option in the premium version so you can know how many & who see your profile
it will always notify you when some see profile

Alert for spam calls and messages

In the Truecaller this is the best feature what I like the most that
it will alert by showing spam on the screen when some spammy person call you So you can disconnect their call without wasting your time

Block numbers

One more interesting feature you get in the truecaller application that block any user you don’t like

Truecaller without Internet

If you don’t have Internet even then Truecaller works it means you don’t need the internet to see the details of any unknown number
I am dam sure that this feature will shock you even I was shocked when I knew this feature.

And many more features are available in truecaller free and premium versions.

Truecaller display language :is

If you are finding an option to how you can change your display language in truecaller follows these steps

  • First, click on the three lines on the top left corner, list of some options will appear
  • Then select settings after it chooses “app language
  • Select which language you want to display in the app.

Truecaller theme

In this we will tell you how you can change the theme color similarly as you do,

  • First open the app, Tap on the three lines than some more options will visible
  • Choose Appearance from it then you will see the “Theme
  • Select what you like according to your suitability.

Deactivate Truecaller account

  • If you want to deactivate your account permanently follow all these instructions,
  • First, open the application homepage click on the top left menu
  • It shows some options click on settings after it chooses “privacy center” from them then deactivate your account.

Some Truecaller premium account features are:-

1.)Call Recording
2.)No ads
3.)Incognito Mode
4.)Premium Badge
5.)30 Contact Requests

Disadvantages of Truecaller

As we discussed all the advantages in the above but it doesn’t have many disadvantages only one bad thing what I feel that they have all our data available on our mobile phone or pc

Because when we start the application it asks for giving some permissions like camera, location, microphone, messages, contact, and storage, etc.

It means it collects all our data in its database. Now you can imagine how it will use our data.

How Truecaller Earn Money

There are some methods we found on the Internet how Truecaller earn money


The First & best method is advertising everyone knows that Truecaller shows ads in their application. Maybe most of the revenue Truecaller generate by advertising

Premium version of Truecaller

This is the second method where Truecaller use to earn money by the premium account of truecaller
In the premium account, truecaller provides many more facilities which will not give in the free version of truecaller application


So the conclusion of this post that you decide to own your own that you want to use this truecaller app for android in your device or not,

It all depends on you I explained to you everything that I know like what is truecaller, download truecaller, how truecaller works, advantages and disadvantages, how to remove the number from it, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) I still see ads after purchasing premium whats the solution?

Ans: If you purchase premium version of truecaller caller and even then you are not able to see the premium version benefits then just force close your video & restart your device.

Q2) Why is my number listed as spam?

Ans: Truecaller working to save the users details in their data base, and use these details to show you in truecaller account.
By mistake if your number is showing in the spam then you have to contact with customer service to remove it.

Q3) How do I find a person’s current location?

Ans: No, You can’t find the live location of the particular person, truecaller just shows you the REGION where SIM card is registered.

4) How do I change my name in Truecaller?

Ans: If you want to change your name then just visit on the profile page where you get an option to change the name
Open app>click on menu>edit profile
Open app>click on profile icon>edit profile



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