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Tumbbad(2018) Movie Review: A tale of horror and greed


“Tumbbad”- is a beautifully shot story that seamlessly connects the elements of horror, mythology, folklore along with a lesson on greed.

Tumbbad(2018)- Horror Movie Cover Photo


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Cast & Crew :

DirectorRahi Anil Barve
ProducerSohum shah,Anand L Rai,Mukesh Shah,Amit Shah
Co-directorAdesh Prasad
Creative DirectorAnand Gandhi
Writing creditsMitesh Shah,Adesh Prasad ,Rahi Anil Barve,Anand Gandhi
Music producerAjay Atul
LyricistRaj shekhar
Crew Details
The Barn of Tumbbad – Sarkar’s Wada
Name of the Actor/ ActressCharacter Played
Sohum ShahVinayak Rao
Jyoti MalsheVinayak ‘s Mother
Anita DateVaidehi – Vinayak’s Wife
Ronjini ChakrabortyVinayak’s Mistress
Deepak DamleRaghav
Cast Details

Tumbbad movie review:

Critic’s Rating:

Tumbbad collected mostly positive critical reviews. According to the review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, it holds an approval rating of 87%. Whereas according to IMDb it holds the weighted average rating is 8.3/10

Pushpak Kaushik: Grandmother, suffers the curse of being Immortal


Horror, Fantasy 

Tumbbad Review: A story of horror and greed

Tumbbad, a completely unique Horror movie in Bollywood which highlights the horrifying facts of a man.

There is enough for man’s need but not for greed stands true for the movie released in 2018 directed amazingly by Rahi Anil Brave and Anand Gandhi. Tumbbad, the film, is a perfect mixture of mythology, mystery, horror, and thrill.

The movie follows the journey of a man, Vinayak. He comes to know of his secret ancestral treasure which is cursed. He is warned by his great grandmother of the sufferings brought to them by that treasure along with the never-ending greed.

Without paying any heed to the prior warning he ends up spiraling into the endless greed until he himself turns into the monster and loses everything he spent all his life making.

The story pans through three different time periods of pre-independent India. The set designs are brilliant. It is showcasing beautiful chaotic realistic sets of pre-independent Pune bazaars. It is also showcasing the haunting and captivating mansion including the literal womb of Devi.

More about Filmmaking of Tumbbad

Overall the production quality and design shows the time, dedicated hard work put in the movie. No wonder it took six years in making.

Picture of Devi, Tumbbad

The lighting and the mood created by the ever raining atmosphere do work well for the movie. It is also adding a mythical connection in the movie.

The cinematographers have done exceptionally well in contrasting the blue tones of the world with the reds of the underworld of a demon god.

The production design has set a new bar for the Indian industry to follow and the makeup and practical effects are top-notch. The special effects are average. But considering the budget, it does its job.

The best part of being is that not a single scene of the movie seems to go over-the-top. A great balance in all the elements is quite visible.

The sound design is unique and doesn’t play to the usual cliches of horror cinema. The camera work is great and portrays complex scenes without relying on the usual jump-scare shots.

The cast has done their job well, especially the main character of Vinayak, played by Soham Shah and his son Pandurang, played by Mohammad Samad.

Vinayak with his son- Pandurang

Unlike other horror movies, the movie introduces the viewers to a natural element which is the driving force behind it.

The powerful feature of our minds and choices depicting the hollowness in our materialistic obsessions, that character is greed.

The two main characters, Vinayak Rao and Hastar are the metaphors for what awaits at the end of such extreme greed for wealth and material gain.

Overall tumbbad is a combination of genuine storytelling with unique ideas and stellar production that have never been seen before in Indian cinema.

Mohammad Samad as Pandurang brings food for Grandmother

More Cast Details:

Character PlayedCharacter Played
Cameron AndersonSgt Cooper
Dhundiraj Prabhakar JogalekarYoung Vinayak
Madhav Hari JoshiSarkaar
Pushpak KaushikGrandmother
Harish KhannaRaja – Samsthanik
Anika RadhakrishnanTwin Brother of Vinayak
Mohammad SamadPandurang
Rudra SoniSadashiv
Cast Details

Awards won: 

2018 Screen Award for Best cinematography
2019International Indian Film Academy Award for Best Special Effects, Filmgate Films
2019International Indian Film Academy Award for Best Sound Design, Kunal Sherma
2019Filmfare Award for Best Cinematography, Pankaj Kumar
2019Filmfare Award for Best Production Design, Nitin Zihani Choudhary, Rakesh Yadav
2019Grossmann Fantastic Film and Wine Festival Best Feature Film,Rahi Anil Barve and Adesh Prasad 
2019Screen Awards India, Best Cinematographer, Punkaj Kumar
2018Sitges – Catalonian International Film Festival,Secció Oficial Fantàstic, Punkaj Kumar
2018 Sitges – Catalonian International Film Festival ,Focus Àsia,Rahi Anil Barve,Anand Gandhi
Awards won by Tumbbad
Death of Twin Brother of Vinayak

Did You Know?


Interesting Facts about movie tumbbad (2018):-

  1. This movie took six years to make. The movie was shot for 6 years. The scenes shown in the city of Tumbbad which gets rain throughout the year was shot over 4 monsoons
  1. Tumbbad becomes the first-ever Indian film ever to open the prestigious Venice International Film Critics week.
  1. Barve began writing the script based on a story a friend had told him about in 1993, by Marathi writer Narayan Dharap. He wrote the first draft in 1997, when he was 18 years old.

    From 2009 to 2010, he created a 700-page storyboard for the film. It was optioned by seven production companies who backed out and went on the floor (went into production) three times.

    It was first shot in 2012 but after editing, Barve and Shah were not satisfied. The film was then re-written and re-shot with filming completed in May 2015.

    Pankaj Kumar served as the director of photography while Sanyukta Kaza was its editor.
  1. Tumbbad, the city actually exists but the folklore is not present anywhere which is consistent with the theory that Hastar as the god demon would never be written about.
  1. Mohammad Samad played two roles in the film. The first being Pandurang (Vinayak’s son) and the other being Vinayak’s grandmother
  1. The “Sarkar’s Wada” mentioned in the film where the treasure is hidden is said to be located in Tumbbad, but the actual mansion is located in Saswad, near Pune.
Vinayak’s Mother

Audience Reviews:

Review by Kiran Ghosh

Rating – 4/5

A Cinematic Beauty !! It must be watched on the big screen! I was really wanting to watch this for quite some time now and finally got a chance!

An interesting mythological story draped in a horror presentation and some hard-hitting background music score really gives you the eerie -filled curiosity feeling that the director wanted to.

Tumbbad is a very well-made movie and it delivers superbly on many grounds. The entire atmosphere created is just spectacular, the rains, the spooky rhythm, the nicely managed camera angles (which were out of place at times but did give that extra effect that was needed and went well with the dark feel). And the beautiful narrative that made the story all the more intriguing and the premise radically different from other movies.

The acting doesn’t play a big role here. But nonetheless, all the actors lived their characters to near perfection, with Soham Saha bringing an extra layer of personality to the main lead with certain expressions and laughs that really added greatly to the overall ambiance.

Review by Nitish Datta

Rating: 4/5

The story-telling, the concept, and the overall image is terrific! The movie hooks you to the screen from the very beginning, providing answers to all the questions that sprung up in your head, as it moves calmly, letting you enjoy the overall mystic flavor of its premise.

The CGI has been done really well and the best part is that not a single shot or scene of the movie seems to be extra or unnecessarily added. It’s a different movie and probably that’s what is the best thing about it.

I was thrilled by some of the scenes and it definitely used up a lot of my energy coming out through feelings of anticipation and extreme surprise at certain points, especially the climax which is truly unpredictable and quite enjoyable!

Should give this one a watch for its sheer justice and purity in what it intends to be – as Jonathan Barkan of Dread Central wrote ~ ” the film is more focused on the horror of human behavior than it is on creaking doors and the terror of what lurks in the dark.”

I strongly recommend to watch this one on the big screen cause that’s where you’ll actually sense it’s true nature of darkness, atmospheric brilliance and the wonderfully-created monster/s !!

Kudos to debutant director Rahi Anil Barve and Adesh Prasad. It feels proud to see such movies being made in India. Keep’em coming !!

Rating: ⅘
Rated By:Nitish Datta

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