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How Many Types OF Google Ads And Video Ads


“We will know about the way in which we reach our ads to others.”Types of Google Ads.

As we see that while walking in our life, while watching a movie while listening to online songs. We see that we have to face the ads whether it is online or offline, we will be seeing these ads as we would when watching TV.

These are all similar to the type of google ads. Whenever we watch a movie or serial, we definitely see ads. These are all types of Google Ads And other ads.

Or we get to see ads even while reading newspapers, we go to roam somewhere, even then we see ads on our radio either while walking on the road.

We definitely see that in the plasma on a roof on a road Ads are running or ads are being heard in the middle of songs on Radio.

In the same way, whenever we use our phone or laptop, we use a lot of apps or browsers like youtube, Facebook, Instagram LinkedIn, etc in it, then we see that whenever we search or watch anything on YouTube.

In this Blog you are going to learn the following things:

  1. Types Of Google Ads
  2. Search Ads
  3. Display Ads
  4. Video Ads
  5. Universal App Ads
  6. Shopping Ads
  7. Conclusion
  8. Frequently Asked Question

1) Types Of Google Ads


At the moment we see ads in the middle, we have to face ads again and again and you skip and move forward, but it probably does not leave you.

Whenever we login on Facebook, we see that we get to see video ads on that too, we also see ads with images, they call us to display ads.

Whenever you do a search on a search engine [where you do something like chrome, yahoo, etc, we call it search engine], then we also see ads wherever you are searching while searching. It is about to be.

Whenever we are inside a website, you see advertisements there as well, whenever you are on Instagram or any other platform, then in the same way we get to see ads on that way in such a way that you are on the play store.

Also, we see ads of the application, they are also seen during our search, those ads are shown on the top during a search, which increases the chance of installing those apps.

Just like you searched on the play store, the best photo editor app, then in the first place. You will see that whatever apps are being shown, that is showing from the point of view of ads, then here we have learned how to show us ads.

2) Search Ads

What is Search Ads and how does it work? Whenever we search on some search engine, the result that comes there, search ads show on us.

Whenever you click on those ads, then the pay per click of that ad is deducted. That is, whenever we click on those ads and reach on the website. Then Google makes money on that click, we search ads on any platform. If you use it, then we pay per click.

As you see in the image above, where the ads are written, it is shown by google Adwords and where the ads are not written, that is the organic result.

When we create search ads, it shows us on the basis of the keyword. What is the keyword, we know that the keyword is what the user is searching for, that is what we call our keyword, that is, for the user.

The query is that it is a keyword for us, we set the keyword. And on the basis of that our ads are visible.

What we should keep in mind to create search ads, first we have to set up the account, then we set up the campaign, after that, we create search ads by setting all types of search ads.

We first create the title which is There are three types of H1, H2, H3 which are 30, 30, and 30 characters.

The total is 90 characters, we should set them in such a way that if the user falls, then they should understand. That they should click on it, that is, on your ads, that is, you have to write something about your service or product that they have to write about your ads.

Search Ads Make Description

Further influence and in this you can also use your keyword, however. If you tell about your service, then your keyword comes.

Now we have set the headline, now the description comes which is of 90 & 90 characters. Here we can describe your product or service in a few words as if you have a training institute.

You can tell about your institute like your course date can be, how much time do you complete about the course, what are the features that you can provide in the description? And in them, you can also use an extension like call out, through which the customer can call you.

3.) Display Ads

display ads, types of google ads we use these ads to reach for leads for our brand awareness and you can use them in our phone on any website or in your app.

You can show display ads on that platform You can also run ads through the keyword. You can also run display ads on the interest base, as if you have said that by searching the shirt on the user search engine or on any platform. Then your display ad is on the shirt, then the user is given the shirt on the website.

will be display ads show These ads are shown on the website through AdSense, by searching about someone repeatedly on the search engine, it is known that the user is interested about that service or product, in this process, Google knows about the user’s interest.

You select the keyword through the keyword as you have created display ads if you search the user related to the keyword, then he can see that display ads, we can also use the display ads on the email. Also ads

4.) Video Ads

Entertainment, then Video ads have also been run on us like youtube and google partner applications or websites. The way display ads show the way we spend our time on social media youtube TikTok platform for you will see whether youtube or TikTok.

We get to see those ads before the video or in the middle of the video. And then we definitely see the ads in the last part of the video.

These ads are also shown to us through Google AdSense, as it has been seen that people like to watch videos more than reading blogs.

Because of this, video ads run a lot more, through video ads, we can easily give people our language In away. The address is understood to be face to face. Whatever you want to say, and the amazing thing in video ads is that your money is not deducted until someone sees it completely.

Meaning that only those who will be related to your business will see your entire ads. Only then your money will be cut and this will give you organic results.

That is, your ads are going on the right path, from which you are going to profit video ads are also three types. Through this, you can run your ads on the basis of your business.

Types Of Video Ads

Stream Ads

In this Video Ad, the option of skip comes as you would see that video ads come on youtube. While running the video and after 5 seconds on that video comes the option to skip such video ads.

We call stream ads if stream ads You see the whole or you click on the given link, only then you are charged money, otherwise, if someone skips your ads, then their money is not used.

If you have a business, you can use stream ads or if you have an institute. You can still use it depends on the basis of the business.

Discover Ads

It is shown only on a thumbnail in ads, it is also shown on webpages on youtube and google partner platform.

As we had taken the shirt option for ads. Here too the shirt is late only if you have a shirt business.

You can run ads by creating thumbnail through discovery ads, types of google ads. Through these ads, we will create an attractive shirt thumbnail. With a link to our website.

Through which they like after the ads are shown to the user. Then click on your website through the user link.

Pay will land and are going to profit from it When your user clicks on your ads, the money will be deducted at the same time.

Bumper Ads

This video ads do not have the option to skip. And here you have to watch full video ads Through this ad you can do your brand awareness. You can use bumper ads to reach your video lane if you are entertaining your video Can do.

5.) Universal App Ads Types Of Google Ads

Here we are being paid to pay you to install the app or to do any process in it, such as installing the app, it is called CPA. During this process, you can bring a maximum number of installs as shown in platforms like network.

6.) Shopping Ads

Through shopping ads, you do the work of telling your store about your product. This leads to the marketing of your product and store itself. Through which you can sell your product by telling your price. This is a good option for retail, which is This is how.

7.) Conclusion

Due to all these ads services of Google ads, there has been a lot of change in the business. And in the business of doing business.

This is why we talk about our products and services from one place to another, which increases our business. (conclusion thoda bada likhna )

8.) Frequently Asked Question

Que.1) Types Of Google Ads?

Ans. 1) There are many ways to create ads in google ads like search ads display ads video ads shopping ads universal app ads.

Q 2.) What Is Display Ads?

Ans 2.) Display ads are ads that appear to us like poster or banner.

Q 3.) What Is Shopping Ads?

Ans 3.) Shopping ads are ads that show us the price or title along with the image to search.

Q 4.) What Is Search Ads?

Ans 4.) Search ads are the ads that we see through advertisements on search.

Q 5.) What Is Video Ads?

Ans 5.) Video ads are those ads that are visible to us through video in any way.

Q 6.) What Is The Universal App Ads?

Ans 6.) Universal app Add are ads that show ads for App install on play store or any other platform.



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