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7 Best Types Of Meditation


Meditation is Likewise a technique that offers you to relax and focus more on your work in today’s busy and hectic lifestyle. It can be temporary or long-termed.

 There are many types of it such as Mindfulness or Focused Minded, but it is very important to choose the right type of attention that is perfect for solving your problem.

 In this article we are going to talk about so many types of meditation, you can find the right type that suits you.

But first we need to find out what meditation really is, and their types.

In This Article

  1. Difference between meditations
  2. How to choose the perfect type for you
  3. The main benefits of meditation
  4. Types of meditation
  5. Conclusion
  6. Frequently asked question

Difference between all types of meditations

Meditation that is to say as a very big subject and there are a lot of ecclesiastics which is called the types of meditation.

All types of attention have different techniques and also they are for different problems and have their own benefits.

All types of it have their own subtypes and their own technique and its own criteria for doing,  in short this is like a whole book.

Each type teaches you a different thing, such as focused attention meditation, teaches us how to stay focused, where transcendental meditation teaches us how to be happy and stress-free.

And they also have their own difficulties, such as focused attention is Harder than mindfulness or loving-kindness.

How to choose perfect meditation for you

There are so many things that can help you to choose the best type of attention for you like your interest, your daily schedule, or perhaps your religion too.
let’s talk about them.

How to choose the best meditation based on your interest

This is a bit confusing but your interest also matters as if you are a person who loves traditional things or you are a person who is interested in Indian meditation so you can Choose dhyana.

For example If you want something traditional so you can focused attention (Vipassana) This is an ancient technique of attention.

How to choose the right meditation for your problem

There are many problems that can be fixed by it. It is the best medicine however you need to choose the right type so that you can fix your problem

If you have any problem related to stress or depression then you can do mindfulness of focused attention. Or if you have social-related problems, you can consider loving-kindness or progressive relaxation. above all are different in result.

How to choose meditation according to your schedule

It is very important to choose your appropriate type of meditation because think if you choose a meditation that doesn’t fit your daily schedule, messing up your entire day schedule.

Or you are a busy person then you need to choose a quick practice. And assuming you have a free daytime lifestyle, then you can choose an attention that takes a long time.

The main benefits of meditation

Meditation can bring us many benefits, they are different benefits according to attention, but these are some of the major benefits that we can achieve by practicing

  • This therapy is a very powerful source for getting positive energy Likewise other sources
  • it can help us to fix anxiety and depression with this help
  • Firstly We can become more sharp-minded and secondly it increases our productivity level
  • Meditation makes us more peaceful and spiritually strong as a result you get more spiritual power.
  • can help fight our addictions such as alcohol addiction or drugs.
  • This makes us more focused on our work
  • It improves our mental health It is also beneficial for improving physical health.
  • In the end, it makes us more confident. and so other benefits of meditation.

Read more benefits of meditation here

Types of meditation 

 There are so many types of meditations but the main types of its are given below.

  1. Loving-kindness meditation
  2. Focused attention meditation or vipassana
  3. Mindfulness meditation
  4. Progressive relaxation meditation
  5. Breath awareness meditation
  6. Kundalini yoga
  7. Zen meditation transcendental meditation

Loving-kindness meditation

It is originated by buddha tradition especially done by the Tibetans. It is a feeling that you feel from your heart so By doing this we get happiness in us most importantly good thoughts come in us. most importantly It is also scientifically proven techniques to build your personality.

How to do loving-kindness meditation 

  • To do this search a silent place and sit and close your eyes.
  • Then right to generate the feelings of kindness and gratitude in you.
  • Then try to forward these feelings to someone.

Focused attention meditation

Focused attention is a way to improve yourself by self-observation it connects our body and mind to our senses most importantly it is focused to clear self impurities, and Lord Buddha also describes it as a very beneficial method.

Buddhist monks practiced it to get spiritual peace. Buddhist religious followers spread it.

Mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness is a way not only to describe their creative thoughts but also to make their mind relax.

It helps you to increase focus level, reduces your stress, and also it gives you the power to understand the present.

Kundalini yoga 

There are 7 kundali that are described in Shastras. This type is to awaken all these 7 kundalis to connect with God, in short, This type is also called ‘lay yog’ it has more religious significance.

   This is not an easy technique to do however You have to first do your physical purification then you need to do it as an and Pranayam. Can make focus on your 7 Chakras.

Zen meditation 

Zen is a very effective way to control your unconscious mind to focus on your important work.

 To do this, you have to sit in a lotus position then make your focus on yourself. Make attention to your mind. It is best to know yourself.

Progressive relaxation meditation

Progressive relaxation is a simple exercise to relax. It is done by some peaceful music and guru mantras. This technique is not for self-improvement but it is to relax your mind and yourself.

It is very effective to cure headaches and migraines and also You can try this also to cure these types of simple problems. In modern days it is done with peaceful tunes. You do it at home just by playing relaxing music on your phone.


there are so many types of meditation In conclusion lets revise everything. to sum up you can read this.

  • it makes our brain relaxed and focused
  • It is very important to choose the right type of technique for you 
  • There are so many things that affect your type of it like your interest, your day’s schedule, your problem, etc.
  • It increases our productivity level
  • This makes us more peaceful and spiritually strong
  • It can help fight our addictions such as alcohol addiction or drugs.
  • It makes us more focused on our work
  • Loving-kindness, focused attention, mindfulness, and kundalini yogas are some types of it.
  • Loving-kindness originates from buddha traditions.
  • In focused attention, the emphasis is on concentrating within one’s mind.
  • Mindfulness helps you to increase your focus level and productivity.
  • Kundalini yoga is importantly about 7 chakras of the body
  • Zen attention is referred to as a technique to make your focus on the present
  • Progressive relaxation attention is used to relax one’s mind

Frequently asked questions

Question 1. Do all types of meditation have the same effect?

 Answer. No, all types of meditation haven’t the same effect. Each meditation is used for different effects and meditation has a different effect. Each meditation is used in a different way. 

 Different for different disorders. Kinds of meditation are not necessarily the result obtained from one meditation, the same result is also obtained by doing other meditation. 

 The reason is the process of doing them, it is because of the process of doing them that differences between them appear.

Question 2. What are the most extreme forms of meditation?

 Answer. There are many forums that are impossible or impossible for a normal person to do, are done by special types of means that can go to extremes to do some of these types of meditation There is Inside icy lake meditation. Sadhus for years, in cold years. The other is among the dead. 

The sadhu meditates until he dies. This is also called final meditation. In the third high-altitude meditation, the sages meditate on a high altitude place like a cold icy mountain till the end of their life.

Question 3. What is the easiest way to meditate?

 Answer. The easiest way to meditate is to sit in a posture, then relax your body, close your eyes and start taking long breaths slowly. Similarly, repeat for the next 15 to 20 minutes.
 This is the easiest way of meditation most importantly It relieves you of stress. If you have not been there all day, then you can do meditation by sitting in the evening before sleeping. It will relieve the stress of your whole day and give you a good sleep. 

Question 4. How long should you meditate daily?

Answer. The duration of meditation depends on your practice. It can be more or less. If you have practiced more, then you can meditate for a longer time. 
 If you practice less than you can spend less time meditating if you too. If you are having dinner then you can start from 10 to 15 minutes and gradually it can increase from half an hour to 1 hour, but the most important thing is your practice.



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